Cars4Jannah: Creating New Dreams With Old Cars

Have you ever thought to use your old car to fulfill your dream of a better world? Cars4Jannah is pumping cash into Islamic organizations to help fuel their missions across the nation. 

“[Cars4Jannah] funnels Muslim money back into the Muslim community through car donations. Instead of donating cars to the Salvation Army, Kars4Kids, or Goodwill, [Cars4Jannah] is here to help your community turn their old cars into cash,” said Hadi Joyowidarbo, Cars4Jannah Program Manager. “Our mission is to help bring in additional revenue for all masajid and Muslim non-profit organizations across America,” he continued.

Cars4Jannah offers a financially sound alternative to competing non-Muslim car donation programs; one which emulates Islamic principles and consciously invests in the prosperity of the Muslim community. 

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“Our [Muslim] institutions are struggling. We should be recycling our money back into our community as much as we can. It’s really high time. Other groups have been doing this for decades. We [Muslims] have to start thinking big,” said Minhaj Hasan, director of Dar-us-Salaam’s Donor Care Office.

The donation process is completed within 24-48 hours. Once the donor submits their donation through the Cars4Jannah site, a local tow company retrieves the vehicle and its title. “[The donation process] was very good, very quick, and simple, and the process with the tow truck was very easy as well so I would highly recommend it,” said donor Shaukat Khan of Maryland. 

Once towed, the condition and mileage of the donated vehicle is analyzed by a national broker. On average, Cars4Jannah receives $350 per car. Then, Cars4Jannah receives a check and forwards 70% of the proceeds to the donor’s intended Islamic project, and the donor is sent a tax receipt. 

[The donation process] is good and what is [even better] is the fact that this donation will help to generate funds for the Islamic Center of Greater Cincinnati to help people in need,” added donor Shariq Tariq of the Islamic Center of Greater Cincinnati. 

Cars4Jannah ensures transparency and Islamic business practices. Partner organizations receive detailed alerts whenever a car is donated through their Cars4Jannah portal, and once the car donation is completed, donors receive IRS required forms for their taxes. Money from the sale of the donated car is split 70% for the partner organization and 30% to sustain Cars4Jannah, a higher percentage split than other car donation partnerships.

“We’re trying to pull ourselves up at Dar-us-Salaam, but while we’re trying to pull ourselves up at Dar-us-Salaam, we are also pulling other masajid up, even if it’s in a small way,” said Hasan. The pleasure of Allah remains intrinsic to the organization’s success; the fuel powering the Cars4Jannah mission. 

“$1,000 for a small masjid in Kentucky might mean a huge amount [for them]. That might be their monthly expense,” added Hasan. 

Cars4Jannah partners are provided with access to the Cars4Jannah management system, a landing page, and personalized social media graphics to advertise within their community. “[Cars4Jannah] guides you on how to handle the whole process from A to Z. They make your job so easy. All your marketing materials are done by them. This is the easiest way to get donations. I did not have to contact the donor. I just advertised and Cars4Jannah took care of the rest,” said Fouzia Haddad, Cars4Jannah partner and Director of Enrollment and Marketing at Al-Falah Academy in Georgia.

Cars4Jannah has accumulated 50 partners nationwide and expects significant growth within the next year. “Some of the partners we have are the Council on American-Islamic Relations Los Angeles, the Muslim Legal Fund of America, and Helping Hand for Relief and Development,” said Cars4Jannah’s Hadi Joyowidarbo. Extending a welcoming hand, Cars4Jannah partners range from Islamic schools, to relief organizations, to social service organizations, and civil rights organizations. 

 “I feel good that we are trying to solicit the pleasure and the help of Allah by helping others while we are helping ourselves, and Allah really loves that. Allah says that as long as you keep helping your brother or your sister He will keep helping you,” said Dar-us-Salaam’s Hasan.

As additional Islamic projects board the organization’s mission, Cars4Jannah paves the road to paradise.

To find out how to join the ride, visit 

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