Las Vegas studio goes big with virtual event space, ‘dramatically’ expands reach

When COVID paused Eric and Marina Worre’s planned December 2020 event at the MGM Garden Arena, the network marketing educators needed a robust replacement. And a simple Zoom meeting wasn’t going to cut it.

With their Network Marketing Pro events drawing upwards of 10,000 attendees, the couple sought a livestream that could be engaging, entertaining and interactive.

“We wanted to come up with some solution because all these people were hoping to learn and grow, and we didn’t want to leave them hanging for another year,” said Marina Worre, the CEO of Network Marketing Pro, which is based in Las Vegas. Her husband, Eric, is the founder.

When nothing fit their needs, Marina built her answer: the multimillion-dollar Worre Studios.

“It’s a state-of-the-art studio where we can do virtual interactive events to pretty much any place in the world,” she said. “Anybody who has an internet connection can [participate].”

In September, Marina acquired a 25,000-square-foot space at Tenaya Way and Rainbow Boulevard. She partnered with LED screen company Agility to develop the 1.9mm 4K LED interactive screen system. Her team finished construction in time for the annual December event.

“It’s a very unique, very elegant, very fun, wonderful spot,” Worre Studios President Larry Smith said.

More than just empty studio space, Worre Studios is built for hosting virtual conferences, music videos, television broadcasts, product launches, game shows and more.

It features a theater-in-the-round stage, which is surrounded by 360-degree screens. A track system allows for the screens to move to customize the space and allow for an optional live audience. The system can host up to 250,000 virtual attendees, who can interact in real time. The studio is also set up to facilitate real-time translation services in multiple languages simultaneously. The building also features a conference room, green room and kitchen.

The video walls allow for an endless variety of display options, such as 3D virtual backgrounds, pop-up chat boxes and a collage of up to 2,800 live attendees. “Depending upon the size of the meeting, we rotate everyone throughout the day,” Smith said. “Everyone’s guaranteed face time on the screens, everyone’s guaranteed front-row seats.”

The streams are managed in real time through their “interactive village,” an area just beyond the screens with 48 Apple computers.

Attendees use a curated dashboard to access downloadables (such as a workbook or a personalized celebrity autograph) as well as breakout rooms, backstage access and even meet-and-greets.

“I truly believe that we were headed in this direction eventually, but COVID brought us 10 years forward,” Smith said.

For its grand debut in December, called Virtual Go Pro 2020, Worre Studios hosted 36,000 attendees from more than 100 countries, with live translations in nine languages. Smith says the response was phenomenal and the retention rate was 87%.

“People stayed fully engaged for over 30 hours of content over three days,” Smith said.

Recently, Worre Studios opened up its schedule to outside booking.

“Traditional production really loves the space,” Smith said. “Entertainers love the space for not only putting on a concert, but also to be able to have that global reach. You can have your residency down on the Strip and then you can come here and do a concert based on time zone. It gives you a very unique way of operating.”

Last month, Worre Studios hosted almost 180,000 attendees for Network Marketing Pro’s Most Powerful Women in Network Marketing event.

“We learned that we were able to expand our reach so dramatically because of this technology,” says Marina Worre, who hosted Most Powerful Women. In person, her largest event drew 5,000 people. “[To go from] 5,000 to 180,000—it’s insane. The possibilities are just so unique and powerful.”

Marina says that technology is the key to growth. “If you want to create a greater reach, that’s what you do. You blend the technology with the human connection, with the human touch,” Marina Worre said. “My imagination grew so much, my vision became so much bigger, because certain limitations that we had before, they don’t exist anymore.”

This story appeared in Las Vegas Weekly.

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