Iréne Wrigstedt’s New Book Talks About Daring to Deal with Criticism and Achieving What You Want

For people bursting with a desire to explore business opportunities or to unleash their full potential, it can be hard to move past criticism. Iréne Wrigstedt’s new book, Limitless Success, available on Amazon, shows that the secret to great accomplishments is perseverance.

Wrigstedt has been a self-employed entrepreneur for thirty years, and through her many business endeavors, has learned to stay focused and determined to achieve her goals. She introduced new market ideas, built companies in six European countries, had thousands of employees, and helped hundreds of clients make money. With a never faltering self-belief, she is an ambassador for believing that everything is possible, and says: “Don’t let negative thoughts limit you and don’t listen to negative people. Determine what you want, express it, and embrace it courageously when it shows up. Go with your gut; it knows what’s right for you.”

Sharing new insight into her brilliant career, Wrigstedt wants to motivate people to believe in themselves and not be afraid of dreaming big. She talks about her successes and failures, and what it takes to shield ourselves from negativity and not to feel embarrassed about failing and starting new ventures.

“Almost everything I have done received criticism. I often ask myself where I got the courage to go after what I want, bearing in mind the people who tried to stop me. I think I am naive. I express what I want. I do not see the obstacles, or if I see them, I do not let them decide my course,” said Wrigstedt.

Wrigstedt believes in seizing opportunities and taking on challenges based on our gut feeling and experiences. Finally, she reminds us to be kind, helpful, honest, ethical, loyal, trustworthy, and loving. Wrigstedt’s chapter in the book is about persevering through life’s toughest times and how ignoring the naysayers and not questioning our abilities makes all the difference between failure and success.

“I met Iréne in the early ‘90s. A beautiful Swedish blonde with a fantastic entrepreneurial spirit and drive. It was my father who absolutely wanted us to collaborate with Iréne’s fundraising agency, having been completely captivated by her skills and joy of life. And of course, it was just like that. Iréne always delivers what she promises. And when Sweden became too small for her ambitions, she did not hesitate to enter the markets in Denmark, Norway, Finland, England, and France. Whatever the challenges she faces, Iréne has a solution. I have had the privilege of conducting a series of successful campaigns with Iréne over the years, but most of all, I have had the privilege of getting to know a loyal and a good friend.”—Testimonial by Lennart Eriksson, Co-founder of Star of Hope International.

“We became best friends at Berghs School of Marketing when creating a market plan together. She is a born entrepreneur. She started companies in Sweden, Nordic countries, England, and France with the dynamics and knowledge that only she can. She is determined, creative, and knows exactly how to run projects and deal with people. She is not afraid of doing her thing, no matter how frantic the rest of the office was at times. She stayed calm and tacked each task as it came up. I remember Iréne’s staff in France who looked up to her and started to dress like her. Iréne was their mentor and coached them to grow. They got self-confidence and transformed from country girls to outgoing, good looking girls. She gave them everything. Hard-working with 100% seriousness and love to her family always comes first.”—Testimonial by Pia Nilsson, CEO Falkresor AB.

Get a copy of Limitless Success with Iréne Wrigstedt on Amazon.

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