Grace Kansiime’s New Book Urges You Never to Waste a Second Chance

Journey to Success with Grace Kansiime, now available on Amazon, teaches its readers that preparation is vital for receiving opportunities. Many of us tend to ask why opportunities are not presented to us. Grace tells her readers that opportunities will only come to us should we be prepared for them.

Grace Kansiime is a medical doctor and kidney-diseases specialist, currently teaching medical students at Mbarara University of Science and Technology. From humble beginnings in Uganda, Grace continues to rise and inspire young people. When the COVID-19 pandemic struck the world, Grace found herself stuck in a foreign land where she preserved and helped those in need. Regarding this tumultuous time in her life, she says, “While searching for a way out, I took a break to think, to reconnect, and it was during this time I counted my blessings despite the prevailing challenges.”

Coming from a family who fought the societal norm of not educating girls, Grace had proven herself to be a shining example of breaking such norms, preparing for success, and grabbing opportunities when they approached her way.

When it comes to succeeding with one’s goals, Grace does not promise that second chances and successes are easy to come by. The essential element for success is to work hard towards your goals, and only then will the opportunities present themselves.

“I am not saying that goals are easy to achieve, and I’m not promising you constant success, but you will only achieve what you set out to! If you want to be lucky, remember what Thomas Jefferson said: ‘I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have,’” says Grace.

Grace has been a shining example of selflessness. Catherine Clase, MD, Assistant Professor at McMaster University, has this to say about her: “Grace’s intelligence, wisdom, humour, communication skills, fund of knowledge, existing skills as a doctor, along with her willingness to learn, make her a wonderful trainee and colleague. She has the humility that we all need as physicians, sometimes meeting people at the hardest point of their lives. As luck would have it, she was the first resident in our hospital to admit a patient with COVID-19. She did this the way she did everything else—it was part of her job. She shouldered the burden of being far from home during a pandemic with cheerfulness. She carries a strong sense that her sacrifice was for a purpose—the purpose of acquiring training and taking it home.”

Regarding her character, songwriter and public speaker, Dr. Joseph B. Baluku, has this to say: ““Grace is a rare brand of brilliant, hands-on, down-to-earth, but up-to-something woman. She brings brazen grit to every goal she pursues. She could lose a child one day and show up for an exam the next. Nothing seems to beat her down. But beneath that apparent solidity is a tender heart-warming persona. With her, there is nothing too little to share or too much to bear, for a friend’s sake. The world needs more people like Grace, for whom what you see is what you get, faith is practical, and love is not felt but dealt. She is one person I have counted on in moments of financial and career catastrophe. If I were to write her curriculum vitae, it would suffice to write on one page and only write: ‘A CANDIDLY GOOD PERSON.’”

Journey to Success with Grace Kansiime is now for sale on Amazon.

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