22 Year Old Businesswoman Na’imah Ray Shares her Secrets for Making the Impossible Possible in Entrepreneurship

We’ve all been asked before, ‘what do you want to be when you grow up?’ As kids, we don’t know financial constraints and societal pressures, and so we’re able to conjure up an idea of who we want to be without limitations. Na’imah Ray, a 22 year old entrepreneur, has built her business surrounding the concept of living the life we would want to have if external factors were out of the question. She helps individuals build a foundation of financial stability and a positive attitude of making the impossible possible, to achieve our biggest goals and create our own ideals of success instead of settling. 

Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Na’imah attended Montclair State University where she obtained her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Dance. Na’imah says that growing up as a dancer and being around her father who was an entrepreneur, instilled in her a vision for her future with no limits – she knew she could truly be whatever she wanted to be, and do whatever she wanted to do. 

When discussing the mindset she developed at a young age that was pivotal in her later success, Na’imah says:

“Growing up I was always in dance classes, and at 12 years old I had gone on a school trip to see the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre. That was the first time I realized that dancing – something that I loved, something that I dreamt about – was something I could actually do with the rest of my life. So at 12 years old, I said to myself, whatever you love to do, go ahead and do that. It made me realize that ‘if that’s possible then, what else?’ Let me stop dreaming so small and really see what’s out there for me outside of a traditional occupation”

In October of 2020, Na’imah was introduced to an opportunity to bring her vision of freedom and independence to life – network marketing and trading in the financial markets. Na’imah built her business from the ground up called “Creative Wealth”, with a growing team spread across New York. Na’imah mentors her team on becoming financially independent entrepreneurs, providing education on trading in the financial markets and advocating for the importance of personal development in growing not only a business, but our own mindsets in order to achieve our biggest goals. 

When discussing the concept behind her business, Na’imah says:

“Through Creative Wealth we are shifting people’s perspectives on wealth, entrepreneurship, and really just life in general. A large focus is placed on mental health, personal development, and of course financial growth, and really creating positive changes around these three aspects in order to design the life that you want. I want people to understand that things they may have thought were impossible given their life circumstances, are truly possible. We set people up for exactly what it is that they dreamed about when they were a little girl or boy, by starting with a solid foundation in financial literacy that leads to financial stability and finally financial independence. It allows them to maneuver through life the way that they want, not just surviving, but thriving.”

As a 22 year old entrepreneur who has found great success with such unorthodox views on employment and financial freedom, at first Na’imah struggled to find her footing in the entrepreneurial world. Na’imah says that believing in her own capabilities and trusting her process, helped her to establish herself as a credible and competent leader, as her results began to speak for themself.

“I graduated with my bachelor of fine arts in dance, which of course has very little to do with financial literacy, so a big barrier for me was proving myself to others as someone who has done her due diligence and has taken the time to understand and master the skill sets that I’m teaching. Especially among an older generation who may have ingrained in them different perspectives on income, I had to bring that credibility to what I was doing to show them that this can bring financial stability to anyone, this isn’t just a young broke college thing, it really is universal. I want to help as many different demographics as possible when I fall into only one. Starting out as a 22 year old black woman, I really just had to look at what I had accomplished and say, you know what, I can do exactly what they’re doing and, hey, I think I’m doing it pretty well,” says Na’imah.

As Na’imah continues to lead the charge on a shift in perspective that is definitely needed as the digital age evolves, Creative Wealth continues to grow and produce financially independent entrepreneurs ready to quit settling and start creating. Na’imah is working towards a truly valiant goal of helping others break free of their perceived constraints to pursue their dreams. As a strong-willed and independent businesswoman leading by example, her best advice for aspiring entrepreneurs is as follows:  

Keep your ‘why’ at the forefront of everything you do.When you’re going through a rough patch, remind yourself of what it is that you’re doing all of this for. Remember, you didn’t go through all this pain just to stop here. Make it worth it.”

Remember your vision. “God doesn’t give everyone the same vision. So that thing that you think is crazy, that others think is impossible, remember no one else sees it, but you. And only you can make it possible. That thing that you constantly think about, it’s for a reason, so you might as well just go full force.”

This is your story. “Know that every single obstacle or every single thing that doesn’t go your way is creating your story. No one wants a boring story. No one wants to hear, ‘yeah, I started it in May and by July it was a six figure company’. The yes’ build your business, but the no’s build you.” 

Be grateful. “Show gratitude for everything that you do have, but understand that everything that you want that you don’t have right now, may not be for you, or it may not be the right time. Just keep God first.”

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