Oath: Is India Oxenberg still in NXIVM?

About 16,000 people Participated once Keith RaniereNXIVM, a professional development program, and the number seen on HBO Oath And Starz Temptation: Inside the NXIVM CultIncludes a handful Celebrity..A Hollywood star who realized it was devastating The darker secret of the cult was dynastyCatherine Oxenberg (shown above with her daughter India and ex-husband Casper Van Dien in 2007). The actress brought her daughter, India, to the group before she knew the full story of Lanier’s abuse. After years of abuse, India left NXIVM after Ranière’s arrest and has kept her profile low ever since.

In 2011, Catherine introduced India. Then 19Believe in NXIVM that the company’s self-help course will be her daughter Start her business And the transition to adulthood. She knew little about MLM, which was also the process by which Lanier reached the goal of hiring women for NXIVM’s sex slave cult, DOS. Before the NXIVM heritage collapsed, India was branded and taught to the cult.She was under pressure to keep Having a sexual relationship with a 500 calorie diet a day With the founder. Young superman actress Allison Mack It was her “master”.Catherine fought to drive her daughter out of the cult — in 2017, NXIVM asylum seekers dynasty With star Concerns about the state of India..

To August 2018, Catherine revealed that India left the cult around June of that year Ranière arrest and NXIVM shutdown.. Catherine released a book aloud about the cult’s impact on her family, Captive: Mother’s Crusaders to save her daughter from a terrifying cult, Made a lifelong movie in 2018, Escape from the NXIVM Cult: Mother’s Battle to Save DaughterIn 2019, both the dark and predatory aspects of NXIVM were shown.

According to Catherine, India will write a book about her experience with NXIVM, but details and release dates are unknown. “I think it’s important as part of regaining her sense of autonomy as part of India’s healing process. I feel empowered as a woman, not as a victim anymore. “I’m doing it,” said Catherine. Access to Hollywood In 2019. “She was exposed to so many people in the press, mostly in my hands, but that was the only recourse I had before I took her out.”

India reappeared in the news in October 2020, Talking about her personal experience With a cult.In an interview with Entertainment tonight, She finally revealed that she was ready to talk about what she had experienced. “Everyone made a mistake and we learned from them. This was an unexpected event that I had to deal with,” she said. “I never thought I would live the life I am now. I feel more about myself.”

Her mother also left the press in a circle Good morning, America India has “healed a lot” and is now “in a truly empowered place.” India is currently engaged to Patrick Dignazio, Chef of Double Zero Restaurant in New York City.She Announced her engagement on Instagram October 2019.

Following the June 30 ruling Mack in federal prison for 3 years for being involved in NXVIM, India spoke People (TV show!) About forgiving her. “I think when you are lucky enough that I have real love and real support in your life, It gives you the opportunity to have forgiveness “I know it’s really important, so I’ll close it,” she told the outlet. .. .. As she saw the truth about who Keith Raniere really is. It justified knowing that everything my mother and I went and talked about actually affected her. ”

She continued, “I have no reason not to do so. [accept her apology] .. .. .. It doesn’t get rid of everything that happened to me and her other victims, but it definitely gives me more peace to move forward. [the judge’s] The sentence he chose for Allison, this is justice. Regarding the future of India, Catherine thinks, “She has become so strong, she has found her voice and she is deeply involved in the activity.”

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