From A Leading Marketing Strategist To A Successful Entrepreneur, Narsi Grewal Has Achieved It All

A person can achieve anything and everything once they conceive in their mind that they can do it. It takes just one leap of faith to climb the ladder of success and progress in life. This is how one can describe the journey of Narsi Grewal. An entrepreneur and a keynote speaker from North India, who is now a leading direct sales marketer of India. Born in a village near Rohtak, he was always inclined towards doing something for the nation, so he joined the Army Medical Corps in 1985. Having a knack for knowledge, he completed BA, MA and MBA on side with his clerical work in AMC. He even served during the Kargil War and it was after that when he was introduced to an influencer program with direct selling.

Entering the entrepreneurial world was a big step in the journey of Narsi Grewal. A person with no experience whatsoever, he had to struggle a great deal to establish himself in the market. Instead of giving up, he decided to take the challenge head-on and improved his knowledge by clearing all his concepts and learning the tips and tricks of this field. Soon his company became one of the top-rated amongst the other prestigious organizations of India.

The practice of duplicating himself into various individuals even when Narsi Grewal is traveling helped him a great deal in cracking the code of business and ensured a continuous flow of income at all times, both for him and his partners. Narsi Grewal has completed 19 years in the industry and is now on a mission to teach and educate young minds how to be their boss and how to become independent financially. Owing to this, he started his academy ‘Grewal Academy’ to help people build their brands and have a successful entrepreneurial journey.

From offering top-notch digital courses of different domains to supplying an endless amount of information through the library, Grewal Academy provides the best training in the world of sales and marketing. To make everything easily available for all, all the material can be accessed from the comfort of one’s home with a subscription through any of the digital devices. Narsi’s strategy to coach and guide others through a unionized education system by using the assistance of literature, starter kits, training seminars, and mobile applications is considered to be the most profound one.

His academy offers courses like Digital Sales Start-up Course, Social selling Course, Direct Marketing Strategy Course, and Network marketing Mastery Course necessary for an individual to make a mark in the entrepreneurial world. His academy is a one-stop solution for all aspiring marketers. Helping direct sellers to achieve higher ranks in their respective companies, guiding affiliate marketers towards earning maximum commissions, teaching the most intelligent strategies to direct marketers as well as amplifying the returns of people in the sales and persuasion industry by 200 percent are a few services provided by Narsi Grewal. Apart from these he even guides part-timers and social influencers towards making additional income and building a strong base for income flow.

From being a leading sales and marketing strategist and trainer of business networking to being featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Hindustan Times, Yahoo, and Midday; these are not the only achievements of Narsi. He has produced more than 1 Billion in sales annually, flown for more than 1000 hours, and provided the best training to more than 4 million people across pan-India. Many 7 figure millionaires, six figure millionaires owe their success to Narsi Grewal and have been trained under his wing. With the fervor to empower others to satisfy their dreams through entrepreneurship, he has proven to be the income provider for thousands of families and inspiration for lakhs of people all around.

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