House of Representatives Hands Over $ 14.5 Million Budget Package for NEPA Project

Wilkes-Barre — This week, US Congressman Matt Cartwright voted to pass a budget package for seven bills for fiscal year 2022 — HR 4502 — with 219-208 votes.

The package includes $ 14.5 million in direct funding for seven projects in northeastern Pennsylvania, as well as strong funding for infrastructure, vocational training, education, veterans’ medical care and more.

• Wilkes-Barre’s Greater Wyoming Valley Chamber of Commerce $ 1 million to build a business development hub.

• $ 3.5 million to the Wyoming Valley Sanitation Department in Luzerne County to help improve stormwater infrastructure.

• $ 1.85 million to YMCA across NEPA to provide treatment and rehabilitation for mental health and substance use disorders.

• $ 1.15 million for the city of Hazleton to combat hunger.

• $ 2 million for Wayne County to build substance use disorder rehabilitation in the workforce of community facilities

• $ 2 million for Lackawanna College in Scranton to set up a technical and vocational education center.

• $ 3 million for the Moosic Autonomous Region to build a new police and firefighting combination facility.

D-Moosic’s Cartwright said these bills would then be negotiated by the House Senate Committee.

Cartwright, a member of the House Expenditure Committee, said: “Investing in creating high-paying jobs, caring for veterans, expanding opportunities for workers and families across the country, as well as treating material use disorders, local police, vocational training and business development. With today’s passage, We are advancing the prosperity and value of justice for all. “

NEPA project

•• $ 1 Wilkes-Barre’s Business Development Hub $ 1 Million: Project Elevate

Sponsored by the Greater Wilkes-Barre Chamber of Commerce (a division of the Greater Wyoming Valley Chamber of Commerce), the goal of Project Elevate is to revitalize the Greater Wyoming Valley economically and socially. In addition to attracting new businesses, this funding also promotes local mentorship and workforce training programs, if secured by the final legislation.

•• $ 3.5 Million to improve stormwater infrastructure in Wyoming Valley

Sponsored by the Wyoming Valley Department of Health (WVSA), this funding will support the Warrior Creek Stream Restoration and Abraham’s Creek MS4 Stream Restoration and Creek Street Stormwater Basin Rehabilitation Projects. Work on stormwater management and achieve the goal of reducing sediment and nutrient loading under local government individual storm drain system (MS4) regulations.

•• $ 1.85 Million for NEPA-wide Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Treatment and Rehabilitation: YMCA Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Support Services

Sponsored by the Greater Scranton YMCA, this funding is for the local YMCA to contract with at least one local mental health / substance use disorder organization to provide services at the facility. The funding will also support the hiring of professional staff to provide the prevention and treatment of mental illness and substance use, as well as additional therapeutic services focused on children’s tobacco and alcohol use. YMCA is open to everyone, but is intended for low-income community members who may not have access to the service or may wish for alternative service options.

•• $ 1.15 Million to fight food insecurity in Hazleton

This funding, sponsored by the Hazleton Integration Project (HIP), will help organizations create a STEAM-based educational model to eradicate food insecurity in the Greater Hazleton region. Age-specific STEAM Labs will serve as the centerpiece for maximizing an innovative approach to problem solving and promoting and sustaining this effort over the years to come.

Student-led committees investigate the root causes of food insecurity and drive solutions by incorporating community gardening, logistics, marketing, communications, law, and food supply chains. More emphasis will be on the impact of food insecurity and poverty on mental health. Hundreds of economically disadvantaged high school students in our area receive guidance from college students.


House of Representatives Hands Over $ 14.5 Million Budget Package for NEPA Project

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