iCarly Season 2: Release Date, Story Details & Cast

iCarly has been a smash hit on Paramount+ and the streaming service quickly ordered season 2. Here’s everything we know about when iCarly will return.

iCarly will be back on Paramount+ for season 2 and here’s everything to know about what’s next for Carly Shay (Miranda Cosgrove) and her friends. iCarly was one of the highest-rated series on Nickelodeon when it aired from 2007-2012. iCarly‘s revival on Paramount+ has also been a smash hit; not only does it boast a 100% Fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes but it’s also one of the “top acquisition drivers” on ViacomCBS/Paramount’s streaming service.

The new iCarly picks up ten years after the original series ended and it reunites Carly with her eccentric older brother Spencer (Jerry Trainor) and her loyal best friend Freddie Benson (Nathan Cress). Now in her late 20s, Carly moved back to Seattle and decides to reboot her popular web series iCarly as a streaming show, but this time with the help of Freddie and her new roommate Harper (Laci Mosley). Freddie has also grown; he’s now a two-time divorcee and single dad raising his preternaturally bright daughter Millicent (Jaidyn Triplett). Of course, hi-jinks continually ensue as the group navigates the trials of being adult Millennials.

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iCarly‘s success is due to how well the revival duplicated the wacky charms and oddball jokes of the original show (including its catchy theme song) while smartly embracing how the characters have matured. Carly, Freddie, Harper, and Spencer now tackle adult subjects like dating, divorce, and the problems of being social media influencers with their trademark cheerful aplomb. iCarly‘s winning formula not only worked, but it also revived the show’s popularity and made it a shoo-in for a season 2 reorder from Paramount+.

iCarly Season 2 Premiere Date

iCarly Show

Paramount+ renewed iCarly for season 2 in July 2021, just a month after season 1 hit the streaming service. While a release date hasn’t been determined yet, it’s possible iCarly season 2 could arrive as early as the start of 2022. Season 1 began filming in March 2021 and the first three episodes of iCarly premiered on Paramount+ in June, which is a remarkably fast turnaround. iCarly season 2 will begin production in the fall of 2021 and it will once again consist of 13 half-hour episodes. Another quick turnaround so that the iCarly season 2 hits Paramount+ a few months later is quite possible.

iCarly Season 2 Story Details

Miranda Cosgrove iCarly

iCarly season 1 saw Carly face an old stalker from the original series, Freddie’s ex-wife Gwen (Carmela Zubado) returned, and, as a social media influencer with millions of followers, Carly took on issues like data-mining and multi-level marketing schemes. A key to iCarly‘s success is that the sitcom has a freewheeling style that’s different from most of the shows in the Peak TV era. Because the show is episodic, not serialized, the episodes can be watched in any order.

That said, iCarly‘s season 1 finale also left Carly in a romantic cliffhanger that season 2 has to resolve. iCarly season 2 will similarly place Carly and her friends in wacky situations with relevant problems while continuing to explore more adult situations for the grown-up Carly, Freddie, Harper, and Spencer.

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iCarly Season 2 Returning Cast

iCarly new cast

iCarly‘s entire principal cast will return for season 2, including Miranda Cosgrove (who is one of the show’s executive producers), Jerry Trainor (who is also a producer), Nathan Kress, Laci Mosley, and Jaidyn Triplett. Mary Sheer reprised her role as Freddie’s mom, Mrs. Benson, in iCarly season 1, as did Reed Alexander as Carly’s arch-rival Nevel Pappperman. The door is open for other cast members from Nickelodeon’s iCarly to join the rival, which has been called one of Paramount+’s best TV series. Although, Jennette McCurdy remains retired from acting so there seems to be little chance Carly’s beloved best friend Sam will return to iCarly in season 2.

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