Dr Mustapha Abdul-Hamid calls on AOMC

Dr. Mustapha Abdul-Hamid, Chief Executive of the National Petroleum Authority (NPA), and the management team have paid a working visit to the Association of Oil Marketing Companies (AOMC).

Their visit was to formally engage the AOMC Board of Directors and discuss some of their challenges in the petroleum industry.

AOMC which is the main umbra body of oil marketing and liquefied gas petroleum marketing companies informed Dr Abdul-Hamid about issues on export dumping, third party supplies, multiple licensed individuals and unlicensed brokers (middlemen) trading petroleum products among others.

Dr. Abdul-Hamid assured the AOMC and other players that his primary objective was to ensure that industry players respected rules and regulations.

He said the NPA was committed to ensuring a level playing field for all OMCs to operate; “the NPA will deepen the dialogue with the AOMC Board on a regular basis in addition to the already existing quarterly meetings with the various allied committees of the AOMC”.

Mr Henry Ofori Akwaboah, AOMC Board Chairman said the Association was looking forward to strengthening its relations with the NPA and indicated that “as a key stakeholder of the industry, we will lend our support to you as you take over as the new chief executive”

Meanwhile in an interview with the Ghana News Agency in Tema, Mr Kwaku Agyemang-Duah, AOMC Industrial Coordinator explained that although it was not a requirement for all network marketing companies to become members of the Association, members had the opportunity to benefit from corporate recognition.

He called on oil marketing companies yet to register with the Association to come on board, for “in unity lies strength”.

Mr Agyemang-Duah tasked its members to comply with all laws including anti-trust legislation of Ghana whilst avoiding engagement in product dumping and adulteration practices.

In a related development, AOMC has named 172 accredited OMCs and 42 Liquefied Petroleum Gas Marketing Companies who are members in good standing.

The companies are: Abagurugu Oil, Aegis Huile, Agapet, Ai Energy Group, Alinco Oil, Allied Oil, Amdaway Oil, Aminaser Oil, Aminso Energy, Ap Oil & Gas Ghana, Apex Petroleum Ghana, Avos Oil, Beap Energy Ghana, Bello Petroleum, Benab Oil, Best Petroleum, BF Petroleum, and BG Petroleum.

Other are: Big Energy, Bisvel Petroleum Services, Black Rock Energy, Blanko Oil, Brent Petroleum, Buffalo Oil, Capstone Oil, Cash Oil, Champion Oil, CIGO Energy, Compass Oleum, Concord Oil, Cost Energy, Crown Petroleum, Deep Petroleum, Deliman and Company, Desert Oil Ghana, and Dukes Petroleum.

Others are: Eden Petroleum, Engen Ghana, EV Oil, EX Oil, Excel Oil, Express Petroleum, Finest Oil, Fraga Oil Ghana, Frimps Oil, Frontier Oil Ghana, GAB Energy, Galaxy Oil, GASO Petroleum, GAT Oil, GB Oil, Glasark Oil, Glee Oil, Global Standard Petroleum, Glory Oil, and GOIL.

Many others are: Golden Petroleum, Goodness Energy, Gowell Energy, Grid Petroleum, Gulf Energy, HAK Oil, Havilah Oil, Hossana Oil, Humano Energy, HUSS Petroleum, IBM Petroleum, ICON Energy, Infin Ghana, Janda Ghana, JAS Petroleum, JD-Link Oil, JET Petroleum Services, JO & JU Oil, and JP Trustees.

The accredited AOMC members also included: Jusbro Petroleum, Kabore Oil, KAN Royal Service Station & Trading, Karela Oil and Gas, Kings Energy, Kingsperp Oil, KROS Energy, L. Link Petroleum, LA Clem Ghana, Life Petroleum, Lilygold Energy Resources, Lucky Oil, M3 Global, and Maiga & HHM Company.

MAXX Energy, Maxxon Petroleum, MBA Global Petroleum, Mercy Oil, MM Energy, Mobik Energy, MUNA Energy, N3 Limited, Naagamni Ghana, Naddif Company, Nasona Oil, Next Petroleum, Nick Petroleum, Nujenix Company, Nuru Oil, Oil-Space Ghana, Orient Energy, Oval Energy, and P&O Energy.

Others are: Pacific Oil, Perfect Petroleum, Petra Energy, Petro Afrique, Petro Sankofa, Petrol XP, Petroland, Petrosol, Plus Energy, Power Fuel Distribution, Precious Energy, Puma Energy Distribution, Q8 Oil, Quantum Petroleum, R&P Oil, Radiance Petroleum, RAZS Oil, Ready Oil, and Reliance.

Rich Oil, Rigworld Petroleum Services, Riseglobe Energy, Rodo Oil, Royal Roses Oil, Runel Oil, Safety Petroleum, Sama Oil, Santol Energy, SAP Oil, Sawadigo Oil, Sawiz Petroleum, Sayon Energy, Seam Oil, and Semanhyia are others.

Others are: Sephem Oil, Signal Oil, SKY Petroleum, SO Energy, Sonnidom Limited, Sotei Energy, Spirits Petroleum, Star Oil, Strategic Energies, Superior Oil, TEL Energy, Titan Petroleum, TOP Oil, Total Petroleum, T-Tekpor Energy, Unicorn Pertroleum (previously carbon petroleum limited) and Union Oil.

The rest are: Unique Oil, Unity Oil, Universal Oil, Venus Oil, Veros Petroleum, Viggo Energy, Vivo Energy, Warren Oil, West Africa Petroleum Company Limited (WAPCO), West Port Petroleum, YASS Petroleum, ZEN Petroleum, and ZOE Petroleum.

The LPGMCS accredited members of the AOMC are: Alive Gas Services, Anasset Company, Andev Company, Annandale Ghana, Baffour Gas, CENT Eastern Gas, Central Brent Petroleum, Coegan Ghana, DA Oil Company, Dabemens Limited, First Gas, Go-Gas Ventures, and Hills Oil Marketing Company.

More others are: Joekona Company, Kaysens Limited, KI Energy, Lambark Gas, Laminin BEE Ventures, Lonestar Gas, Louis Gas, Manbah Gas, Maxx Gas, Midas Oil & Gas Limited, Mighty Gas, Nextbons Gas, Norgaz Petroleum, Ocean Oil, Patrick K.A Bonney & Company, and Petrocell Limited.

The rest are: Riema Company, Rootsenaf Gas, Royal Energy, Shakainah Ventures, Shelleyco Petroleum, Thomhcof Energy, Trade Cross Limited, Trinity Oil, Triple A LP Gas, Virgin Petroleum, World Gas, Xpress Gas, and Yokwa Gas Limited.

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