Learn Faith, Humility, and Gratitude With Adrien Fouillard’s New Book

Sometimes, we need to allow ourselves to be humbled by our experiences in order to learn from them. Journey to Success with Adrien Fouillard, now available on Amazon, will take its readers on a journey of life-changing experiences. They will learn how to leverage life’s shortcomings, be it those from within or outside, and use them towards achieving their success.

Adrien Fouillard has had experience in various fields of business. He has been a sailor in the Canadian Navy, small business owner, service manager, successful entrepreneur, and network marketer. His educational achievements and accreditations include Naval Weapons Technician, Certified Fluid Power Hydraulic Specialist, Certified Engineering Technician, and Gunsmith. Adrien’s proudest accomplishments are husband and father. Being a father came with some challenging situations, but gratitude was a result of overcoming them. Regarding this, Adrien says: “… that was truly my first real lesson about gratitude. Through these challenging situations, my faith gave me strength.”

Pleasure-seeking and an overabundance of recreation are damaging to one’s journey to success. At some point, we need to realize where to put the cap and seriously focus on achieving our goals. Take pride even in the smallest goals you make at first.

Going back to his training in the Navy, Adrien says, “I am proud to say that I made it through basic training, winning the Platoon Achievement Award (an award for someone who sucks at everything, but I never gave up and figured it out).”

Journey to Success with Adrien Fouillard will walk you through Adrien’s tumultuous path set with joys, sorrows, and moments of humility and gratitude. Through all these, you will learn that faith, gratitude, and the humility to accept errors and learning from them is what keeps you going, striving to become a better person — not only for yourself, but for those near and dear to you.

Fr. Arun Rodrigues SAC, the Pastor of St. Maria Goretti Catholic Church, has this to say about Adrien’s story: “Stories, principally life stories, can help us make sense of our purpose in this world. It can teach us life lessons and help us cope with perplexing situations. It can promote relationships and empathy, and with it, the improvement of self and society. Mr. Adrien has intriguingly and delightfully shared his life story in his book. Being a devout Catholic and belonging to St. Maria Goretti parish, it is indubitably a splendid feeling that he has brought forward a motivating book, which as the parish priest, I would recommend for everyone’s reading.”

Regarding Adrien’s dedication to his family, Gwen Seal, former Regional Director Heart Stone Group, says: “You can’t know Adrien and his wife Stacey without first watching their family at Sunday Dinner. The whole house is alive with chatter. Loved ones, young, old, and in between, are congregating to commune together. There is a sense of relaxed chaos. Chaos that evolves to calm a satiation when everyone has had their fill. Their children are open, gregarious, and polite, full of questions and eager to learn from every conversation. Adrien and Stacey have already accomplished what so many can only dream of in their family environment. Adrien, through his calm, caring demeanour, creates a welcoming, open presence that can and will grace anyone he comes into contact with. If he sets a goal, I have no doubt that he would carry it out in the most articulate and well-thought-out manner. Anyone who is fortunate enough to be involved in the achieving of that goal can rest assured that they are in good hands.”

Journey to Success with Adrien Fouillard can now be purchased on Amazon.

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