Post-pandemic fashion trends for the nearest future. KABAK about the fresh perception of nowadays style

Comfiness and coziness. If you were trapped at your home office and spent hours on the video calls, you’ll probably find it unsurprising that in the post-pandemic reality, people appreciate comfy clothes more. Just think about the Zoom outfits, formal shirts, pajama pants, knee socks, and pairs of soft slippers. How is it going to impact current fashion trends? Whether you want to create your own clothes collection for your store, you’re a designer or simply want to keep up with the freshest trends, you’re probably facing some fashion challenges in the post-pandemic world.

Being comfortable doesn’t mean you’re not professional.

Remember March 2020 when people’s bedrooms, out of the blue, turned into home offices, classrooms, and playrooms? Gosh, wasn’t it hard? Now when it’s over, adapting back might be even more challenging. Find out about the newest trends and help your customers ease the process by offering them simple and comfortable pieces of clothing.

Yes, it’s time to get back to the office. And yes, a suit is a must. So why won’t you create an elegant collection that offers good quality shirts made of natural material that doesn’t block air circulation? Some of us feel bad about replacing the comfy slippers with elegant shoes. So we search for ideas that don’t exclude the comfiness. There’s nothing better than matching them with organic cotton socks. Choose your accessories wisely and offer your clients a part of a home that they can take with them while leaving for work.

A comfy cotton scarf that reminds quarantining under the blanket? Perfect. KABAK winter beanie that you could’ve worn every time during the pandemic? Even better. Take these accessories and balance the collection with elegant and minimalistic outfits.

All stockists should remember that 2022 is a year of self-love, gratitude, and comfiness. Create something that captures these values and offer your customer a piece of home, and comfort while they struggle to get back to the post-pandemic reality.

It’s time to shine!

Going for a walk won’t be the highlight of the day anymore. Boredom and grey routine impacted 2022 fashion trends pretty hard, leading to optimism and love for the bright colors. Simply, it’s time for the glitter party! So here it is, the time to shine. By understanding these trends and needs you can supply your store with shiny and glittery accessories. At KABAK, they’re doing a pretty good job when it comes to that. There are so many options!

In 2022 being the queen of the party without putting too much effort is the key. So bet on shiny shoes or something from the KABAK glitter socks collection that seem like a pair of comfy tights inside, and you won’t feel like you break rule number 1!

A little tip for all wholesalers and designers: try to find a balance between the cozy baggie clothes and shiny, optimistic accessories that seem like freedom and happiness after such a long time of lockdowns and quarantining.

Sustainability’s become the lifestyle.

Yes, it has. We all had enough time to think through where this world is going, and in 2022 reality, we’re finally aware that plastic is wrong and recycling is good. So if you want to follow the newest trends, follow the sustainability, ideas of less waste, responsibility, and consciousness. Learn about the most ecological materials, bet on the durability and quality of the products. How about a recycled lumberjack’s beanies which threads were once a part of jeans? Or organic cotton socks? Did you know that nowadays, some brands like KABAK recycle green plastic bottles and make fabrics out of them?

Whichever part of the supply chain you are: whether you’re a designer, distributor, wholesaler, or retail customer, keep the thoughts of sustainability in your mind and help create the fashion industry better.

In 2022, your fashion choices might be something more than just choosing clothing that you like. Make your decisions matter and support brands that support your future.

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