5 Tips for Effective Social Media Campaigns

Social media is incredibly pervasive — nearly a third of the global population use networks. For brands, advertising on Facebook and its likes is an opportunity to market products to a vast audience and drive sales. Companies that create valuable and relatable content forge ahead. Follow our tips to make the most of your chosen network.

Companies do not have to focus on just one channel. Cross-platform campaigns are easier to launch than before thanks to software like Aitarget, both versatile and powerful. You can start, manage, and monitor marketing efforts on Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat simultaneously. But what about the content itself? Here are five crucial considerations.

1. Devise a Strategy

Never venture out into social media advertising without a plan. Otherwise, your budget will be wasted. Decide what you want to post, and what ideas this content should convey. Relevance and consistency are essential for any industry. There are no exceptions to this rule.

Build on the experience of others. For example, you could implement a well-known plan called the SOSTAC framework. It includes six elements.

2. Study Your Audience

Take time to research the profile and preferences of your average consumer. What demographics should you target? What sets them apart in terms of lifestyle, shopping habits, values, etc.? Any content you post should target a specific group of people. Otherwise, it will be futile (or disappoint your loyal customers, which is the worst-case scenario).

To understand who to post for, monitor your chosen social media channels, conduct market research and take advantage of social insights. Pay attention to what users are saying about your brand, industry, and competitors. You need a clear understanding of the existing brand perception.

3. Ensure Consistency

If you promote your brand across social platforms (which maximizes exposure), the manner of advertising should be similar. While every tool requires a customized strategy, the general strategic vision should be the same. Choose similar graphics, tone, values, and messages.

4. Meet Customers’ Needs

What content do your customers expect? Whatever you post should bring value. It should be helpful for the audience while contributing to the objectives. Posting for the sake of posting is a waste of time and money. Never lose sight of your goals.

What are you trying to achieve with each post? Engagement is reflected in the number of shares, likes, comments, etc. You want your followers to interact with the posts. This contributes to customer satisfaction, prompting them to buy more of your products or services. Give users a clear reason to visit your website or e-store.

5. Monitor Results

While likes matter, do not overemphasize them. Look beyond these vanity metrics — at engagement on the community level, the quality of customer service, and ways information about your company is spread. Determine the right indicators and tools to track them. Some of the platforms have in-built scheduling features and tracking functionality. In addition, you may get a third-party system or invest in a unique API.

To Conclude

Advertisement on social media requires a multifaceted strategy. Begin with clear targets to determine the necessary tactics, actions, and tech arsenal in terms of tools and KPIs. Remember about the consistency and relevancy of your posts. Keep up with the latest trends, features, and algorithms favored by your target audience. Responsiveness to the ever-changing digital landscape will help you boost brand awareness and sales.

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