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Orleans Parish transfers

Aug. 3-7

District 1

Banks St. 3608-3610: $350,000, Andrea L. Martin Bowman to Erin Leigh Martin Joyce and Timothy James Joyce.

Chippewa St. 1670: $793,500, Robert Parnell Marron and Silvia Virginia Martins Marron to RFO Administration Inc.

Colbert St. 6901: $925,000, Candance A. Chifici Farrington and Douglas C. Farrington to Benjamin Warren Kadden and Jennifer Leblanc Kadden.

Coliseum St. 1629: $308,000, Robert B. Kuehn to Amanda L. Sesser and Jason A. Mitzen.

Coliseum St. 1765: $234,000, Louisiana Coastal VIII LLC to David Louis Morel, Nina Jones Linwood and Nina Jones Morel.

Notre Dame St. 404: $1,211,000, Johnny Chavez to Edward Wilhite Collier Jr. and Gina Marullo Collier.

St. Charles Ave. 1750: $337,500, Anthony E. Sauerhoff and Tishna Okay. Spring Sauerhoff to Sara Lynn Schexnayder Williams.

St. Charles Ave. 731: $482,500, 731 St. Charles Ave LLC to Dana Corridor Hutchens and Dennis Wade Hutchens.

St. Charles Ave. 731: $100, 731 St. Charles Ave LLC to Donna L. Dees Thomas.

District 2

Canal Blvd. 5511-13: $350,000, Althea Augusta Cashen Desalvo, Donna Cashen Hurley and Vincent Louis Desalvo to Jay C. Zainey and Pleasure Haik Zainey.

Canal Blvd. 5870: $270,000, Anthony Cinquemano IV and Cynthia Couto Cinquemano to Hm Make investments LLC.

Crane St. 53; Marigold Lane 55: $830,000, Heather Harllee Zimmer to Benjamin P. Woodruff and Jessica Okay. Woodruff.

Dumaine St. 707-09: $569,000, Donna Morell Rotonti and John L. Rotonti to Janet R. McKnight.

Dumaine St. 2907: $210,000, Ordone Firm LLC to Owen Riley Investments LLC.

Gen. Diaz St. 6354: $270,000, Nicholas A. Lamonte and Terri Parker Lamonte to Catherine L. Johnson and Tyler B. Johnson.

Gov. Nicholls St. 1912-1914: $70,000, Arthur Inexperienced Jr., Louis Miller, Marcus Inexperienced and Sabrina Inexperienced to St. Cajetan LLC.

Lark St. 43: donation, no worth acknowledged, Ryan James Rogers to Emilie Wien Rogers.

Center Park Place 151: $415,000, Brian Francis Sholl and Caroline Cleveland Sholl to Joseph Tibor Toth and Sabrina Isabel Garcia Toth.

St. Ann St. 3037-39: $160,000, Kenneth Butler and Linda Ann Carter Butler to Stone Temple Properties LLC.

Voisin St. 831-833: $392,500, Patricia Mora Larrieu and Paul Gerard Larrieu to Aubry Stuart Killion and Terry Joseph Boudreaux Jr.

District 3

Alabo St. 617: $20,000, Sopena Holdings LLC to Jonathan Alexander Brown.

Alabo St. 1318: $90,000, Crescent Metropolis Clt Inc. to Chelsea A. Hayes.

Alvar St. 723-25: $464,000, Lahasky Growth Group LLC to Dana Lasher and Kathryn Patterson Lasher.

Alvar St. 2008: $140,000, Gary Wayne Leming, Lisa G. Leming and Lisa G. Wick to Sierra Terrell Franklin.

Athis St. 2430: $220,000, Ramona Collette Pierre to Mallory Prinsen.

Benton St. 1713; Benton St. 1715: $22,000, Helen Thomas Brown and Timothy Okay. Brown to Linda Marie Inexperienced Holmes.

Bundy Street 7135: $570,000, Swilling Storm Basis to Mjm Bundy Investments LLC.

Burgundy St. 5209: $263,000, Bryan C. Fortunate Heard to Ileana Ortiz.

Burgundy St. 6126: $260,000, Nana Kincaid Gebauer and Ronald Joseph Gebauer to Dorothy Crutcher Cordray Miller and Mimi Marie Cordray.

Castigilione St. 3314: donation, no worth acknowledged, Beatrice Lesene Grant and Stanley Grant Jr. to Neverlyn Age Maheia.

Chagnard Street 4551: $14,500, T. & S. Leases LLC to Carlos Deras.

Chatham Drive 6001: $659,000, Bobby French LLC to Eddie Smith Jr. and Lauren Teverbaugh.

Chimneywood Lane 1401: $80,000, Brandon Phillips Brown to Tyra J. Darnell.

Chimneywood Lane 1704: $65,000, Tanya Y. Manning Ames to Vincent Turner.

Deanne St. 4717: $149,000, Luther Knight to Ellen C. McDonald.

Dreux Ave. 2544: $277,000, Cynthia Abide Edgett and William R. Edgett to Cleotha S. Sumling.

Eastover Drive 5691: $242,550, Financial institution of New York As Trustee For The Certificates Holders of The Cwabs Inc. Asset Backed Certificates Collection 2006 22 and Financial institution of New York Mellon to Monique Bourgeois.

Flood St. 1426: $51,837, Crescent Metropolis Clt Inc. to Cambray F. Corridor.

Franklin Ave. 1725: $215,000, James C. Windmiller to Carmen L. Cosme Puntiel.

Friar Tuck Drive 4926: donation, no worth acknowledged, Tyra Braneon Alexander to Rodney Okay. Alexander.

Gallier Drive 4801: $104,900, Eleanor A. Donatto to David Lee.

Gawain Drive 4783: donation, no worth acknowledged, Steven Oneal Acker to Belinda Magee Walker.

Good Drive 4721: $135,000, Chevelle S. Oconner Lee, Frankette S. Oconner Locke, Sylvia James

Gordon St. 1328: $11,000, Bienes Inmuebles LLC to Dotson Funding Group LLC.

Hamburg St. 4228: $97,500, 4228 Hamburg LLC to Thirty 4 Acres Holdings LLC.

Interstate Hwy 10 11231: $267,000, Thu Tuong Tran to Jonathan N. Fields.

Jonquil St. 2428: $130,000, Marie Labauve Fogg to Daybreak Marie Spooner.

Kerlerec St. 710: $540,000, 710 Kerlerec LLC to Amanda C. Finney, Andrew Clayton Cribley and Catherine Hooper Cribley.

Lark St. 2200: $468,800, Andre Claude Marquette and Katherine Hoffpauir Marquette to Joesph Todd Sylvester and Melissa Lynn Sylvester.

Laval St. 13146: $7,000, Cathleen Knoblauch and Jane Anne Insley to Subsequent Stage Properties LLC.

Lepage St. 2623: $470,000, Emily S. Bahr Jones and Steven B. Jones to Mary Elizabeth Painter Huegen and Nathan Alois Huegen.

Lonely Oak Drive 4915: $8,000, Group Enchancment Company and New Orleans Redevelopment Authority to Brenda Nelson Hunter.

Mandolin St. 2118: $246,000, Marta T. Siuba Plazinic and Milutin E. Plazinic to Kenneth O. Thomas Jr.

Marigny St. 2216-18: $85,000, Tyra Alexander Causey to Anthony Andrew Holoska.

Mercier St. 7631: $134,500, Patrick Thomas Barnett, Shea Cretta Lewis and Yvette Joseph Barnett to Cyril E. McGee and Nora R. McGee James.

Mithra St. 5030: $252,500, T. & T. Actual Property Growth LLC to Karen Williams Smith.

Montegut Drive 4981: $180,000, Iris East Properties LLC to Fallon Marie Jenkins.

Morrison Street 40766: $30,000, Swilling Design & Growth LLC to Mjm Bundy Investments LLC.

Music St. 2239: $69,000, Louis Burbank to Chrisna Inc.

Music St. 4465: $360,000, Cassandra Camille Snyder and Steve D. Walkup to Catherine I. Lair Bokus and Hunter Sabin Bokus.

Music St. 6128: $335,000, Lec Actual Property Funding LLC to Edgar A. Alexis and Lisa D. Alexis.

N. Prieur St. 2452: $64,500, Robyn Cardarelli Halvorsen to Julienne Design LLC.

N. Prieur St. 2526: $125,000, Sandra C. Scott to Byblos Growth LLC.

N. Villere St. 2377: $86,700, Daniel J. Lauricella to Gregory S. Czymbor.

Odin St. 2468: $379,000, Morris Property Group LLC to Denelle Warner and William Warner Jr.

Painters St. 4646: donation, no worth acknowledged, Amy Elizabeth Path and My Elizabeth Path Sprader to James Gerald Sprader.

Paris Ave. 5551: $151,100, Mildred Tyson Wattree and Randy Packnett to Ashley Brownlee Deoliveira.

Patton St. 6055-57: $765,000, Jennifer Morrow Burstain and Todd Leor Burstain to Mark Cleland.

Pauger St. 2113-2115: $285,000, Finances Development Providers LLC to Leona Robinson.

Pauger St. 3400: $72,500, Pcof Properties LLC to Bold Brave Entrepreneurs LLC.

Paul Morphy St. 1736: $350,100, Darin S. Lim Yankowitz and Naomi M. Karlen Yankowitz to Jeanet Lee Denichou and Pierre Loic Denichou.

Pauline St. 1520: $147,000, Multilevel marketing Holdings LLC to Jason Louis Mejias Evans and Phillip John Evans Mejias.

Poland Ave. 1732-1734: $299,000, Gregory J. Williams to Dominic Joseph Gargiulo.

Pratt Drive 1731: $115,000, Thirty 4 Acres Holdings LLC to Fu Li.

Robin St. 2108: $318,000, Zavala Investments LLC to Devon Watts.

S. Idlewood Court docket 11121: $235,000, Charles Grey Swanson to Christy M. Tate.

Sandalwood St. 4735: $147,500, Superior Enhancements LLC to Nikita Angelle Milton Ross.

Schindler Drive 4548: $175,000, Legacy Capital Administration LLC to Ashley L. Jackson.

Sierra Madre Drive 4844: $129,000, Ray L. Gumpert Sr. to Argen Yaned Moreira Fernandez Amaya and Marlon Amaya.

Spain St. 1717: $35,000, David Edwin Ramey to 3f Properties of Louisiana LLC.

Spain St. 5417: $375,000, Jl Legacy Builders LLC to La Nyia J. Odoms.

St. Anthony Ave. 5331: $69,000, Anneke Valencia Matthews, Fayenisha Honeyetta Matthews, Milton Joseph Batiste Jr., Richard Matthews Jr. and Richeile Joyce Matthews McCorkle to Faubourg Nola Properties LLC.

St. Anthony St. 2310: $65,000, Alberta Clayton Baudy, Augusta Baudy Burkes, Harold August Baudy Jr. and Romona Baudy Keller to Martinez Ladies Investments LLC.

St. Roch Ave. 1513-15: $415,000, Legacy 360 Group Inc. to Melissa Renee Stevens Heath.

Taft Place 839-41: $622,775, Woodrow B. Penouilh Jr. to Anthony J. Ciaccio.

Touro St. 4622: $157,500, June Ro to Byron Miller.

Verna St. 1436-38a; Verna St. 1438a; Verna St. 3813: $810,000, 1436 Verna Court docket LLC to Diamond Acres Inc.

Wainwright Drive 6227-6229: $235,000, Bart Moreau to Burbank Holdings LLC.

Waldo Drive 6243-45: $230,000, Mariela Troxclair Twiggs to Charles P. Ciaccio Jr. and Katherine E. Lum Ciaccio.

Warrington Drive 512: $205,000, Liberty Group Growth Corp. to Ivory Clark.

Wilton Drive 5733: $230,000, Clayton Ventures LLC to Samuel Salloum Newman.

District 4

2nd St. 1115: $465,000, Douglas S. Weisz and Miriam Perry Weisz to Karin L. Bell Revocable Belief, Myles B. G Toomey and Myles Bg Toomey Revocable Belief.

sixth St. 1816-18: $480,000, Mark Alan Farmer and Murelle Kathleen Hammant Farmer to Najah S. McCall.

Chippewa St. 2839: $435,000, Mary Elizabeth Painter Huegen and Nathan A. Huegen to Emily Christine Enclard.

Constance St. 2409-11: $820,000, Murray Robinson Ross to Mohit S. Burman and Sheridan Delomel Burman.

Eighth St. 1437: $1,060,000, Anina Van Benthuysen Scriber and Ashley Barret Scriber to Anne Courtney Bigelow and Bronson Bigelow.

First St. 1101-1105; Journal St. 2363-2365-2369: $1,300,000, Champion Ventures LLC to Deaux Holdings LLC.

S. Liberty St. 2023: $19,500, Created Treasures Inc. to Edward T. Nichols Jr. and Ingrid Alvarado Nichols.

S. Lopez St. 1933-35: $239,000, Bsd Group LLC to Eric Wayne Peterson.

S. Roman St. 2329-31: $250,000, 2329 31 S. Roman LLC to Melvin Cross.

Toledano St. 904-06: $350,000, Susan Fradella Schwind to Lizbeth Lynn Clark.

Washington Ave. 3106: $260,000, Mortgage & Mai Funding LLC to Nathan Jamar Haggwood.

District 5

Delacroix Street 627: $319,000, Felicia Cavalier Richard, Frances Ernst and Jade Neal Richard to Frances Ernst.

Herald St. 3774: $175,000, Alton Smith III and Erica C. Bishop Smith to Shantell M. Thomas Videauu.

Horace St. 1619: $53,000, Marc Mora and Michelle Cort Mora to Elias Ferreyra Sanchez and Signe Marie Anderson Ferreyra Sanchez.

Hubbell Street East 214: $395,000, Full Sail Investments LLC to Chelsea Spurlock Slack and Devin G. Slack.

Huntlee Drive 425: $105,000, Herbert J. Henderson to Dacia Smith.

Le Boeuf St. 1016-18: $150,000, Aaron Jerome Bajoie, Annette Smith Brown and Phyliss Smith Bocage to Tiesha Robert Lewis.

Mercedes Blvd. 1871: $194,900, Hieu Development LLC to Michael W. Allen and Nicquil C. Allen.

Pink Bay Place 18: $113,000, Deborah Vicknair Bush and Michael Marvin Bush to Shannon T. Wooten.

River Oaks Drive 3250: $155,000, Kim Marie Williams Broadwater to Travella Marlene Elder.

River Oaks Drive 3400: $182,000, Dustin W. Hymel to Christie Harris and Jarrod Burrle.

District 6

Aline St. 914: $750,000, Eln Enterprises LLC to Maya Jones.

Amelia St. 2821-23: $35,000, Ayanna N. Taplette, Chester A. Taplette Jr., Deporres Philip Taplette and Patrick Eugene Taplette III to Cvlt Holdings LLC.

Annunciation St. 5255: $515,234, Katrina Lindsten Wehrly and Lance Jacob Wehrly to Breck Ashley Robinson and Sean Michael Meeks.

Antonine St. 1218: $365,000, Marshall W. Guidry to Gracia Maria Zaccaro Perrilliat and Jean Paul Perrilliat.

Bellecastle St. 1009-11: $1,450,000, Erika Taylor Buchert and Kurt D. Buchert to Adham B. Al Hariri and Shams Okay. Halat Al Hariri.

Cadiz St. 1125: $626,000, Reinaldo E. Rampolla Selles to Karen Barr Phillips Brooks and Tyler Johnston.

Calhoun St. 319: $100, Laura Lecorgne to Annie Potts, Casa De Mayhem Belief and James J. Hayman.

Constantinople St. 1016: $486,500, Carey B. Glover and Sarah Elizabeth Glover to Leah Alexis Douglas.

Fontainebleau Drive 60: $647,000, Carolyn Purnell MacLaren and James M. MacLaren to Matthew David Escarra and Nicole Wooden Escarra.

Freret St. 7222; Pine St. 921-23; Pine St. 927-29; Pine St. 931-33; Pine St. 935: $2,383,000, Riverlake Waterfront LLC to Pine and Freret Nook Growth LLC.

Gen. Taylor St. 3405-07: donation, no worth acknowledged, Charles E. Hamilton Jr., Lois H. Bailey and Neal Hamilton Sr. to June H. Gable and Yvette Hamilton.

Gen. Pershing St. 2728-30: $420,000, David Olivier and Sarah Olivier to John Paul Piper and Renee Piper.

Laurel St. 5409-11: $775,000, Caroline Graham and Michael E. Graham II to Alexander Leeds Porter and Catherine Allison Steck Porter.

La Salle Place 11: $100, Martha Porter Wailes and R. Preston Wailes Jr. to Whitefish Household LLC.

Journal St. 4852: $238,000, Amanda Leigh Sesser Robertson to Nola Place LLC.

Journal St. 5303: $347,000, Kenneth W. Malone to Chris Bennett and Sarah Hill Bennett.

Milan St. 820: $355,000, 729 Gp LLC to Angela Gorman Anderson and Brian Anderson.

Napoleon Ave. 3601: $420,000, Frederick Charles Ebel Jr. to Christina Edwards Gosnell.

Valence St. 2532: donation, no worth acknowledged, Quyn Joan Sherrod Rahman to Jesse A. Sherrod IV.

District 7

30th St. 167: $454,000, Kevin Schenker and Samantha Morales Schenker to Amber L. McCormick, Katherine Jamison McCormick and Thomas J. McCormick.

Apricot St. 8709-11; Apricot St. 8713-15: $260,000, Habte Mariam Ogbu Tedla to Plumeria LLC.

Cambronne St. 1835: $255,000, Robert L. Wilton and Summer season Johnston Wilton to Sierra Hannah Polisar.

Colapissa St. 7814: $250,000, Amy Freese Carter and Daniel Thomas Carter to David Alexander Smith and Rachel Marie Barnett.

Garfield St. 7454: $625,000, Brynn Safstrom Willis and Russell Austin Willis to Mark Jeffrey Winograd and Stacy Marie Swanson Winograd.

Inexperienced St. 7320-22: $372,000, Ann Patricia Holladay Doyle to David Wisen and Wisen Household Belief.

Hillary St. 1335: $375,000, Mark Jeffrey Winograd and Stacy Marie Swanson Winograd to Brent M. Musser and Carley Baker Musser.

Hurst St. 7619: $450,000, Evelyn Segal De Bardeleben, Lane T. De Bardeleben Jr., Leslie De Bardeleben McLaughlin and Margolis Belief No 1 to Tesseract Core LLC.

Jeannette St. 7801: $655,000, Jennifer Might Archie and Ramsay Tyler Archie to Elizabeth Batson Gunn and Miller Gunn.

Lake Marina Drive 318: donation, no worth acknowledged, Erin Wedge Latuso to Donald J. Latuso Jr.

Panola St. 8300: $765,000, Sandra Forman Robert and Timothy Bane Robert to Michael Joseph Belford and Rebecca Collin Ferguson.

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