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Malta, July 05, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — (via Blockchain Wire) The current educational system has its flaws, and the list of vocal dissenters continues to grow daily. The primary argument against the system is its restrictive approach to imparting knowledge to those who submit to it. But does it always have to be this way? We have had a generous sample size to conclude that you do not have to excel within the four walls of the classroom to be successful in the real world. 

Another glaring problem is the amount of resources that the current system of education requires. Children from rural and developing areas do not have access to the infrastructure or world-class educators to put them at the same level as their peers with privileged backgrounds. 

Forward Protocol sets out to bridge this chasm. It aims to connect experts with students without discrimination through a decentralized, democratized, and rewarding learning system that leverages blockchain technology. 

The Difference between an Education System and Learning

The primary function of the education system is not to enhance a student’s skills but to certify their intelligence, conscientiousness, and conformity.

Forward Protocol promotes learning by facilitating and rewarding the transfer of knowledge. This process increases the human capital, which leads to increased prosperity as a student’s skills increase. It also rewards the teachers that facilitate this process with a strong focus on quality and improvement.

As the name implies, Forward Protocol has pressed forward with its mission, and it continues to gather momentum. Of course, it helps that they can rely on the vast experience of the impressive team. Mitch Rankin, the co-founder, is a philanthropist, real estate, and blockchain investor. Karnika E. Yashwant (aka Mr. KEY), another co-founder, is a blockchain strategist, ICO marketer, and investor since 2013 with over 15 years of experience offering multi-channel marketing expertise. 

Forward Protocol wasted no time getting its gospel out to the public. They released their whitepaper and litepaper promptly to help the community understand their mission. They also dedicated effort to help the public and potential investors understand their mission by maintaining an engaging social media presence. As of the time of writing, Forward Protocol already has over 15,000 active followers on its Twitter profile. Its social media community looks primed to continue waxing stronger as the team remains committed to its online community. It also gained an international audience and reputation boost recently when named it one of Malta’s top 39 blockchain startups. 

For a relatively new project (one that is not even fully deployed), Forward Protocol has a lot of goodwill in the bank. It owes some of this goodwill to its revolutionary idea and its reputable team members. Forward Protocol has been featured in notable blockchain media and publications such as Yahoo Finance,, GoinGape, U°Today, Cointelligence, Cryptopolitan, etc., and it continues to get mentioned in influential circles. 

Any solution to the current education system’s shortcomings must be embraced across the board to be considered a success. Forward Protocol recognizes the need for cooperation to achieve its vision. That is why English Forward, a 19-year old English learning community that has served over 300 million students, is first in line to integrate Forward Protocol. Similar collaborations will also be announced in the near future as Forward Protocol nears full deployment. It looks like the actualization of Mitch and KEY’s dream might just be an inevitability. 

Some criticisms have been leveled against Forward Protocol and its vision. Top on the list is that it is a utopian dream that cannot be implemented in real life. Another criticism is the absence of a central governing body to maintain educational standards. Finally, with all the money governments and private donors have committed to education, there is genuine concern that these infrastructures will become obsolete when students no longer need them.

Forward Protocol does not present a solution that has not been implemented to some degree already. The pandemic year made more people commit to remote learning than at any other time known to man. Even though the forced move to remote learning had mixed results, it would not have caught anyone by surprise; students that could afford world-class education continued to receive first-class education while their less fortunate counterparts had to settle for a year without learning. The incentivized blockchain-powered solution that Forward Protocol presents makes learning more affordable and sustainable for people across all social statuses, ethnic divides, and genders without discrimination 

Forward Protocol presents a decentralized solution, but it is not a solution without authority. The power is decentralized so that the learning process remains flexible to meet the needs of every student. Every stakeholder gets something for participating in the learning process, incentivizing them to contribute more to the ecosystem’s growth, focusing on value-driven algorithms. Finally, Forward Protocol will not render education infrastructures useless. Instead, it presents the easiest path to adapt to the new and improved learning technology. Forward Protocol is the future that is here to stay, thus ensuring that they do not become obsolete. 

There are many reasons to be optimistic that Forward Protocol is the solution to the current ailing education system. A democratized learning environment is a social equalizer. It is crucial to achieving financial inclusion with every person given an equal opportunity to participate in the global economy. Every child, irrespective of their birthplace or social status, deserves equal opportunities to learn, grow and contribute in a meaningful way in their society.

Forward Protocol allows them this opportunity.

Lucky for us, you can get a front-row seat to see history unfold! 

How? You can join our community on Telegram and Twitter!

Karnika Yashwant
Forward Protocol
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