Insight into everything: Exploring use cases for Digital Space Orchestration

Soon, enterprises will be able to leverage Digital Space Orchestration technology to dispatch a small fleet of autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) on a scheduled basis to perform the cycle count. This could be done during the lowest activity time window early in the morning to have minimal impact on operations. Robots equipped with cameras and other sensors could traverse the space while avoiding obstacles. The robots reference Digital Space Orchestration for the optimal routes to ensure they canvas the entire space ensuring all assets are accounted for. At each stack of goods, the robot uses sensors to place itself in the best position based on the information in Digital Space Orchestration, and best align to read the barcode or RFID chip via a reader on a controllable arm. The item, its type, location and code are sent to Digital Space Orchestration for storage.

Digital Space Orchestration shares this information with the automated WMS. The WMS reconciles the floor reality with its database of inventory and identifies any discrepancies. Errors, missing or out of place items are issued as work orders from the WMS to the floor operations to investigate or correct.

Digital Space Orchestration technology will help the managers of large private spaces, like warehouses, understand where all objects of value are at all times; meaning key stakeholders can understand in detail what’s coming and going from the facility, confirm cycle counts match and ensure that delivery or shipping issues are caught immediately and reconciled proactively.

Utilizing this same concept, Digital Space Orchestration can help improve worker safety in the warehouse, with the ability to proactively identify hazardous situations and notify workers to help prevent accidents.

Improving communities to enhance the way we work, learn and live

The value of knowing where things are, spans from industrial settings to outdoor spaces. A living, digital model of a campus setting, industrial park, large venues and multi-modal transportation hubs will provide planners, operations, and safety managers new tools to optimize the placement of assets. This will enable the ability to react and adapt to changing conditions such as weather events, traffic flows and emergency response.

Digital Space Orchestration can also be leveraged for 5G network planning, multi-day city event management, augmented reality (AR) anchoring and localization services, to name a few use cases. As communities seek to address long-standing challenges and develop a sustainable ecosystem that improves the quality of life for everyone, Digital Space Orchestration becomes increasingly important.

Digital Space Orchestration paired with wireless technologies and advanced communication networks, will be essential components of new solutions designed to increase the safety of streets, improve air quality, plan for waste management, traffic flow and the delivery of basic utilities. To address these diverse and complex needs, Digital Space Orchestration offers insight and orchestration capabilities that enable users to identify and deploy best-in-class smart solutions and harness the data to realize value, reduce cost and continue to drive innovation.

Beyond just public and private spaces, Digital Space Orchestration will bring significant benefit to roadways, particularly in the development and deployment of smarter and eventually fully autonomous vehicles. To function safely and efficiently, autonomous vehicles will need to be able to accurately localize and position themselves, perceive their environments and objects within proximity (including lane lines, other cars, pedestrians, critical surrounding infrastructure and more), predict likely outcomes and plan safe navigation.

When it comes to keeping people safe, the digital world is the smartest place to innovate

With decades of experience and billions of dollars invested in providing the most advanced technology for our customers, Verizon believes that when it comes to keeping people safe, healthy and productive, the digital world is a smart place to innovate. In the last of this three-part series, we’ll explore the future of digital twin and Digital Space Orchestration applications and where this evolving technology can take us.

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