Brendan Morais Dragged For Promoting Multi-Level Marketing

The Bachelorette’s Brendan was caught promoting multi-level marketing on Instagram. Fans aren’t happy and take issue with his advertising partner.

It’s not uncommon for cast members from The Bachelor and The Bachelorette to promote products online, but Tayshia Adams’ former love interest Brendan Morais should have done more research into the companies he supports. He recently promoted a multi-level marketing essential oils company called doTerra on Instagram, and fans didn’t hold back their opinions. Many criticized his decision to support doTerra and wondered if he even knows what it is he’s supporting.

During season 16 of The Bachelorette, Brendan became a fan-favorite for his vulnerability, thoughtfulness and many stylish turtlenecks. Brendan quickly bonded with Tayshia over their mutual experience with divorce, and he was a clear frontrunner. He seemed to be on track for a final rose, but during fantasy suite week, Brendan started to spiral and broke up with The Bachelorette‘s Tayshia during the night portion of their date. Fans were shocked when Brendan sent himself home but were eager to follow him on social media to see what he’s been up to after the show.

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Brendan usually gets positive, and sometimes thirsty, attention from Bachelorette fans on Instagram, but his recent content has his followers riled up. In his Stories, Brendan posted clips of him promoting doTerra’s essential oils and other products. In the videos, he claims the doTerra products helped him sleep better, commenting, “I  literally feel like I’m ready for anything right now.” He says the doTerra products promote a “restful, amazing night’s sleep.” But on Reddit, fans took serious issue with his claims and the company he’s advertising for.

Many fans expressed disappointment with Brendan’s choice of companies to support. “Brendan, maybe don’t promote a brand with shady business practices,” one commented. Some fans referred to doTerra as a “predatory company” that takes advantage of people and sells questionable products. The Bachelorette‘s Brendan was criticized because he either knows about the company he’s promoting and doesn’t care, or he hasn’t done his research about the companies and products he shills to his fans. “Brendan NO go back to roofing,” one fan summed up.

The problem with doTerra and other essential oil companies like Young Living is twofold: they often make unfounded and potentially dangerous claims about their products, and they operate using a multi-level marketing structure. Multi-level marketing companies (sometimes known as pyramid schemes) exploit workers with promises of far greater incomes than they will actually achieve, and many individuals have gone into serious debt as a result. When an Instagram influencer like Brendan promotes a product, they have a responsibility to do their due diligence to research what it is they’re putting their names behind.

Brendan’s time on The Bachelorette was impactful for many viewers, though he’s expressed no desire to return to Bachelor Nation. Off the show, it seems he’s letting fans down with his latest choice of advertising partner. In the eyes of fans, Brendan is either dangerously misguided and believes in the multi-level marketing company doTerra or he’s irresponsibly promoting products that he has little knowledge of. Either way, it looks like the former fan-favorite is in the dog house.

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Source: Brendan Morais/Instagram, Reddit

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