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 270 Barlows Landing Rd $456,000.

Caroline Ridge to Glen A. and Frances B. Firth

 85 Cranberry Hwy $315,000.

Mark and Ashley Dennen to Liam W. Hartz

 6 Cunningham Rd $601,545.

Susan J. Martin to Brendan and Stacy M. Roisin

 14 Emerson Ave $312,000.

Gordon M. and Kim M. Foote to Charles Dias and Kim Bothelo-Ferris

 15 Foretop Rd $740,000.

Barbara J. Dutra to Arden K. and Sandra L. Broyles

 24 Harlow Farm Rd $900,000.

Harlow Farm Road RT and Robert P. Hilson to Paul W Evans LT and Paul W. Evans

 17 Highland Ave $257,250.

Bank Of New York Mellon to Jeanne M. Kane

 2 Long Boat Rd $419,700.

Thomas R. Mcsweeney to Anderson B. Oliviera

 54 Maple St $375,000.

Jean M. Whitney to Jonathan Jean

 12 Mercury Ave $330,000.

Steven J. Hawco to Daniel R. and Justene A. Matos

 3 Nairn Rd $721,500.

Marilyn M Pugh IRT and Marilyn M. Pugh to Lucy Warren and Mark Lynch

 103 Puritan Rd $350,000.

Jeremy M. and Jessica Griffin to Danielle M. Mendes

 9 Quaker Ln $675,000.

Robert L. and Lisa A. Binda to Jonathan D. Low and Carly A. Koerner

 1236 Route 28a $630,000.

Rekrap FT and Edward F. Parker to Capital Concrete LLC

 46 Salt Marsh Ln $670,000.

Marc S. and Nancy Dugre to Andrea A. Lewis

 988 Sandwich Rd $305,000.

Alyssa K. Andre to Peter Alvarenga

 169 South Rd $10,300,000.

Sega RT and Joseph C. Maher to 169&181 South Road RT and Michael A. Bass

 181 South Rd $10,300,000.

Sega RT and Joseph C. Maher to 169&181 South Road RT and Michael A. Bass

 11 Wildwood Ln Unit B $469,900.

Eastern Sky LLC to Jerry and Mariola Legocki


 92 Center St $261,000.

Catherine E. Key and Reverse Mtg Funding LLC to Thomas Belekewicz

 131 Center St $300,000.

Barbara C. Macnichol to David B. and Diane G. Peck

 14 Cornish St $200,000.

Justin and Beverly Braswell to Justin Braswell

 75 High St $305,000.

Michelle A. Trudeau to Colin F. Knowles

 168 Main St $240,000.

Anderson Ruth J Est and Timothy A. Card to Joseph E. Card

 27 Santana Way E Unit 27 $429,000.

Priolo Plymouth St RT LLC to Keith W. and Cynthia L. Bossung

 6 Stanley Ln Unit 7 $210,000.

Henny Lane LLC to CE Development LLC

 9 Stanley Ln Unit 9 $210,000.

Henny Lane LLC to CE Development LLC


 44 Arnold St $297,000.

Heather E. Berndt to Joshua A. Berndt

 3 E Wordell St $330,000.

Jose B. and Bernadette L. Braga to Richard Costa

 976 Fisher Rd $200,000.

Margaret A. Dubay to Kevin Silveira

 7 Mccabe St $241,000.

Geh Ctrl Heating&Air Cond and Bluedog Cap PartDakotah Afonso

 449 Reed Rd $1,400,000.

449 Reed Road LLC to First Dartmouth LLC

 354 Russells Mills Rd $385,000.

Suzanne L. and Scott T. Brooks to Isilda M. Ferro-Dossantos

 26 Shaker Rd $350,000.

Silvia Eva Est and Alyssa N. Asack to Mary J. Stone

 20 Spinnaker Ln $1,240,000.

Lidia M Deppermann RET and Lidia M. DeppermannTau-Mid Partnership LLP


 63 Church St $234,000.

Carol J. Backus to Ethan Bungert

 5 Grandview Ave $400,000.

Albert C. Lees and Sherri L. Frye-Lees to Paige Lees


 25 Barclay St $140,000.

Souza Shirley A Est and Kevin Souza to Antonio and Maria J. Dasilva

 445 Barnes St $365,000.

Erica M. Gibson to David D. Sousa

 76 Delcar St $340,000.

Thomas F. and Claudia M. Burke to Vu T. Nguyen

 169 Denver St $297,500.

Thomas and Donna Santos to Karen R. Sigman

 136 Downing St $300,000.

Natele Rose S Est and Karen R. Sigman to Dream Homes LLC

 25 Eddy St $317,000.

Alice Varao to Elica I. Hector-Varrs

 338 Ferry St $515,000.

Sequoia Holdings LLC to 338 Ferry St LLC

 239 Glasgow St Unit 2 $125,000.

Farias Real Estate LLC to Brett W. Edwards

 239 Glasgow St Unit 10 $125,000.

Farias Real Estate LLC to Bryan S. Edwards

 452 Kennedy St $367,500.

Robert and Carola A. Taylor to Mary A. Murphy

 100 Lafayette St $407,000.

Janice M. Carvalho to Ebenezer Grant

 206 Lawton St $300,000.

Karen A. Proulx to Alphonse Silvia

 135 Lonsdale St $440,000.

MLM Dev Partners LLC to Idizinho C. Vaz

 31 Moorland St $330,000.

Bryanha Costa to Nancy Simoa-Miranda and Pedro Miranda

 32 Slater St $265,000.

Nicholas Andrade to Enedina R. Holden and Paul M. Goyette

 1066 Spencer St $440,000.

Robert and Simone Lafleur to Jennifer L. Dunseath

 780 Valentine St $262,000.

Florence M. Potvin to Michael Almeida

 542 Walnut St Unit 6 $220,000.

Mary A. Murphy to Deborah T. Oyadiji

 206 Winter St $425,000.

Winterrock Corp to Oliveria Bro Rlty LLC


 7 Adams Ave $427,450.

David and Renee Martin to Raymond and Mirtha Varela

 5 Baker St $290,000.

Joseph D. Erwin to Kristin Wisgirda

 3 C H Clark Dr $404,000.

Helene V Reddy INT and Helene Clarke to Tiffany J. Tripp

 61 Chipaway Rd $310,000.

Dark Forest RT and Michael Ashley to William V. Drowne


 6 2nd Ave $221,000.

Michael Mastrangelo to 6 Second Avenue RT and Linda D. Mulholland

 5 Ash St $425,000.

L&A RT and Louis R. Vermette to Michael and Christina A. Lundstedt

 10 Deerfield Dr $600,000.

Chuong Pham LT and Chuong Pham to Joseph T. and Maureen H. Freiday

 59 Fuller Shrs $496,968.

Macaila L. Saunders to Trevor Laue and Alison Ogilvie

 22 Landing Way Unit 22 $180,750.

Nemasket Riv Landing LLC to Danielle A. Doherty

 70 Lebaron Blvd Unit 6 $443,625.

Residences At Lebaron Hls to Susan G. Leavitt


 301 County Rd $180,000.

FNMA to Robert R. Chase

 324 Front St Unit 4 $800,000.

324 Front St Owner LLC to Marion Office LLC

 448 Front St $500,000.

Jonathan S. and Teri L. Richards to Laurie R. Herbert


 6 Captain Cross Ln $1,180,000.

Christopher and Kimberly Riley to Vincent J. and Lisa H. Gandolfo

 26 Randall Rd $115,147.

Leonard C. and James L. Higgins to Leonard C. and Kristen F. Higgins

 3 Whitetail Run $660,000.

Mark J. and Crystal Gendreau to Robert A. and Amy Ripley


 197 Cherry St $371,000.

Michael J. and Eugenia R. Alger to Sean P. and Janelle L. Conlon

 1 Clara St $225,000.

Byrnes Carol A Est and Kelly A. Mahoney to Clara 1 Property LLC

 19 Holly Tree Ln $586,000.

Kerry M. and Jason Hardiman to Opeoluwa Sotonwa

 26 Keith St Unit 26 $369,900.

David B. Crisfulla to Wayne and Antonia Tuggle

 9 Krista Ct $575,000.

Beth A. Kinsman to Christopher B. and Mariah B. Zutaut

 183 Miller St $185,000.

Lefebre Eleanor E Est and Yvonne S. Schultz to Sachem Construction Inc

 173 Purchase St $666,026.

A R Gamache Carpenter&Bld to Terence S. Hack

 101 Rocky Meadow St $400,000.

Jonathan R. and Kelli Costa to Bridget E. Stefani

 100 S Main St $625,000.

Maples LLC to Michael L. and Donna R. Admirand

 109 S Main St $454,800.

Marino-Cooke T and Peter A. Cooke to Eric P. and Michele J. Beaupre

 3 Sheffield Rd $500,000.

Michael J. and Marielana Labonte to Missarrom Eller


 5 Anthony St $240,000.

Robert F. Macedo and Marilyn D. Allison to Cormier FT and Todd A. Cormier

 141 Ash St $186,000.

Lopes Irene J Est and Jacob Panek to Joseph Barney

 36 Atlantic St $324,700.

Janice A. Hess to Juliao M. DeAndrade

 1327 Braley Rd $180,000.

Tallage Lincoln LLC to 5 Star Properties LLC

 155 Branscomb St $350,000.

Branscomb Street RET and John Debortoli to Drew Frenette

 357 Chancery St $95,000.

Joseph E. Hathaway to Brian Mello

 421 Chancery St $315,000.

Galen S. Thompson to Todd J. Renner and Jamie Goodman

 122 Clark St $220,000.

Vieira FT and Susan C. Gendreau to Josefina DeLeon-Coaj

 14 Cottage St $330,000.

Sandra StAubin to Joann Maya

 96 Cottage St $350,000.

Jayme A. and Maria N. Dias to Antonio V. and Maria R. Linhares

 323 County St $280,000.

Stephanie A. Rumsby to Antonia Ortiz-Grace

 57-59 Dudley St $340,000.

Ismael and Filomena Correia to Armando Correia and Kimberly Dolan

 204-206 Eugenia St $440,000.

Vitor P. and Ana S. Pinto to Domingos S. Adao

 232 Eugenia St $470,000.

Martha Alas to Glesauris Soto

 53 Fair St $436,000.

Rick and Amy M. Andre to Michael A. Lisbon

 38-40 Florence St $397,500.

Jorge G. Damota and Paulo R. Baganha to Ronald S. Gomes and Caitlin S. Faria

 84 Florence St $275,000.

Kimberly A. and Alexis K. Rosa to Gentry A. Grace

 111 Fruit St $295,000.

Jessica Roberts to Lindsay E. Compton

 179 Grinnell St $290,000.

Clifton C. Dasilva to Susana Medeiros

 23 Josephs Way $385,000.

John K. Chabior to Marcelino D. Mendes and Benilda DaSilva

 76 Katherine St $300,000.

David and Elizabeth A. Medeiros to Aida Medeiros

 97 Longview Rd $335,000.

Phillip and Sharon Pickering to Jose B. and Bernadette L. Braga

 204 Lowell St $355,000.

Daniel and Geraldine Calheta to Erik O. Jean-Pierre and Randilynn M. Costa

 193 Park St $280,000.

Rita O. and Paulo J. Santos to Edgar F. Depina

 90 Parker St $310,000.

Vanildo Dasilva-Gregorio to Alex Barber and Fabieny Depina

 1481 Phillips Rd Unit 1104 $225,000.

Joycelyn H. and Christopher M. Vardo to John P. Santos

 2108 Phillips Rd Unit 25 $113,000.

Antonio J. Viveiros to Maria C. Kirkman

 505 Purchase St $89,000.

Geh Ctrl Heating&Air Cond and Bluedog Cap PartRoso Investment RT and Ronald Oliveira

 418 S Front St $315,000.

Liberio Demelo to Frida LLC

 1351 Sassaquin Ave $215,000.

Andrew J. Corrigan to Douglas L. and Leona L. Corrigan


 118 Neck Rd $615,934.

Long Built Homes Inc to Zachary Souza

 180 New Bedford Rd $435,000.

Calodesu LLC and Michael J. Mcnally to Joy D. and Thomas J. Conwell

 164 Pine St $569,000.

Jamie P. and Lisa M. Emerson to Jessica and Michael Petrone


 59 Agawam Lake Shore Dr $120,000.

Michael J. and Laurie D. Mcdonnell to David and Anne R. Delgrande

 2 Blue Jay Ter $430,000.

John J. Vyhnanek and Bess R. Emanuel to Brian Gove and Rani Kardin

 39 Chippewa Dr $355,000.

Kathryn L. Osullivan to Michael T. and Alice L. White

 2600 Cranberry Hwy $360,000.

Dennis M. Morini and Kevin N. Goncalves to Joseph P. and R D. Falabella-Freden

 7 Fairfield Dr $350,000.

Dustin A. and Russell A. Ladner to Neil Broderick and Christa Hutchinson

 5 Mallard Rd $270,100.

Shawn C. Robichaud to William H. Densberger

 4 Mason Street Ext $362,500.

Anthony R. Cammarano to Jessie Dixon

 7 Plymouth Rd $275,000.

Michael A. and Jessica N. Petrone to James D. Andrasy and Alexis K. Eno

 170 Sandwich Rd $307,000.

Derek Holt to Jane Tobey

 1 Santos Dr $379,000.

Santos Drive RT and Rebecca Moore to Homestead RT and Elizabeth R. Losordo

 32 Taft St $365,000.

Wetterberg Ronald P Est and Patrick R. WetterbCharles Rohrbech

 13 Terry Ln W $312,000.

Noble Judith M Est and Herbert P. Noble to Alexandra H. Marcal and Dylan J. Marcel

 17 Union Ave $1,410,000.

Onset Village RT and Lenord G. Cubellis to East Boston Mgmt&Dev LLC

 8 Weaver St $421,000.

Tyler Brown and Sarah M. Valezuela to Corinne M. Mccarthy


 10 2nd Ave $349,900.

Trinity Holdings LP to Jaime J. Soares

 954 American Legion Hwy $334,000.

Sherri L. Hamilton to 7566 Holdings LLC

 1309 Main Rd Unit 3 $550,000.

Westport Land Conserv Inc to Legendairy Ferry Farm LLC

 2 Old Pine Hill Rd $1,435,000.

Richard F. Trapilo and Margaret Trapillo to Carlos FT and Carlos H. Ferrira

 27 University Dr $430,000.

Simone Blanchette to Jose H. and Goretti Silva

 42 University Dr $375,000.

Matthew C. Cuvellier and Amy Souza to Karen Mccarthy

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