21 Year Old Entrepreneur BJ Smith Shares His Secrets for Creating Multiple Sources of Income

With the rise of the digital age, the financial focus for many individuals has shifted from working to obtain a stable job, to finding unconventional means to create multiple streams of income. 20 year old entrepreneur and businessman BJ Smith, has found a way to capitalize on this new era of digital entrepreneurship, creating not only additional sources of wealth for himself, but an educational platform for the masses to find financial freedom. Today, BJ shares his success story and advice for aspiring entrepreneurs to put themselves in positions of prosperity.

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Born and raised in Greenville, North Carolina, BJ moved to Charlotte in his sophomore year of highschool and then to Greensboro in his senior year where he currently resides. BJ went to Liberty university, where he studied aeronautics, and is currently part of the US Army.

BJ’s approach to life and finances has always been different from the average person of his age. Remembering his grandfather’s words, “the more streams of income you have the more steps away from poverty you are”, he was always striving for more for himself, looking for opportunities to diversify his means of wealth.

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When discussing his introduction into the entrepreneurial world with his first business, BJ says:

“When I was in AIT I used to buy a lot of food out of vending machines. So I figured other people must be doing the same thing. I launched my own vending machine business where I owned seven different machines throughout North Carolina.”

With the entrepreneurial spirit alive and well in BJ since this first business venture, he sought new possibilities to secure himself financially while in school, until he was introduced to network marketing and trading in the financial markets by a friend. Impressed with the business model and opportunities for growth both personally and financially, BJ worked tirelessly to build his own business called Paper Route Investments. Within just 90 days, BJ grew his team to over 300 individuals all working towards a common goal of adding additional streams of income to their portfolios to create a more balanced and fulfilling life for themselves, their families and the world.

When discussing the concept behind Paper Route Investments, BJ says:

“We educate people on the skill sets needed to become financially free. These tools and resources are available to everyone no matter your race, ethnicity, or wealth class – having access to the information that can help you gain multiple sources of income should be easy for everyone, and through Paper Route Investments we’re making it accessible.”

To date, Paper Route Investments contains over 450 individuals spread across North Carolina, Florida and Texas. BJ says that now is the best time to learn new income-generating skill sets, increasing our potential to remain financially secure in the event of losing our employment due to the pandemic, or simply leaving our jobs in pursuit of the things we are passionate about.

When discussing his mission to give people the freedom and financial means to work from anywhere in the world, BJ says:

We’re really giving people their time back. It’s just amazing to watch regular people come in with really no prior knowledge of investing, and after putting in that hard work, they are able to leave their jobs or do the things that they really want to do, like travel or follow their passions because they can make money from anywhere in the world. Having multiple streams of income means you have that insurance policy – you have a skillset that can’t be taken from you and there’s no limits to it.”

BJ says there are three tiers to achieving abundance throughout life: the first tier is being able to take care of yourself. The second tier is being able to take care of your family, your friends, and other loved ones. The third and final tier is being able to take care of everyone.

Having achieved his first tier through Paper Route Investments, he strives to continue to grow, to give his family a comfortable life of financial security, and continue to build his team, impacting as many people as possible with the opportunity of entrepreneurship and trading in the digital age.

Building a business to such heights in such a short period of time is no small feat, and BJ underwent substantial growth and development within himself in order to become the credible leader he is today, bringing value and new knowledge and experience to his team.

When discussing the barriers he overcame when growing his business that apply to any new entrepreneur venturing into a new space, BJ says:

“A challenge I faced starting out was being able to separate friendship from business. When I first came into this space I had a lot of my friends join, and you have to understand that not everybody is as serious when it comes to their success, as you may be – you’re not going to be able to take everybody to the top with you. Another challenge was building that foundation of a relationship with new business partners from different walks of life, and that starts with proper communication. I learned to really understand my audience and understand how to approach and build rapport with people with different perspectives, experiences and demographics than my own. Understanding and adapting to these new situations is what really got me to the level I’m at right now.

With Paper Route flourishing and BJ reaching new tiers of success as he gives more and more people the opportunity to create new sources of income, his best advice for aspiring entrepreneurs is as follows:

Duplicate somebody that has the results you want. “Find a mentor and do what they do.”

Be consistent. “You can be doing everything right, but it’s all about longevity. It’s okay if you don’t have all the answers, you don’t have to be the smartest person in the room – you just have to be the hardest worker, on a consistent basis.”

Never get comfortable.Always move with urgency towards new information, new learning, new growth.”

Set your goals!Set daily goals, don’t sleep until you knock them out. Then set your monthly goals, yearly goals, don’t stop until they’re hit.”

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