Rick Frisk of Green Compass: Sharing His Success and Experience in the MLM Industry with the World

Rick Frisk is a serial entrepreneur and a visionary who is one of the minds behind the emerging leader of the country’s CBD market, Green Compass. Rick has more than 3 years of experience in the industry, and he uses this to propel his newfound venture to new heights. 

Prior to Green Compass, Rick has grown and operated business establishments that dot the country. Under the brand Advanced Laser Clinics, he has co-founded over 78 corporate medical spas that offer top-notch treatments for thousands of clients. This unprecedented success and growth of his 70 medical spa franchises were done only in 18 months.

Rick attributes his entrepreneurial expertise to his 15 years of experience in the multi-level marketing or MLM industry. According to Rick, learning the ins and outs of MLM has taught him how to innovate, open opportunities, create streams of income, and overcome challenges in different ways. He explained, “By nature, I am a results-driven person who enjoys being a part of an exciting team focused on the common goal of financial success and personal freedom.” These values have helped Rick to become a multi-million dollar earner. And now, he desires to lead others toward the same path.

Driven by the goal to assist entrepreneurs like him, he joined Green Compass. With multiple states in the US winning the fight for the legalization of medical marijuana and related substances, Green Compass is at the helm of the production and sales of CBD products. In the company, Rick became a part of their worldwide sales team that trains and coaches many in duplicating and maximizing their sales teams. 

He takes from his experience in the MLM industry and shares to entrepreneurs that growing a business requires flexibility and meticulousness, like what they do in Green Compass. Rick attests that the Green Compass Farm Management Team takes their work seriously. He further noted that organic hemp plants need to be tended carefully, so their company takes considerable care of every plant. “Our process excludes chemicals, herbicides, and pesticides. Every single day, our plants are meticulously cared for. This includes topping them, which ensures that they will grow wide rather than high. Our farmers keep the pests away by hand, and harvest the crop in a critical, timely manner.”

The team that oversees the operations of the farm abide by the purity and ethical standards, coupled with careful attention to soil and water. As a result, the company’s North Carolina farm produces the highest quality CBD oil in the market. 

Originally licensed participants in North Carolina’s Industrial Hemp Pilot Research Program, the founders of Green Compass commit to giving back to the North Carolinian community. They support farmers from North Carolina, teach them how to grow hemp plants properly, distribute its seeds, and buy produce from them. 

Now, Green Compass is expanding its circle of mutualistic relationship that they have fostered initially with North Carolinian farmers. They want to share their success with others. “I want anyone to realize there are options, but more importantly pure, organic options that get real results. I also want them to realize that the opportunity behind the product can create an additional stream of abundant income—helping them to enjoy the finer things in life,” Rick added.

As an emerging medical innovation of this century, CBD products will, in due course, be the leading medical product across the country.

Browse through the organic, CBD-based products of Green Compass by visiting their webpage. For updates, follow them on their official Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts.  

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