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BELIZE CITY, Belize, May 21, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Avazoo Worldwide Holdings IBC announced today it is ready to introduce the pre-launch of the Billion Dollar Raffle beginning May 10, 2021. During the pre-launch phase, the company has allocated 10,000 free raffle tickets that will be awarded by a random drawing within 30 days from the launch date, even though you cannot purchase your ticket yet. Anyone who registers to reserve their ticket through the Avazoo website can be included in the random drawing for one of the 10,000 free tickets.

Dr. Hans Reinisch, Chairman of Avazoo stated, “We are excited to kick off our pre-launch and look forward to the start of ticket sales beginning this summer. We feel our pre-launch programs are a great way of saying thank you to the followers and supporters who have been helping us spread Avazoo’s mission around the world these past years.”

Dr. Reinisch goes on to say “The raffle concept was designed to raise billions of dollars for struggling charitable organizations worldwide and a new natural disaster foundation to help victims globally from recent weather phenomenons. With only 50 million tickets available worldwide, we anticipate to be in a position to help many people and organizations by the end of the year.”

There have been significant hurdles the company has had to overcome over the last decade, including licensing issues along the way. These issues were resolved when the company entered into a joint venture with N.C.G.A.C. Limited, a company that has a license from the Cagayan Economic Zone in the Philippines, under which such international online raffles for charities can be conducted.

Basilio Rodriguez, CEO of Avazoo stated, “Every hurdle has been a unique challenge. Now that the license for operation of the international online raffle for charity has been secured, we are now focused on providing a means to conduct safe, easy transactions for the purchase of raffle tickets, and the distribution of prize winnings.”

Mr. Rodriguez continued to explain, “The ticket purchase itself is the last hurdle, but the company is in the process of overcoming this challenge, by using recent advancements in technology through the growing popularity of 3rd party online e-wallets. With the availability of cryptocurrencies that use blockchain technology, such as bitcoin, it presents Avazoo and the many who will be participating in the raffle with more flexible payment options.

If Avazoo chooses to use this technology, it would allow the company to provide a simple way for people to purchase a raffle ticket and receive payouts through an e-wallet system.

The company’s website states that Avazoo raffle ticket sales may be restricted in a number of countries because of online gaming laws in those countries. However, citizens in those countries will still have the opportunity to participate in the raffle by receiving a free ticket through one of Avazoo’s promotional programs.

The company reports one of Avazoo’s marketing strategies and part of its agreement with N.C.G.A.C. Limited, has been approved to release up to 5 million promotional tickets for marketing purposes. These tickets are in addition to the 50 million tickets that will be made available for sale worldwide. The promotional programs that will kick off Avazoo’s pre-launch are the Influencer and Ambassador programs. They also have a Nonprofit program that has been specifically designed to help raise funds for existing Nonprofit organizations worldwide.

To learn more about the Nonprofit program, visit http://www.avazoo.com/nonprofit.

According to Tisa Christiana Spraul, Avazoo’s Global Operations Director, “All the pre-launch promotional programs have been created to promote the raffle through word-of-mouth advertising and we will be using one of the oldest, and most successful marketing strategies available, known as network affiliate marketing, or MLM. However, there are no fees, or products to purchase, instead it is a great opportunity for individuals who want to participate in our raffle in countries that could be restricted from ticket sales due to licensing restrictions.”

Mrs. Spraul goes on to say “All of our promotional programs are unique, but the Ambassador program is designed to allow anyone who has a large network the chance to earn a free ticket into the raffle and have a chance to win the one billion dollar grand prize. The Ambassador program is expected to generate momentum ahead of the start of ticket sales beginning in the summer of 2021.”

The promotional tickets will be awarded for free, to people who meet the qualifications set forth in the programs. Rules and restrictions apply. Visit http://www.avazoo.com for full program details.

Every ticket holder participating in the raffle will have the opportunity to download the free Avazoo App. This allows everyone a chance to earn unlimited additional entries into the raffle for free. This is something that has never been attempted before and is unique to Avazoo.

The CEO, Basilio Rodriguez stated, “The reason we created this methodology is to prevent people from going into indebtedness by purchasing more tickets than they can afford. Instead, we want to allow ticket holders the opportunity to earn unlimited additional free entries by completing simple tasks and doing good samaritan work through daily engagement inside the Avazoo App. We are excited to use this unique way of encouraging people to become more active in their communities, while also increasing the number of charitable deeds they are willing to do on a daily basis.” There will be multiple opportunities every day for people to complete tasks within the free Avazoo App and earn additional free entries.

Richard Stupple, Avazoo’s compliance officer stated, “Our raffle is very different from a traditional raffle or lottery. A lot of hard work has gone into making this raffle a global phenomenon and we are very excited to finally see it come to fruition.”

Avazoo is now in its final preparations and is expecting to announce the ticket sales launch date in early summer of 2021. In addition, it plans to issue more press releases in the near future with announcements of additional pre-launch plans and programs.

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