Aftab Pureval for mayor of Cincinnati.

Cincinnati mayoral candidate Aftab Pureval answered questions about some of the most pressing issues facing Cincinnati, including concerns about corruption at City Hall, affordable housing, policing and the city budget, among other topics.

Six people are running for mayor of Cincinnati in the May 4 primary, after which the field narrows to the top two vote-getters for the general election.

That group of five Democrats and one independent includes: Ohio Sen. Cecil Thomas, of Avondale; Cincinnati Councilman David Mann, of Clifton; Hamilton County Clerk of Courts Aftab Pureval, of Clifton; retired Cincinnati firefighter Raffel Prophett, of Avondale; Businessman Gavi Begtrup, of Mount Lookout; and Najoli.

Aftab Pureval

Q: Why are you running for mayor?

I love Cincinnati. But for families across our city, it’s been a challenging year with COVID-19, the economic downturn and corruption in City hall. Our city is in a tough spot right now, but that is exactly when Cincinnati shines. And right now, we need strong leadership in the mayor’s office to come out swinging and accomplish what I know we can. I’m running for mayor to lift up all of Cincinnati. Our city must continue to grow, but we have to be honest that the success of the last 10 years has not been felt in all 52 neighborhoods. Every person in Cincinnati matters, and our measure of success cannot just be how the wealthiest are doing. It’s not enough, therefore, to just grow. We need to grow equitably. We either take on the inequities in our justice, health care, housing and economic systems, or we fall short of what we can be. I believe I’m uniquely situated to lead us into the next decade given my track record of taking on corruption, reforming outdated bureaucratic systems and improving basic services. As Hamilton County Clerk of Courts, I ended the office’s nepotism and cronyism, expanded services and supported the most vulnerable among us with an award-winning Eviction Help Center. We invested in innovation while simultaneously saving taxpayers millions of dollars and giving money back to the county every year I’ve been in office. Together, I know we can move Cincinnati forward with creative solutions.

Q: What would be your top priorities as mayor?

My top priority is an economic recovery after COVID-19 that benefits all 52 neighborhoods. To make sure prosperity is shared in every corner of our city, we need to rebuild our economy after COVID and prioritize growing equitably. This means an economy with better wages, paid family leave and opportunities for people to start and grow small businesses. As mayor, I will prioritize recovering and rebuilding our economy so that all families can thrive. I will work to keep families in their homes, connect unemployed workers with in-demand jobs and direct funding to struggling restaurants. I will grow our economy by streamlining the process to start a business and attract new companies and skilled workers to Cincinnati. And I will fight to share prosperity more equitably by expanding Black businesses ownership and home ownership, reforming the city bidding process and taking on the racial health disparities of COVID-19. We also need to continue to reform and improve our police department and invest in public

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