Meet Albertina McWilliams: an Entrepreneur who Found the Key to Success in her Positive Mindset

In order for our dreams to become a reality, we must first translate our wishes into a firm belief  with a solid plan of action that will lead to achievement. For Albertina McWilliams, a successful entrepreneur and network marketer, the key to actualizing our dreams is in the mind. As her journey to prosperity exemplifies, if we believe we can, and persevere in the face of obstacles standing in the way of achieving our goals, we can truly free ourselves – financially, spiritually, mentally – it all starts with our mindset. 

Albertina was born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama. It was there that she worked her first job at a marketing firm, from which she gained valuable skill sets that she has been able to apply through her personal life and journey as an entrepreneur. Albertina started her post secondary education at Lawson State Community College before transferring to the University of Alabama, where she is currently a student studying business and entrepreneurship. 

Although Albertina had taken her first step to becoming an entrepreneur through her education, it was through social media that she was introduced to the opportunity that would give her the real life experience needed to get her where she wanted to go. After studying the business model behind her newfound opportunity of network marketing, Albertina dove in head first to create her business called Young Successful Legends Investment Group. 

When discussing her motivation behind taking on the challenging world of entrepreneurship, Albertina says:

“I was inspired to become an entrepreneur when it was brought to my attention the value of time and how I can really utilize all 24 hours in my day to build my own empire and help and inspire people to do the same. So once I really learned not only about entrepreneurship but the value that it can bring to my life, I couldn’t get away from it. Also being around my mom who is a strong, female African-American entrepreneur, that also inspired me growing up”

To date, Albetina’s rapidly growing business contains a team of over 200 individuals. When discussing the objective behind Young Successful Legends Investment Group, Albertina says:

“We help individuals from all backgrounds all over the world, learn a skill set that can not only pay them but open their eyes to the possibilities that are available to them. We teach people how to invest and the importance of investing, especially in this digital era – essentially to set people free. It gives them time, freedom, and more opportunities to travel or pursue their hobbies and passions or just to do those things that really bring them joy in their lives – it’s not necessarily only about the money, but it’s about all the things that financial security can allow.”

Although Albertina works to share the opportunity of gaining financial security through her business, an equally high emphasis is placed on the mindset required to become successful in any new business venture. Albertina is not afraid to share her own battles she fought along the way where it was difficult to believe in herself during times of adversity – but she was always able to come out on top with an even stronger mindset intact.

“Along the way I would sometimes find myself doubting whether I could do this, or if it was feasible for me. I overcame that by really digging deep into personal development, listening to people who I look up to speak, and just finding out what motivates me and what keeps me determined. I keep all those things at the forefront of my mind, and don’t allow that negativity and those limiting beliefs to cloud my judgement,” says Albertina. 

Keeping a positive mindset in difficult circumstances can be easier said than done, but Albertina is no stranger to adversity. Being a minority in her hometown exposed her to a multitude of circumstances that pushed her to new levels of growth. 

“Living down South the first thing that comes to mind in terms of adversity is racism, being a minority where I lived. I overcame and continue to overcome that because it is an ongoing issue, by focusing on the goals I have set for myself and for my family, keeping an end goal in mind always, and really staying true to myself, my passions, and my calling,” says Albertina. 

Albertina’s continued focus lies in working hard to help others reach a new level of freedom with their finances, and showing people how to elevate their mindset and become more well-rounded individuals. With the future of Young Successful Legends Investment Group looking bright, Albertina has created the life she envisioned for herself one step at a time. If nothing else, she hopes that new and aspiring entrepreneurs will take from her experience a lesson in the importance of keeping a positive mental attitude, which to her, is the best and only way to make it in any and all of your endeavours. 

“Something I learned from one of my mentors which has really stuck with me since the beginning of my journey until now, is this equation that an Event + Your Reaction = Your Outcome. So it’s not really about what happens to you or what’s happening around you, or even what’s happened to you in the past – it’s really about how you react to these situations. Everybody has struggles, everybody goes through opposition, but it’s about what you do to overcome that, and how much you allow these situations to affect you. So at the end of the day, it’s either you’re going to be bitter or you’re going to do better. It’s either you’re going to fall down or you’re going to get up. And I encourage everybody to continue to get up. You can fall down a million times, but get up a million and one – you can’t quit, you can’t stop.”

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