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Moodbidri, Jul 23: Over all, entertainment industry is a vast playing field with increasing volume. There is a need for change in thinking, work way and technology innovation for the future growth. One of the key requirements of the entertainment industry is lighting. From live, recorded broadcasting to theatre and music festivals, lighting is one of the most important aspect.

Similar to other technologies, there is a constant demand for dynamic and ever changing professional lighting solutions. But this comes with a literal cost, as professional lighting gets less and less affordable.

Ronald Silvan D’Souza, executive director, Leksa Lighting

This is where Leksa Lighting plays a key role in quenching the thirst of innovation demanding customer base with affordability.

From Humble Beginnings

Established in 2017, in the outskirts of Mangaluru, India, Leksa started with very little staff but had infinitely higher courage and enthusiasm. In just 4 years, Leksa has become one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of professional lighting in South East Asia with dominating the lighting scene not just in broadcasting fields such as TV studio, film and fiction shoot industries but also in auditorium, architectural and many other specialised lighting verticals. A highly professional team has geared up with one motto ‘Respect for people and Team work’ under the able leadership of Ronald Silvan D’Souza, executive director, an excellent leader and team player. In such a short time, Leksa has executed projects all over India and also has spread its presence across over 17 countries. Leksa has one of the largest manufacturing facilities in specialised lighting located near Moodbidri with over 100 employees. Such an astounding growth in the short span of 4 years shows the direction where this company is headed and there is no stopping any time soon.

Company Mission

The mission of Leksa Lighting is in the very name of it. ‘LE’ in LEKSA stands for ‘Lighting Excellence’. It is also the company’s tagline and indicates Leksa’s goal to be a global leader in professional lighting technology. Leading this mission with the dedicated R&D staff, the company brings Leksa’s trademark modern and efficient technology combining with affordability. As a part of this goal, the company strives to be independent with completely in-house design and development of products which reduces the dependency on external resources and gets a better control of the quality and standards of our products. This drive to be independent and self-reliant, is in-line with India’s ‘Make in India’ initiative and also helps in achieving company’s goals of aiding the growth of local economy, ultimately fuelling national prosperity.

The second part of the name ‘KSA’ stands for ‘knowledge shared adequately’, bolstering thier mission to educate and share the knowledge to the masses, especially to the younger generation. Leksa has conducted many training sessions on the importance of lighting and the current technology of lighting for many, including the film fraternity and to the students of numerous film and engineering institutes. It is the company’s way of giving back to the society.

Customers – No. 1 Priority

Customers are the reason a company thrives. Leksa Lighting acknowledges the importance of a satisfied customer and treat them with the respect they deserve. One of the important factors for customer satisfaction is customer flexibility. They achieve this by giving decision making freedom to their frontline marketing employees, so that they can cater in a better way to the customers’ individual requirements. This results in each customer getting their needs met in a unique way they are most comfortable with.

This is the reason why customers, once they experience Leksa’s products and services, never look anywhere else. The company strives to meet every aspect of customer needs individually. Leksa also leads the competition with best in class after sales service.

Customer satisfaction is a process, like any other part of continuous improvement. For this reason, they reach out to every customer for their feedback to better understand their needs. This in turn helps them to pluck out out-dated and unnecessary steps increasing efficiency.


Leksa manufactures a huge array of professional lights. Starting with auditorium lighting, the company offers LED light fixtures from profile lights to RGBW par lights with seamless control of every single light using various wired and wireless control systems. The company also gives a turnkey solution for auditoriums and stages by supplying and erecting stage mechanism systems such as motorized lighting grids, motorized curtain systems, control systems and power solutions in a professional manner.

The company provides a similar turnkey solution for TV studio lighting by providing state of the art LED lighting fixtures like various types of panel lights to Fresnel lights along with control system and rigging system. These light fixtures are also used for film and fiction shoots as they are extremely efficient and abundant in feature sets such as range of colour temperatures, dimming controls, etc., without use of external devices. The light output is of the highest quality suitable for broadcast with CRI, R9 and TLCI values being more than 96 for all our lights resulting in supremely accurate colour reproduction. The light fixtures are also capable to illuminate scenes to shoot in Ultra HD 8K and beyond 10,000 frames per second.

Additionally we also manufacture architectural lights to decoratively illuminate structures ranging from historical monuments to buildings of significance and everything else that requires to be beautified. Leksa has a wide range of lights with any colour of the spectrum and varying beam angles all capable of installing outdoors, withstanding harsh weather conditions and equipped with the same reliable control systems that are used for auditorium and studio lighting fixtures.

Leksa also has products catering to DJ/pubs along with video conference lighting, stadium/sports lighting, street lighting, flood lighting and high mast lighting.

Major Projects

One of Leksa’s earliest and proudest projects was the auditorium lighting and drapery system installation at Rajagiri School of Engineering and Technology, Kochi. The project included designing, manufacturing and installation of stage lighting and drapery with 210+ light fixtures, 19 motorised bars and complete power solution.

Leksa also got a prestigious opportunity to execute stage lighting project at Mahatma Gandhi International Convention Centre, Niamey, Niger. This was a project funded by government of India.

TV studio lighting has been Leksa’s stronger suits. Some of the most popular News studios in India are lit with Leksa Lights namely AajTak, Times Now, Tv9 Bharatvarsh, Tv9 Bangla, Asianet, Suvarna News, Public TV and many others to name a few. They have also executed studio lighting projects in Sri Lanka, Tanzania and Canada.

Another segment Leksa is one of the leaders is architectural lighting. The company has executed the façade lighting project of Kalinga Hockey Stadium, Bhubaneswar, which held a world cup hockey game. Another popular stadium beautified with Leksa Lighting is the Jawaharlal Nehru Indoor stadium in Cuttack. Leksa also executed a monument lighting project under CIDCO – Navi Mumbai, the dynamic lighting of Utsav Chowk at Kharghar. The company has dipped its toes in fountain-light and sound show in one of its most ambitious projects, the Dr Shivaram Karanth Theme Park at Kota, Karnataka.

Leksa has also supplied LED lights to many TV shows for Sony TV and Star Network. The company is a pioneer in introducing LED lighting to the film and fiction industry replacing all the conventional halogen and HMI based lighting. One of the most popular pubs in Hyderabad, the 9O9 pub is lit up by LED pixel lighting from Leksa.

Milestones and Achievements

In a short span of time, Leksa Lighting has achieved many milestones. They were awarded the ‘Fastest growing Indian brand’ by International Achievers Council, held in Dubai in 2018, awarded ‘Excellence in Manufacturing and Customer satisfaction’ during Global Business Meet held in Thailand in 2019 and also were nominated for ‘Best 5000 MSMEs’ in 2019. Additionally, they are the pioneers in green technology by introducing complete LED Lighting solution for fiction shooting in India.


With their unprecedented growth in this competitive market, not only Leksa has shown its hunger for excellence and success but their will to go beyond the current industry standards of professional lighting. Even though the company is proud of its feat so far, it realizes that the mission has just begun and there is a long way to go, and no obstacle will hinder Leksa Lighting in getting to that mission.


Address: Badaga Mijar, Ashwathpura Road, Moodbidri, Mangaluru – 574227, India

Phone: +91 7899 543210

Email: [email protected]





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