How to Make Money from Blogging & Affiliate Marketing: A Guide on How to Create & Grow a WordPress Blog from Scratch with Google AdSense & Affiliate Marketing … (Lucrative Business Ideas Series Book 2)

Learn the Step by Step Guide Creating, Growing & Optimizing your WordPress Blog from Scratch for Search Engines (SEO) & How to Make Money through Google AdSense, Affiliate Marketing & Other Strategies for Earning Passive Income Online

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Blogging and Affiliate Marketing are some of the lucrative ways to earn money online from the comfort of your room, and even while sleeping. There are many platforms for creating a blog. The most popular platform is WordPress, which gives you access to tons of free plugins to optimize your blog for search engines.

Affiliate marketing is all about signing up to become a marketing partner for a merchant or an affiliate network. You get paid when you bring clients who purchase a product. You can make money from Affiliate Marketing without having a blog or website, but creating a blog first, simplifies the whole process of Affiliate Marketing. Search engines will help you attract more potential buyers, so long as you write quality blog articles and optimized your blog. It also gives you other avenues to make more passive income online like Google AdSense, Digital Marketing, etc.

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Just like any other business, you don’t just create a blog or start affiliate marketing today and start making money immediately. It requires time, hard work and patience. You need to grow your blog and make it popular within or even beyond its niche. Once you have succeeded in creating and growing a blog, you can now start making money from it.

This book, How to Make Money from Blogging & Affiliate Marketing is written to guide you on how to create and build a blog from scratch and to also reveals the secrets on how to make money from your blog via Google AdSense, Affiliate Marketing and other Online Marketing strategies with pictures and screenshots. I also revealed other lucrative ways to monetize your blog.

Here are some of the things you will learn in this book:

  • WordPress Blogging Guide: Important Things to Consider in Order to Build a Successful Blog, How to Start a WordPress Blog the Right Way in 7 Easy Steps, How to Add a New Post in WordPress & Utilize all the Features, How to Install a WordPress Plugin for Beginners, Ways to Increase your Blog Traffic and Post Engagement for Free, How to Build an Efficient Email Marketing Contact List, Best Free Small SEO Tools for Bloggers & How to Use them, How to Optimize your Blog Posts to Rank #1 on Search Engines, Best Sites to Buy Affordable SEO Optimized WordPress Themes, Best WordPress Blog & eCommerce Themes to Download, Best Cheap & Reliable Web Hosting Companies for Bloggers, Types of Blog Contents that Rank High and Drive Huge Traffic
  • Guest Blogging Guide: How to Boost your Site Domain Authority with it, Things you should Check before Submitting Guest Post to any Site, Ways to Find Top Sites to Write Guest Posts for, How to Know the Authority Score of any Website, How to Discover the Best Guest Post Topic for any Site
  • Proven Ways to Make Money from your Blog: Other Ways to Monetize your Blog Apart from AdSense & Affiliate Marketing
  • How to Make Money from Google AdSense: 10 Simple Ways to Increase your Google AdSense Revenue by 105%
  • Complete Affiliate Marketing Guide: Basic Things you will Need for Successful Affiliate Marketing, Ways to Generate Traffic for your Affiliate Products, Best Recommended Affiliate Programs, Things to Consider when Choosing an Affiliate Program, How to Find a Profitable Affiliate Marketing Niche, Different Ways to Make Money from Affiliate Marketing, Affiliate Marketing Tips & Tricks, Costly Mistakes that New Affiliate Marketers Make, Various Forms of Affiliate Marketing Fraud

Now buy this book to create a long term passive income for yourself. Don’t forget to share your testimony once you start earning monthly online income with the help of this  book.

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