Ken Cuccinelli: Peace via energy works in our personal communities and President Trump is aware of it

It is a rush transcript from “Hannity,’ August 28, 2020. This copy is probably not in its closing kind and could also be up to date.

JASON CHAFFETZ, FOX NEWS HOST: Welcome to this particular version of “Hannity”: Countdown to 2020.

I am Jason Chaffetz, in tonight for Sean.

Final night time, President Trump delivered a exceptional handle to shut out the Republican Nationwide Conference, pledging to proceed delivering outcomes for the forgotten women and men of this nation, all whereas celebrating Individuals greatness, and providing actual coverage options to maneuver our nation ahead.

Here is only a small pattern. Have a look.


DONALD TRUMP, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: This election will determine whether or not we save the American dream, or whether or not we enable a socialist agenda to demolish our cherished future. Your vote will determine whether or not we shield law-abiding Individuals or whether or not we give free rein to violent anarchists and agitators and criminals who threaten our residents.

We’ve spent the final 4 years reversing the injury that Joe Biden inflicted during the last 47 years. Biden’s report is a shameful roll name of essentially the most catastrophic betrayals and blunders in our lifetime.

Joe Biden spent his total profession outsourcing their goals, and the goals of American staff.


CHAFFETZ: For border safety to restoring regulation and order, and combating again towards the entrenched political swamp, president Trump laid out his imaginative and prescient for American prosperity. The president additionally made it away from vote for Joe Biden is a vote for lawlessness, for socialism, and a vote throughout towards the middle-class, as a result of Joe Biden has been in Washington, D.C. for 48 years. And what precisely does he have to indicate for it?

However how does the unhinged left reply to the president’s message of peace and prosperity? However fueling unprecedented ranges of violence, rage, and destruction as a result of following the speech final night time, Senator Rand Paul and his spouse, Kelly, and others have been focused by an indignant mob outdoors the White Home.

Right here is the senator discussing the terrifying scene earlier right now.


SEN. RAND PAUL (R-KY): They swiftly noticed me proper as we bought to the policeman, sadly, or I do not suppose we might’ve survived. At one level, they pushed a policeman backwards, he stumbles and he is making an attempt to catch his steadiness and I can not catch the again of his flak jacket to stabilize him and ensure that he is okay as a result of he’s our protection.

I imply, if he’s down, the mob is unfastened on us. That may’ve occurred to us had we not had the D.C. police to help us. We’re grateful we’ve got police, and we have to get up.

We won’t have a rustic, we will not have Joe Biden rule a rustic and haven’t any police. I imply, we will not stroll down the road in D.C. safely now.


CHAFFETZ: And simply blocks away, RNC speaker Vernon Jones was additionally swarmed and even personal residents who attended the occasion have been harassed, simply take a look at this video of a person being focused close to the White Home.

In fact, it is not simply in Washington, D.C., in each main metropolis and in each nook of the brand new excessive lawlessness left, we see a harmful effort to actually destroy property, incite riots and unleash chaos.

Right here is the president reacting earlier tonight. Have a look.


TRUMP: You noticed when it was over? The thugs outdoors, as a result of the Democratic mayor of Washington, D.C. it is one other Democrat, that is not believing in regulation and order, they usually — these unimaginable individuals from all around the nation, all around the world that have been there final night time, they walked out to a bunch of thugs, and that wasn’t, bear in mind this, that wasn’t pleasant protesters, they have been thugs. They have been thugs.


CHAFFETZ: They have been thugs, and the worst half, Democrats have glorified violent rhetoric from the day Donald Trump bought elected. Right here is only a small pattern. Have a look.


REP. MAXINE WATERS (D-CA): For those who see anyone from that cupboard in a restaurant, in a division retailer, and a gasoline station, you rise up and also you create a crowd, and also you push again on then and also you inform them they don’t seem to be welcome.

JOE BIDEN (D), PRESIDENTIAL NOMINEE: When a man who ended up turning into our nationwide leaders that I can seize a lady anyplace and she or he likes it, after which stated I made a mis — I did not make a mistake, however they requested me would I wish to debate this gentleman, I stated no. I stated, if we have been in highschool I’d take him behind the gymnasium and beat the hell out of him.

REP. NANCY PELOSI (D-CA), SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE: Doing something they will, to suppress the vote along with your actions, scare individuals, intimidate, by saying regulation enforcement will likely be there, diminish the position of the postal system and all of this. It is actually really shameful, enemies of the state.



Biden later apologized for saying he wished to struggle Trump, but he nonetheless has the audacity guilty the president for riots occurring in Democratic- run cities.

Now, in simply 22 days, early voting begins with a closing ballots being forged 66 days from now. And the stakes could not be larger, as a result of it is not simply Biden and Harris on the poll in November, it is every part this new, damaging, Democratic agenda stands for, an agenda that is taking intention at each worth that is made this nation nice, like freedom of expression, financial prosperity, and the rule of regulation.

Becoming a member of me now for response is civil rights legal professional, Leo Terrell, together with American Conservative Union chairman Matt Schlapp, and Republican congressman from New York, Lee Zeldin.

Gents, thanks a lot for becoming a member of us right here tonight.

Leo, I need to begin with you as a result of your neighbor down there in Maxine Waters, this was some time in the past, however she was one of many first to market saying, hey, it is advisable begin harassing these individuals, it is advisable begin making it public shows on the market.

I do not understand how on this planet the Democrats suppose they are often victorious. Do they suppose the American persons are silly? Do they suppose they do not discover that the Democrats are those which might be encouraging this conduct and that Donald Trump is for regulation and order?

LEO TERRELL, CIVIL RIGHTS ATTORNEY: Let me let you know proper now, that is the rationale why I’m voting Republican for the primary time. What you simply noticed final night time with Rand Paul and Vernon Jones, it would not make a distinction what coloration your pores and skin coloration is, these are thugs on the market attacking law- abiding residents.

And, you already know what, the Democrats at the moment are mendacity saying, that, oh, we’re in favor of regulation and order. They’ve let cities burn for 4 to 5 months and President Trump has provided assist they usually have refused.

That is simply outright surprising, and this type of permitting these criminals to run rampant within the streets with none recourse, it may hang-out the Democrats and that is why the polls are shifting, and that is why they will vote for the law-and-order president.

I and different Democrats are going to vote for Trump as a result of we wish regulation and order, we wish faculty selection, we wish the nice issues that President Trump articulated in his acceptance speech.

One final level: you did not hear a single phrase concerning the Democratic applications and insurance policies final week at their DNC conference. Why? As a result of it is pure socialism. It is a case of holding our American values versus having our American values destroyed by these depraved, depraved, excessive Democrats.

CHAFFETZ: Now, Congressman Zeldin, congratulations. I believed your speech on the RNC was simply completely fabulous.

However you have been additionally on the White Home final night time. What was the scene like for you and your spouse Diana as you exited the White Home?

REP. LEE ZELDIN (R-NY): They have been on the market crazed and unhinged. These rioters have been ready for us to return out, they have been screaming and cursing. They have been in search of hassle and bodily confrontation.

You’ll be able to simply see it of their eyes and also you heard it of their phrases. Happily, the police who have been there have been taking motion to guard those that have been making an attempt to depart the White Home. Clearly, we’re all leaving the White Home peacefully after a terrific fourth night time of this Republican Nationwide Conference.

So, my colleagues in Congress who’re calling for unrest, calling for confrontation, that is what finally ends up occurring and worse. I nonetheless bear in mind contemporary in my thoughts what occurred to Steve Scalise on that congressional baseball discipline, if not of these Capitol law enforcement officials, there would’ve been two dozen useless members of Congress after which some.

If what occurred final night time was occurring to — night time occurred to a Democratic U.S. senator and it was attributable to a Republican group, it might have been prime of thoughts on all of the cable information retailers all day lengthy, CNN, MSNBC and each single member of Congress must put out statements condemning it.

So, what’s loopy, and to Leo’s level simply now, what’s superb is that all of us a couple of months in the past, after we began seeing the burning and the rioting and the looting — instinctively, we knew that was flawed, we wished regulation and order, security and safety for our nation. But it surely’s solely been within the final 48, 72 hours that now, whether or not it is Don Lemon on CNN or it is the Biden- Harris ticket, they’re beginning to condemn it due to polling.

CHAFFETZ: Yeah, no, that is —

ZELDIN: It is not about instincts, and about doing great point is as a result of they need to win an election.

CHAFFETZ: Yeah. No, that is the way in which I see the Democrats that run this place.

Now, Matt, I’ve bought to let you know — for Nancy Pelosi, the speaker of the Home, to exit and name Republicans and Republican members of Congress enemies of the state, I simply can’t even think about, to Congressman Zeldin’s level, how the press would react if it was the opposite means round.

MATT SCHLAPP, AMERICAN CONSERVATIVE UNION CHAIRMAN: It is a very clear tactic of socialists. What they’re making an attempt to do is disgrace us, make us really feel dangerous for supporting Donald Trump, and intimidate us.

Once we left the White Home final night time, it was so apparent. It was so organized. It was so well-funded. It was so well-branded with their Black Lives Matter t-shirts.

They’re making an attempt to make the very nucleus of the Republican Celebration, of the conservative motion, really feel uneasy about being concerned in politics. Persons are watching that they usually realize it. They usually need individuals to really feel unsafe about supporting Donald Trump. They’re making an attempt to destabilize civil society.

This isn’t the way in which regular individuals function. Regular individuals who have respect how political variations, however they will nonetheless respect the opposite particular person.

Once I noticed the expletives and the center fingers, the only finger salutes and the phrases popping out of the mouths of those largely younger white, in all probability — in all probability privileged from elite neighborhoods and households attacking seniors, attacking voters, I’ll by no means be lectured to once more after final night time from anyone on the left that claims by some means we try to intimidate voters with our conservative philosophies. It is all the time the other, what they cost us of doing, they do.

And what I inform the American individuals proper now, arise. That is the second. It is America versus socialism.

It is greater than the 2 males on the poll. It is concerning the survival of our civilization and our nation. That is what this election is about. I consider there’s sufficient good individuals on this nation to put it aside.

CHAFFETZ: Now, Leo, Joe Biden has taken a place that he desires to redirect funding away from police departments, the nice women and men who have been there to truly shield the individuals, they have been simply making an attempt to stroll down the road.

I do not understand how on this planet the Democrats suppose they will proceed in perpetuity to say that they wished to defund these police departments.

SCHLAPP: And also you’re completely proper, Jason, and that is one other a kind of large lies. He is making an attempt to stroll that again. Joe Biden and Senator Kamala Harris, the affirmative motion VP nominee, have been in favor of defunding the police.

They used all these magical phrases, however they’re in favor of it. Now they’re making an attempt to stroll it again due to the violence that the American public is seeing. They’re in favor of it.

Donald Trump is in favor of supporting the police. That’s the reason he has the police unions behind him. Previous Joe, the union man, no police help, all now they’re being supportive — they’re supporting Donald Trump.

And one last item, there are numerous regulation and order people who need to vote for Donald Trump. There’s numerous black Individuals, you see the Democrats are nervous as a result of they noticed Ann Dorn, Ann (ph) Marie Johnson, they noticed Herschel Walker, impartial black figures, they noticed Leo Terrell, impartial black thinkers, are voting Republican.


TERRELL: And the Democratic base is in hassle.

CHAFFETZ: Yeah, you hearken to Senator Tim Scott, you hearken to Herschel Walker, and also you perceive —


CHAFFETZ: — that the conservative values and the Republican Celebration has lots to supply, numerous totally different communities. And I believed it was the most effective. Hats off to Ronna McDaniel, I believed she placed on a wonderful 4 days of a conference.

TERRELL: Glorious.

CHAFFETZ: Leo, Matt, Congressman Zeldin, thanks a lot for becoming a member of us tonight.

Nicely, straight forward, some information that is bought the Biden marketing campaign fearful about November. We’ll inform it to you subsequent. Stick with us.


CHAFFETZ: Welcome again to this “Hannity” particular: Countdown to 2020. Is staff Biden already panicking after the wildly profitable Republican Nationwide Conference?

Hiding Joe Biden is now anticipated to return out of the basement after Labor Day, and tour battleground states like Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Pennsylvania. His working mate, Kamala Harris, can be planning to journey extra, and what cracks me up is that that is really information that they’ll go to states, that is simply unbelievable to me.

So what modified?

A latest on-line examine by Cloud Analysis counsel Republicans and independents are twice as probably as Democrats to cover their true opinions from pollsters. This comes as a latest Michigan ballot exhibits Biden bought virtually no post-Democratic conference bounce, and Trump and Biden are working neck and neck in that pivotal state.

Becoming a member of us now for response, Michael Finest regulation president and former White Home chief of workers, Reince Priebus, Trump 2020 director of press communications, Erin Perrine, and former Florida legal professional basic, Pam Bondi.

Reince, I need to go to you. You have been — you have been the chairman of the Republican Nationwide Committee, you have had success on this space.

However I’ve bought to let you know, it is 22 days till the primary votes begin to get forged, 22 days, and that is what Minnesota — and it actually does beg the query, why are the debates so late? Should not they be earlier within the course of?

REINCE PRIEBUS, FORMER WHITE HOUSE CHIEF OF STAFF: Nicely, it is a wild factor, Congressman. I imply, the Debate Fee has set the primary debate for September 29th.

Now, you are proper, popping out of conference, Biden is trying weak. Abruptly, the Democrats are trying round saying, oh, my gosh, President Trump can win.

Here is the deal — there are 29 states, 29, representing 338 electoral votes that begin voting in September. There are 21 states that vote throughout the week of September 14th.

Let me — yet another factor, North Carolina begins voting subsequent week, September 4th. They’ve had over 330,000 requests for ballots already, that is ten occasions the quantity of 2016.

Here is the purpose, the talk fee must both have one other debate, like in two weeks, or they should transfer the September 29th debate up a pair weeks.

I imply, the fee resides within the 1980s. Persons are voting early, and there will likely be thousands and thousands of ballots counted by the point the primary debate ever takes place. We have to debate. We have to see what Biden is all about, and after final night time, I believe he’s going to have an enormous drawback. And that is why he is hiding.

CHAFFETZ: Yeah. No, he is been hiding, and he is not even popping out till after Labor Day.

Erin, I need to — I need to go to you. You’re employed with the Trump Group, I perceive that. However I’ve bought to let you know, there may be an apparent enthusiasm hole and distinction between the Biden marketing campaign and the Trump marketing campaign.

I imply, simply right now, the day after the conference, the president is again on the street. He is in New Hampshire. They bought actually simply overflow crowds they can not wait to see the president.

I imply, take a look at this, that is — that is outdoors right now. In the meantime, Joe Biden stated, yeah, you already know, I’d come out of the basement after Labor Day.

ERIN PERRINE, TRUMP 2020 DIRECTOR OF PRESS COMMUNICATIONS: I imply, it’s a big enthusiasm hole. The overflow of peaceable protesters, the president had in New Hampshire, the vp was in Minnesota right now. I simply wrapped up and I’m nonetheless in Nevada for the Ladies for Trump bus tour. Pam Bondi was simply on a kind of with me.

Our staff Trump tour bus is in Colorado. The keenness is there, the bottom sport is right here. We’re speaking to voters.

In a state like Nevada, our skill to have these conversations person-to- particular person is so necessary. In every of the precincts, President Trump misplaced by solely 14 votes. So, our skill to be out and speak to voters and register extra volunteers, we all know the place our voters are, however these volunteers will assist us get in contact with them. So, being out there may be so necessary.

Joe Biden, I can perceive why he desires to cover in his basement. He is a nasty candidate with dangerous insurance policies for America. However Staff Trump, we’re unafraid as a result of our candidate is unafraid.

We’re going to be out right here. We will be aggressive. The bus is on hits means in Arizona subsequent. We will be in every single place. Joe Biden won’t ever have the ability to catch up.

CHAFFETZ: No, Pam, I bought to let you know, congratulations to you. You gave a beautiful speak. I believe you hit a spot on the direct factors in coping with coverage. However speak concerning the distinction between the 2 conventions, as a result of now you have had 4 days of every and also you get to check and distinction.

Out of your vantage level, why is it that Donald Trump appears to be surging and Joe Biden is making an attempt to determine if he will come out of his basement?

PAM BONDI, FORMER FLORIDA ATTORNEY GENERAL: After Labor Day, bear in mind, after Labor Day — and, Erin, I want I used to be out in Nevada and headed to Arizona.

Jason, whenever you’re on the street and also you see that enthusiasm, it is unimaginable on the market. And what we noticed on the White Home, that was an actual conference.

What we have been ready — what the president was capable of pull off final night time was an actual conference. Sitting there within the midst of a pandemic with individuals, with the world watching, with the gorgeous fireworks — it was unbelievable what was occurring.

And that is occurring all around the nation in numerous methods, like Erin stated, on the buses, other ways. The boat parade that I took half in, I’ve by no means seen something like that in my life, and I am a lifelong Floridian.

Folks on the seashores who weren’t even taking part in our parade, individuals within the water, it was lovely day in Florida, when our boats got here by, leaping up and down, cheering God bless America, we love the president. Cheering, 80, 90 % of the individuals, that is our silent majority.


BONDI: That is what we bought.


BONDI: The Democrat conference was as snooze fest.

Look what you noticed on the president’s conference, actual individuals, Max Alvarez speaking about what a Biden presidency would seem like as a result of Max, he got here from Cuba. I do know Max very nicely. He was a Peter Pan little one who came to visit suffered underneath Castro, and that is what he says are world would seem like.

Alice Johnson, the president pardoned Alice right now. Alice is among the best girls I do know. She was there. Alice spoke, speaking concerning the president provides individuals second possibilities. He believes in that.


BONDI: What he is executed for the financial system. You noticed, we had simply an unimaginable conference this week.

CHAFFETZ: No, once more, hats off to Ronna McDaniel. I stated earlier than. However I’ve bought time for yet another query. I’ve to return to the Nancy Pelosi and others are encouraging Joe Biden to not do any debates.

What you suppose goes to occur there and what would that say to the American individuals if Joe Biden stated, ah, you already know, I can not debate, I simply could not do it?

PRIEBUS: Nicely, if he would not debate, clearly, I believe he will lose and a really large means. I believe he is aware of that. I am not fairly certain what the philosophy is behind Nancy Pelosi saying, do not debate. I can not think about that she is telegraphing one thing that is going to return as catastrophic as that might be for the Biden marketing campaign.

Look, what they’ll do is attempt to keep on with the 29th of September. It will get them the early states voting out of the way in which. And they will attempt to duck in that debate as a lot as they will. However, look, that is going to be the election. I believe that that is going to be the time the place persons are going to see the distinction between President Trump and Joe Biden.

He is been scripted now for the final six months. And any time he is unscripted, he is bought an issue.


PRIEBUS: That is it. I believe they will fee wants to maneuver the talk again. And let individuals see what’s occurring between these two candidates.

CHAFFETZ: You make a terrific level about that. I want I had extra time for all three of you. Reince, Erin, Pam, thanks a lot for becoming a member of us this night.

We have seen riots all around the nation this summer time, so what can the Division of Homeland Safety do about it? Appearing Deputy Secretary Ken Cuccinelli will inform is subsequent on the particular version of “Hannity”.


CHAFFETZ: Welcome again to this “Hannity” particular.

Lawlessness continues to rage throughout the nation in Democrat run cities. Final night time in Washington, D.C., police arrested not less than eight individuals together with 5 accused of assaulting law enforcement officials throughout protest. In response to the Division of Justice, 74 persons are dealing with federal fees for actions dedicated throughout Portland riots. However right now the mayor of Portland declined President Trump’s supply of federal assist for the security.

In the course of the riots during the last week throughout the nation, quite a few companies have been burned and looted. And try this video out of Minneapolis this week the place a police officer is hit within the head with a rubbish can lid that was thrown at him. Fortunately, the officer was carrying a helmet.

Now, simply moments in the past, President Trump spoke concerning the chaos rocking the liberal cities and the harassment of RNC attendees final night time in Washington.

Have a look.


TRUMP: These are all Democrat cities simply so that you perceive, together with D.C. So we’re not presupposed to go in except we name it an revolt, however that is an enormous assertion. That is an enormous assertion. No motive for it. However you already know what we’ll do? We will have to have a look at it.

Mark Meadows is right here and we’ll have to have a look at it, as a result of we’re not going to let that occur to people who go to the White Home to have a good time our nation.


CHAFFETZ: Becoming a member of us now’s at performing deputy homeland safety secretary, Ken Cuccinelli.

Thanks for becoming a member of us, Mr. Secretary. I admire your time.


CHAFFETZ: The Democrats give numerous lip service about voter suppression, intimidation, however after I see them concentrating on individuals which might be conservatives, attending political occasions, it does strike me that that may be a type of intimidation.

What can Homeland Safety, what can the federal authorities do about it?

CUCCINELLI: Nicely, in fact, anyplace the president is, you bought the Secret Service, in order that they do a terrific job. Whether or not it is in D.C. or whether or not it is a New Hampshire or wherever, however anyplace there are federal amenities, we’ve got – – we’ve got officers from the Division of Homeland Safety, that is numerous what you noticed in Portland in July.

And it is superb. You understand, you lead in with Mayor Wheeler there out of Portland. Portland has develop into virtually a textbook model of precisely what to not do when you find yourself liable for the general public security of a metropolis, together with Governor Brown in Oregon, with a — with a two-week exception when she despatched in some state police for a short time. She’s declined to make use of her Nationwide Guard, and she or he has 7,800 of them. She withdrew the state police, partly as a result of the district legal professional there refused to prosecute most of the instances, whereas on the federal degree, our prosecutors are carrying these instances ahead. You famous 70 of these instances are going ahead.

So, there will likely be actual penalties on the federal degree. And that is precisely what the president has instructed us to do, to each lean ahead the place we’ve got the authorities to take action, and prosecute these instances so individuals have repercussions.

And you have seen in Kenosha just lately, a number of hundred DOJ officers there, along with the Nationwide Guard. You’ve got additionally seen a Operation LeGend in these cities all around the nation which might be rocked by violence, we’re in cooperation, and that is key, advancing a whole bunch of federal officers, together with the Division of Homeland Safety, remodeled 1,500 arrests thus far this 12 months. Massive success.

CHAFFETZ: Yeah, I learn the — I learn the letter that the mayor of Portland despatched to the White Home.


CHAFFETZ: It is among the most obnoxious letters you would ever see. And I’d suppose if I used to be a citizen of Oregon I’d be . How can – – I imply, your first position in authorities is to guard me, and but they’re doing precisely the other.

And the minute that we’ve got left, clarify to us how they need to work, and are there partnerships which might be really working that might be good fashions to check and distinction versus, say, Seattle, and Portland, New York, and Minneapolis?

CUCCINELLI: Sure, there are.

So, I discussed Operation LeGend. That is in, you already know, ten cities, our HSI investigators who specialised in these worldwide gangs, 5 of them, a whole bunch of officers, and that is executed in cooperation with native regulation enforcement, with state regulation enforcement.

And all of us work higher after we work collectively. And the president has pushed very laborious, and also you requested for a counter instance. Kenosha is a counter instance ultimately. Governor Evers did not need to besides that it helped the president provided initially, however then after one other night time of violence, he lastly stated sure, that partnership is sensible.

And lo and behold, we advance extra officers from DOJ, extra nationwide guard, and what occurs? Piece within the streets.

This may be executed, it is a easy formulation you and I’ve each repeated it in different contexts and that is the Ronald Reagan maxim of peace via energy. It really works in our personal communities simply as a lot as it really works for our nationwide protection. And President Trump is aware of that.

CHAFFETZ: Yeah, President Trump, what he understands is, till that mother with the younger little one can stroll round that federal courthouse or proper down the road, and never worry for his or her lives, then they have not achieved the purpose but.

And sadly, you have to meet these riots and Antifa and these different individuals, you have to meet them with pressure and know that there is a consequence. It is one thing you study fairly early in life, but it surely’s a wrestle with others.

Secretary Cuccinelli, thanks a lot. We actually do admire it.

All proper. Nicely, the mainstream media had an entire meltdown over Trump’s speech final night time. We’ll present you the tape developing subsequent.

Stick with us.


CHAFFETZ: Welcome again to “Hannity”.

The Republican Nationwide Conference ended final night time with an epic speech by President Trump and predictably, the mainstream media had an entire meltdown. Take a look.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The staging, you may hear the fireworks proper right here. It was actually fairly unimaginable, probably unlawful.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: President Trump shattering norms requirements, maybe even legal guidelines by holding such an occasion.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I do not know that we’ll ever contest, Jake, what you stated, I do not know if we’ll come ever again from this. It is a norm that has been damaged.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: As I am watching this, I am considering, you already know, Fidel Castro, Julius Caesar, Mobutu Sese Seko. That was not an American president giving an acceptance speech.

This could be the top of America, if that is what we’ll be, this would possibly not be at democracy. That is a monarchy. It was repugnant. Sorry.



Becoming a member of us now with response is media reporter for “The Hill”, Joe Concha, and FOX Information contributor, Charlie Harm.

Gents, thanks a lot for becoming a member of us.

Joe, you have got just like the worst job in America, you must exit and watch all this crap. So inform us what you are seeing over there on all these different networks.

JOE CONCHA, MEDIA REPORTER FOR “THE HILL”: I used to be as soon as a waiter at Pleasant’s, that’s the worst job in America, however not solely you must take the order, however you must make the order and then you definitely’ll have youngsters and previous individuals in there and neither of these individuals tip. So, yeah, belief me, that is worse than what I do, but it surely’s an in depth second, consider me.

Now, look, the previous saying is that the reward for conformity is that everyone likes you aside from your self, it is superb it was so predetermined even earlier than the RNC began that this was going to be panned, it was going to be referred to as darkish, it was going to be referred to as divisive, there’s not one particular person to any of those networks that say perhaps I will simply watch every speech and perhaps I will watch the conference and are available to my very own conclusion. I am not going to work about what my colleagues say, or what Twitter says, or what my viewers say, and if they do not prefer it, screw ‘em.

Look, the underside line is that this was an extremely profitable conference as a result of the Hill-HarrisX and has a ballot that is out tonight, that claims that President Trump help amongst black voters jumped 9 factors throughout the RNC to 24 %. Take into consideration that, Mitt Romney in 2012 solely bought 6 % of the black vote in that election 12 months, 32 % amongst Hispanics as nicely.

These are the kind of numbers and also you see why Democrats are getting nervous, Jason, that tip elections. This was a extremely efficient conference and it reached out to independents and black voters and that is not what the DNC did, which was to attraction to the woke mob and viewers on CNN and MSNBC that have been going to vote for Joe Biden anyway, Jason.


And, Charlie, what struck me is everybody of the audio system, they weren’t simply Washington, D.C. insiders, they have been actual individuals who had actual compelling tales, evaluate and distinction out of your vantage level that two weeks, the too totally different conventions.

CHARLIE HURT, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Oh, I do not suppose I’ve ever seen two conventions that did higher of higher job of portraying what they’re totally different candidates’ worldview was than what we have seen within the final two weeks. And also you’re precisely proper concerning the Republican conference, not solely do I believe I agree with Joe that the Republicans placed on a really, very stable, constructive, forward-looking, optimistic, pro- American conference, which, in fact, as soon as upon a time in America, each events declare to each embrace these ideas, however what I believe is absolutely fascinating right here is that President Trump additionally has fully taken over the Republican Celebration.

It’s a brand-new Republican Celebration. Republicans which have been round, Washington for a very long time needed to be sitting there watching this prepare of normal individuals, lobstermen, mothers, all these totally different individuals coming on the market and it was unimaginable testimonials about trump or concerning the issues that they face on this nation and Democratic-led locations. The Republicans needed to be asking themselves, good gracious, how can we — how can we by no means consider this, how can we by no means suppose to succeed in out to those individuals?

And, you already know, I do not know if President Trump manages to win over all of these individuals, however God love him for reaching out to them and doing his finest to attempt to carry them into the fold. That is what politics is meant to be about.

And I’d argue that is what Trump has executed from day one. He would not care about any of these items. And to hearken to the media painting him is being within the pocket of Russia and being racist and all this nonsense, all of this has gone away within the final 4 nights bread.

CHAFFETZ: Yeah, you already know, Joe, we have been watching a little bit video of the primary girl strolling down the steps there with Donald Trump. I’ve bought to let you know, the meltdown that they’d that this immigrant who speaks a number of languages and speaks English that could be sounds a little bit totally different than would be the accent that there used to how do the Democrats simply panned this, it makes me giggle inside. I simply type of fall asleep with a smile on my face.

CONCHA: Jason, Melania Trump speaks 5 extra languages than the individuals which might be criticizing her. So we would need to again off on that one.

You speak concerning the meltdown, look, they take a look at the numbers. I am a numbers man and Joe Biden, his ticket bought no bounce out of the Democratic Nationwide Conference.


CONCHA: Give it some thought, since 1968, the typical bounce you get out of the conference, whether or not you are Republican or Democrat, is 5 factors, they usually get 0.0. And take into consideration what we have gone via this 12 months, guys. The president was impeached this 12 months, sure, that occurred this 12 months, after which you have got this lethal pandemic that shuts down the financial system and the nation as an entire, and then you definitely see all of this unrest and all of this violence and dying in our cities.

And also you’re Joe Biden and also you’re principally in battleground states tied with the president in case you take a look at the Actual Clear Politics the variations solely about three factors and that is the margin of error. That is a useless warmth.

So, additionally, what we’re seeing —

CHAFFETZ: Yeah, I’ve bought —

CONCHA: — no momentum behind Joe Biden proper now, all the momentum behind President Trump. The truth that Joe Biden and it bears repeating, determine that he is not going to go marketing campaign till after Labor Day, the place is your sense of urgency, do you need to win this factor or do you need to play to not lose? And it seems to be the latter at this level.

And at any time when he and Kamala Harris do an occasion collectively, they run off fashioning Usain Bolt off the phases earlier than taking questions from reporters as a result of they have no confidence within the message. It’s a hanging marketing campaign. I’ve by no means seen something fairly prefer it the place they’re cowardly —


CHAFFETZ: Joe, I’ve bought to go.

CONCHA: — do not need to take questions from the press in public conditions, you are not going to win that means. I am sorry.

CHAFFETZ: Joe, I’ve bought to go. While you’re serving French fries to these youngsters, whenever you’re serving these French fries to those youngsters, I am certain they have loads of time to hearken to it, however we have to go right here on “Hannity”. So, due to you, Joe. Thanks, Charlie. We do admire it.

Republicans are beginning to make some critical inroads with African-American voters and the left just isn’t pleased with that in any respect. That full story forward.

Stick with us.


CHAFFETZ: Welcome again to this particular version of “Hannity”: Countdown to 2020.

The RNC turned out to be a terrific success for the Trump marketing campaign, telling the tales of actual Individuals whose lives have been modified by this administration for the higher. Alice Marie Johnson story was simply a kind of highlighted all through the week and earlier right now, she obtained a full pardon from President Trump.

In fact, the left as outrage that Republicans are making inroads with African-American voters, launching baseless insults. For instance, Alice Marie was accused of being, quote, propped up by the Trump marketing campaign. She denies that declare, telling “FOX and Mates” she makes her personal decisions.

That is not all. Kentucky Legal professional Basic Daniel Cameron, a rising star of the Republican Celebration, and others have been referred to as token minorities by a author for “The Every day Beast”.

And it will get worse, with MSNBC host Pleasure Reid tweeting, the RNC conference trotted out to black individuals to make white Individuals be ok with white nationalism.

That’s so offensive.

Right here to react as black voices for Trump advisory board member T.W. Shannon and Republican congressional candidate Kimberly Klacik.

Kimberly, I need to begin with you. You are on the poll this 12 months, and I’ve bought to let you know, that advert of you strolling across the metropolis of Baltimore is about the most effective advertisements I’ve ever seen bar none.

However I’ve bought to let you know, whenever you hear these Democrats come up for his or her pure political causes attempt to assault you to your beliefs and the truth that you’re working, how does — how does that make you are feeling?

KIMBERLY KLACIK, MARYLAND CONGRESSIONAL CANDIDATE: I imply, it makes me really feel terrible, but it surely’s anticipated, proper? So, it is no secret that Baltimore Metropolis has been run by Democrats for over 50 years. And so, my marketing campaign advert was simply exhibiting individuals the results of that. You understand, whether or not or not you suppose Democrats have good or dangerous coverage, you must perceive one-party mob rule in internal cities has result in corruption and that’s the reason we’ve got these issues.

Now, I take numerous offense to what Pleasure Ann Reid stated. Alice Johnson needs to be the image for prison justice reform. What President Trump has executed is he is handed prison justice reform and the First Step Act. He has principally dialed again the 1994 crime invoice which is sponsored by our VP, Joe Biden, that is now working for president.

So, what Trump has executed is rolled again one other mess the Democrats had made. So, in fact, they’re very upset with it. However that is what they tried to do. They tried to carry the monopoly on it, name us tokens.

However I’ve to ask individuals like Pleasure Ann Reid, what have Democrats executed for the black group up till now? I do not see it and I do not see many individuals locally which have seen that.

We’ve lots of people which might be planning to vote for not only for me, however President Trump this time round.

CHAFFETZ: T.W., how do you see this complete state of affairs unfolding? You pay numerous consideration to this? Inform us your perspective.

T.W. SHANNON, “BLACK CHOICES FOR TRUMP” ADVISORY BOARD MEMBER: Nicely, to start with, let me simply say this, Jason, what you are saying as desperation from the Democrat Celebration. Bear in mind this quantity, individuals like Kimberly, they’re the worst worry of the Democratic Celebration. If Republicans get 13 % of African American girls, a Democrat won’t ever win on the poll ever once more.

And I’ve bought to let you know, I am right here in Georgia proper now, within the Peach State, I’ve bought an occasion for Black Voices for Trump. We had evangelist Alveda King there and the occasion was working over with individuals, African Individuals who’re — in reality, we had a tent and the tent was working over. It is simply — it was nothing however African Individuals who’re fed up with the failed insurance policies of the Democrat Celebration.

And what you see are individuals like Joe Biden who let you know you are not black in case you do not vote for him, as a result of they need to preserve you on that Democrat plantation. However African Individuals are waking up all around the nation that Donald Trump has executed extra for the African-American group than any candidate within the final 50 years and that is a truth.

CHAFFETZ: No, and I believe, President Trump has had a terrific success and also you see rising stars like Senator Tim Scott. I bought to let you know, he is among the best individuals on the planet. He’s stable on coverage.

And I admire T.W., Kimberly, thanks a lot for becoming a member of us tonight.

Extra of this particular version of “Hannity” comes again proper after this break.


CHAFFETZ: Welcome again to this particular version of “Hannity.”

If you wish to dive deeper into understanding the swamp that’s Washington, D.C., I like to recommend my ebook “Energy Seize”. I additionally wrote one referred to as “The Deep State”. I hope you get pleasure from it.

You’ll find each of my books in addition to my images which I actually like to do. It is on my web site.

Thanks a lot for becoming a member of us on this particular version of “Hannity”. Sean will likely be again on Monday. I hope you all have a terrific weekend.

“Ingraham Angle” is up now.

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