Complete sports classifieds opens a new online marketplace for trading sports products online

“Complete Sports Classifieds was created with a single purpose; to connect people who want to buy with people who want to sell.” 

Classifieds are a simple way to buy & sell items. Businesses can list products or services that they’re selling via classifieds. This enables customers and potential buyers to see them online.

While there are numerous platforms for classifieds, Complete Sports seems to be breaking barriers with several unique features. 

Speaking with Solomon Ojeagbase, Manager of the Online Division at Complete Sports he had this to say “Complete sports classifieds is a subsidiary of Complete Communications Limited, publishers of Complete Sports Newspaper (the oldest and longest-running sports publishing group in Nigeria). The website is hosted on the Complete Sports domain”.

He also added that “Complete Sports Classifieds will be the best platform for companies to advertise products and services in Nigeria. Most classified ads websites focus more on products but Complete Sports classifieds is all encompassing. What stands Complete Sports Classifieds out from other classified website is the fact that they cover a wide array and services for easy audience visibility”.

Complete Sports Classifieds listings range from vehicles, real estate, electronics, furniture, rental property, and services as hair stylist, make-up artist, carpenter, plumber etc.

Irrespective of this, it is important to understand how to grow businesses with Complete Sports classified ads.

Why Use Complete Sports Classifieds

People who have used classifieds say it is used to showcase business upfront. When people are looking for products or a type of service offered, businesses can log onto Complete Sports Classifieds site to get the assistance needed. Browsing through classifieds can increase the visibility of businesses. This results in faster business growth.

How To Sell on Complete Sports Classifieds

“Some of the greatest fortunes were built on classified ad sales.” There are numerous ways utilized to make money with Complete Sports Classifieds. Unfortunately, many small business owners still don’t realise the potential of online classifieds.

Some practical ways to use classifieds strategically include:

Stop listing items for free

There is a huge misconception that listing items for free magically sells them. Unfortunately, that’s not true! 

There have been numerous studies done on how much sellers actually recover when they sell items for free, and it’s less than 1%. This is especially in the case of Multi-Level Marketing (MLM). 

While it may be easy to list an item for free, it’s best to move on to sites that make more money for businesses. 

Complete Sports has broken the barriers between free and paid classifieds. Offering 100% secured ads for free and more features on the standard and platinum package for a token.

No matter what is sold, Complete Sports Classifieds site will help in sales generation.

Watch video of Virtual Reality headset for sale in – Complete Sports Classified Ads

Video Link:

Advertisement. Scroll to continue reading.

Chose the right generic business name

Online classifieds are a prevalent business model with a practical, never-ending potential for growth. This is because people will always need services or goods. 

As such, when starting a local business and trying to dream up the right name for it, choosing a generic business name is essential. Doing this as early as possible gets businesses off to the right start in today’s latest technological advancements.

Get in front of customers regularly with multiple listings

The goal of advertising is getting businesses in front of potential customers. Regular listings in Complete Sports Classifieds, increases the chances of an ads visibility. Anybody with experience in classified ads understands this and uses it to their advantage.

Accept prices lower than competitors

The most significant mistake people make with online classifieds is not taking advantage of the idea that they can sell for less than others. 

A recent study found that the top five things that influence buying decisions are: lowest price, enhanced delivery options, easy return policy, payment options, ability to see inventory availability and information about the product/service.

Doing this, reduces the number of search users need to go through and increases conversion rates for maximum profits.

Use pictures to compete with other listings

There is a lot of competition when it comes to putting items up for sale online. To stand out from the crowd, use some great visuals when listing. 

A good business owner should choose interesting images to enhance the viewer’s experience. This will make a potential customer want to click through to get more detail on the product or service. 

Finally, Complete Sports Classifieds provides a platform for businesses to advertise numerous products and services to millions of potential buyers in Nigeria, the service is currently available through the website.

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