Following a Hero’s Journey to Success With John Kennedy

Changing our career path may seem impossible for many. Boundless Success with John Kennedy, on Amazon, reveals that anyone can lead a successful life with focus and determination regardless of the number of detours along the way.

John Kennedy’s not-so-typical career has seen him hold several positions in business: Supervisor, Director of Food & Beverage, Director of Sales, Corp. President, GM, Chef/Owner, International Sales Manager, Assistant Golf Coach, Small Business Owner, Student, Mentor, Professional Sports Representative, and Network Marketer.

Throughout his career, John has made a conscious effort to not follow someone else’s path but to forge his own trail. Talking about the meaning of success, he says: “I’m not rich in fortune yet, but I am rich in experience, gratitude, friendships, and abundance. And I’m living the dream of the Hero’s Journey. Embrace your Hero’s Journey!”

Based on Kennedy’s immense knowledge of business in various fields, coupled with lessons learned from mentors he has met along his journey, Boundless Success offers a surprising yet simple look at a method to unlock everyone’s true potential. He talks about the Hero’s Journey and how we emerge stronger and wiser through new adventures and challenges. By understanding the power of our subconscious mind, we can make decisions that align with our core values and contribute to our long-term success.

“Write down what you desire and read it out loud two to three timesa day. If your thoughts are spoken out loud with emotion for the Universe and subconscious to hear time and again, whatever it is you desire will physically manifest,” says Kennedy.

To complement the power of positive self-talk, Kennedy highly recommends creating a vision board and placing it where we can see it every day. The visual stimulation will keep us encouraged and focused onthe right path towards realizing our dreams and our success.

In Boundless Success, Kennedy will take readers on an exhilarating journey through the ups and downs of his life and make them believe that anything is possible in life if they lead with passion and put their minds to it.

“John Kennedy and I met many years ago when he applied to work in the golf shaft industry at Fujikura Composite America. When John joined us, we didn’t have any international sales until he took the reins. John grew that business to one of the most profitable segments of our company. He excelled in turning his new founded personal relationships in the international markets into long-term business relationships for Fujikura. That’s just who John is. As president of the company, John was one of my greatest assets. With everything he set out to accomplish, he always succeeded.” — Testimonial by Pete Sanchez, Corporate President, Business Development, LA Golf Shafts.

“I have known John for over thirty years and had a front-row seat to his business ups and downs . . . mostly ups! I have seen him spend time in multiple industries (airline, food service, golf, and network marketing). In each, he has participated with imagination and out-of-the-box thinking to find the niche that best suited him and showed determination never to let setbacks stop his upward momentum. In all of this, he has always found time for community service in various organizations and events. I am proud to call him my friend.” — Testimonial by Eugene (Mac) McCardle, Business Executive, Network Marketer.

Follow the Hero’s Journey in Boundless Success with John Kennedy, now for sale on Amazon.

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