Maria Helena Paulo’s New Book Explains How Stay-at-Home Moms Can Make It Big With Network Marketing

Limitless Success with Maria Helena Paulo, available on Amazon, is dedicated to all stay-at-home moms who want to do something for themselves while contributing to household expenses and being role models for their children.

Paulo is the kind of person who is continually evolving and bettering herself. She has extensive experience in civil service, banking, and teaching economics and finance at university. Although retired, she continues to cover the role of an executive board member in the banking industry and has successfully ventured into network marketing. Talking about the latter, she says: “In the network marketing industry, there’s no age limit, no gender, race, or religious bar, and you don’t need a formal education, certificates, or degrees. What you do need is to have a vision, to set up your goals, and surround yourself with positive and successful people.”

Paulo lists all the reasons why moms should choose a career in network marketing. Some of these include: flexible working hours, no entry restrictions, supportive and empowering environment, and financial independence. According to Paulo, network marketing is an all-round transformative system for all women, whether they’re businesswomen, family carers, students, professionals, domestic goddesses, or moms.

“So, you can see that network marketing simply ticks all the boxes for moms looking to improve their own lives and those of their children and families. It’s an open, flexible business model that promises rich personal and financial rewards,” said Paulo.

Paulo ends by saying how women often neglect to nourish their light, without dedicating some time to their personal and professional development. And while network marketing is a win-win career path, at the end of the day, every work a woman does is crucial because it contributes to improving society, the economy, and strengthening the family.

Written by a mom, for moms, Maria Helena Paulo’s message will resonate with moms, helping them realize their full potential.

“I first met Maria Helena and became friends with her many years ago. Today, I can say that it was a privilege to meet her and to have her as one of my best friends. Her experience of life, her knowledge, her sympathy, and her way of dealing with other people is amazing. Moreover, her life experience and many trips around the world have given her a clear understanding of the way we are living today, and she always has something important and worthwhile to say to her friends. It is a great pleasure having Maria Helena as a person of reference during the difficult times we are currently living through.”—Testimonial by Joao Moita, Entrepreneur.

“Maria is a self-driven lady. She works her WV business with integrity and passion. As a professional woman, I have watched her over the years, and she walks the talk when it comes to building her business. She sets the standards high for her team, through her actions and results. As an unstoppable female entrepreneur, she is a role model for many women in her country. Many of them now earn from $500 to $2000 on a monthly, part-time basis in a country where average salaries are $200. When presenting, she has a commanding stage presence that makes people listen to her. Last winter, I spent a month in her market, and I learned a lot. She recruits upwards and is a master of edification. One important observation to make is that she is a giver to her family, her country, and everyone around her.”—Testimonial by Helena Mandishona, International Marketing Director, WV.

Limitless Success with Maria Helena Paulo is available on Amazon.

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