Eugenio: Feng shui forecast for May 2021

The purpose of this feng shui forecast is to provide clarity. When the energy is positive, maximize to your advantage. When the energy is negative you manage what you can with it.

The point of reference is your Main Door Sector: Stand at the center of your home and with a compass, identify where your main door is located (not facing).

East Main Door Sector

New opportunities will arise especially for those looking to rise up the ladder at work or for those looking to expand their businesses. May is going to be the opportune time for you to take some action while also to begin making plans for future projects. Activate the good energies by spending a lot of time in this sector of your home or commercial center and if you have the chance to help others succeed, go and do that, too.

Southeast Main Door Sector

You’re going to be in the position to amplify your influence over a lot of people this month, whether it be at work, in your business, with your family, or with any civic or church organization that you belong to. Make sure that whatever project or cause you’re going to lead, you always do it for sincere reasons, so that you can reap rewards genuinely and for good measure.

South Main Door Sector

The opportunities to rise financially and career-wise is going to be really high for you so make the most of this time to share some innovative ideas at work or promote your brand with strategic marketing schemes for your business. If earnings rise as well, take heed to save much of that for the long-term as things are still pretty unpredictable these days with the pandemic still on the horizon.

Southwest Main Door Sector

The Prosperity Star will make its mark and bring with it additional income sources like investment returns, inheritance or new job offers. Make the most of this abundant month by spending lots of time in this sector and activating it with music and bright lights. And once the money luck flows in, be sure to stash the bulk of it in your savings accounts, but do splurge a little as you please, as you earned it, too.

West Main Door Sector

This sector brings career luck especially for higher learning students who are focused on academic research. And while it’s still summer break for most students, those pursuing other workshops, lessons and intensive classes will be advancing well to the next level in this month. For singles that are hoping for a summer romance, now’s your chance, but if you want something steady, get out there and socialize.

Northwest Main Door Sector

While it’s literally still hot all over brought about by the summer season, temperatures will also rise, figuratively speaking, especially for those who are reactionary by nature. Take care not to let the combative energies hovering over this sector get to you as the smallest negative reactions could lead to court battles and trouble with the law if rage is left unchecked. Don’t ever activate this sector, particularly with home renovation plans.

North Main Door Sector

Apply additional security precautions at home by installing double locks, CCTV cameras or a high-tech security system. Take heed not to invest in anything recklessly as this might yield heavy losses on your part. And when going out, especially at night, be extremely cautious in all your movements to avoid any untoward incidents. Keep the North sector as quiet as you can by avoiding unnecessary movement in here, as well as keeping away loud noises and bright lights from this area.

Northeast Main Door Sector

Refrain from playing any music here at all, dim the lights that normally light up in this sector, and most of all, avoid any unnecessary activities here. Make sure not to carry on with home renovation plans like digging, drilling, or pounding, as these could activate the sector even more. Counteract all the negative energies with activities that will help you restore balance instead, like meditation, praying and journaling.

Center Sector of Homes and Offices

Just because vaccination rollouts have been ongoing, this doesn’t mean that you should let your guard down by now, as Covid-19 is still very much all over the place. Keep observing social distancing and standard safety protocols wherever you go. If anyone in your family or workspace shows the slightest signs of illness, have them checked immediately. Take heed not to activate this sector with any loud noises, bright lights, or home renovation activities like digging, drilling or soldering.

This forecast is based on the Flying Star Feng Shui system and is not a replacement for an in-depth and comprehensive feng shui home and office consultation. If you wish to learn more you may visit

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