Byron Allen goes to court again to battle for Black-owned media

Byron Allen, the onetime stand-up comic turned all-around media mogul, is a man on a mission.

The TV producer sued McDonald’s Corp. for $10 billion on Thursday, alleging the fast-food giant is discriminating against Black-owned media companies like his.

The suit is part of a bigger push by the 60-year-old entrepreneur to correct what he says has been decades of bias against Black-owned businesses. Allen says he’ll publicly shame, organize boycotts against and sue companies that don’t commit to supporting African-American-owned media outlets. Executives who stand in his way will see their careers end, he promises, left behind by the march of racial progress.

“Don’t minimize it — this is history,” Allen said during a series of presentations he organized for Black-owned media firms in mid-May. “There are advertisers out there who will say, ‘Oh, we’ve got a Negro problem. How little can we give them to shut up and go away so I can get back to my White-privileged life?’ This isn’t that conversation. We want to effectuate change and eradicate the economic exclusion.”

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