Kaltura Selected by Canada’s NREN Partners as Education

New York, NY, May 26, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Kaltura, the video experience cloud, has been selected as the National Research and Education Network’s (NREN) Education Video Cloud provider of choice to support teachers across Canada. The announcement follows the nationwide RFP issued earlier this year to identify the ideal web conferencing solution for Canadian schools.

Faced with the ongoing limitation of in-person instruction, Canada’s NREN Partners have been focusing on identifying tools and platforms to simplify the experience for both teachers and students, empowering all parties to maximize the potential of remote video learning. Educational institutions across Canada, representing K-12  and higher education, will have access to Kaltura’s Education Video Cloud and its video solutions. The program will be available in both French and English.

Designed and built to support and enhance education in the classroom and beyond, Kaltura’s Education Video Cloud can address any video need across campus, including Learning Management System (LMS) integration, Media Portal, Lecture Capture, Live Streaming, or Webcasting, and more. Kaltura’s Real-time Virtual Classroom, which focuses on driving engagement and creating interactive learning experiences, provides easy-to-use moderation controls, collaborative whiteboards, live quizzes, breakout rooms, and video sharing.

“We’re extremely honored to be chosen by Canada’s NREN Partners to provide proven and practical video solutions to educators and students in schools across Canada,” said Eynav Azaria, the General Manager of Enterprise and Education at Kaltura. “This past year has put tremendous pressure on teachers and students to quickly adapt to remote education.  But looking forward, video will remain integrated into learning processes.  Kaltura’s ability to consolidate multiple video solutions into a single location will play a key role in streamlining how educators use video and this will be integral to how schools and teachers ensure that students have an optimal environment to learn.”

“Video has always been an important learning medium, but this past year has turned video into a mission critical mode of communication and learning,” said Bala Kathiresan,Chair of the NREN Governance Committee. “As we move increasingly into hybrid and remote learning experiences, we are delighted to offer schools across Canada access to Kaltura’s video solutions that are designed for education, and built with scale and security in mind, we look forward to working closely together to bring the power of video to faculty and students nationwide.”


About Canada’s NREN

Canada’s National Research and Education Network (NREN) is an essential collective of infrastructure, tools, and people that bolsters Canadian leadership in research, education, and innovation. CANARIE and thirteen provincial and territorial partners form Canada’s NREN. We connect Canada’s researchers, educators, and innovators to each other and to data, technology, and colleagues around the world.

About Kaltura

Kaltura’s mission is to power any video experience for any organization. Our Video Experience Cloud offers live, real-time, and on-demand video products for enterprises of all industries, as well as specialized industry solutions, currently for educational institutions and for media and telecom companies. Underlying our products and solutions is a broad set of Media Services that are also used by other cloud platforms and companies to power video experiences and workflows for their own products. Kaltura’s Video Experience Cloud is used by leading brands reaching millions of users, at home, at school and at work, for communication, collaboration, training, marketing, sales, customer care, teaching, learning, and entertainment experiences. For more information, visit corp.kaltura.com.

Kaltura Media Contact

Lisa Bennett
Vice President of Marketing
[email protected]

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