22 Year Old Entrepreneur and Educator Jordan Famer Shares His Perspectives on the Importance of Financial Education To Excel in Business

Financial literacy is arguably one of the most important skills to grasp in order to achieve our goals, plans for our futures and live a comfortable lifestyle. For Jordan Farmer, applied knowledge is the key to success, and he’s bringing the tools and resources needed to empower, educate and enrich the lives of aspiring entrepreneurs, helping them grow into successful traders and business owners under his mentorship.

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Born and raised in Atlanta Georgia, Jordan’s start in the workforce began in his first year of highschool, working at a food depot to help support himself and his family. Jordan enrolled himself at Fort Valley State College for electrical engineering, however one year into his studies he realized that the path he was taking wouldn’t lead him to fulfillment. After transferring to Columbus State University to major in Computer Science, Jordan took a semester off and got a job working as an Events Manager at Skyzone. After nurturing his interest in marketing through the job, he returned to school to study it as his major. It was through social media that Jordan was introduced to the opportunity to start his own business.

“At the age of 20, I had a pretty good job, I was making good money, but I wasn’t necessarily happy. I had a vision for myself of being wealthy and able to do the things that I’m passionate about and help other people around me do the same. One day I was looking on Instagram and I came across a childhood friend who was doing network marketing and trading. I already had prior knowledge and experience of trading, I’ve read books and learned alot about it on youtube. I saw this as a platform to maximize the experience I have and apply it somewhere I can make my own living and help other people make theirs,” says Jordan.

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Having been through various phases of employment and education before his 20’s, Jordan is a master of adapting to change and moulding your mindset and skill sets to match your new goals. Jordan combined his skills in trading, marketing and communication to create his own organization called Top Dollar Trading focused on providing the tools and resources to improve the financial futures of its members.

When discussing the concept behind his business, Jordan says:

“Top Dollar Trading is all about productivity. When I bring people into my business I nurture them and make sure that they’re actually learning the skills they need to become profitable in the market. Yes we have products and different services, but if you don’t have the proper understanding to be able to use those products and apply that knowledge, then you won’t benefit from it.”

Jordan found his footing in the business world by understanding the importance of learning income-generating skills to improve financial literacy and security. The real unique value in his organization lies in his mentorship where Jordan focuses on shedding more light on the educational aspect of finances which can be difficult to grasp without the right resources.

“I came into the business wanting to teach people a skill. There are people who may have made bad decisions early in life and they weren’t able to get the job that they wanted, or I have friends that didn’t go to college and now they’re stuck in a certain cycle. As I’ve been growing, I’m big on financial education now because not only am I helping to show you how to multiply your money, but how to make your money work for you. Right now I’m currently getting my health and life insurance license, so I’m able to help people with any type of financial risk. Ultimately, I’m focused on being able to financially educate everyone in my organization,” says Jordan.

To date, Top Dollar Trading contains over 260 individuals and counting, and Jordan plans to keep his team growing, making as big of an impact as possible. In addition to providing the tools and resources for success in entrepreneurship, Jordan is also an experienced educator on the financial markets. He has a youtube channel where he posts videos of his market analysis. You can check out his youtube page here.

Growing up in a rough neighbourhood, Jordan had to work harder than most to achieve the level of success he’s found today. Jordan says that when his dad moved back to Chicago and he was staying with his great-grandmother, he came to the understanding with the help of his mother that he couldn’t become a product of his environment. Because of this, Jordan knew he needed to do everything possible to get himself and his family out of the situation that they were in – including doing well in school and maturing much earlier than average to make sure he didn’t fall into a negative cycle.

With Jordan venturing into so many different avenues of financial education to help the masses create a brighter financial future, Jordan’s key to success lies in the daily habits he’s created for himself. On a typical day, Jordan is up bright and early and connects with his leaders to set the tone of productivity for the day and ensure they are doing the right tasks to keep them on track to reaching their goals. As Jordan says “health is wealth” so he makes sure to get a workout in every day, before reading a book and then checking emails and social media or creating content for his youtube channel. The evenings are reserved for training calls with his team and market review. Jordan says that he never misses a trading session to ensure he has multiple streams of income while he’s growing his business.

A pivotal moment in Jordan’s entrepreneurial journey was losing part of his team. From this experience he gained a better understanding of developing and maintaining long lasting relationships to thrive in a people-oriented business. With such a wealth of knowledge and experience under his belt in business, trading, investing and educating, Jordan is more than qualified to lead the pack in a new way of looking at our finances and is an entrepreneurial powerhouse to watch out for.

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