Senedd election 2021 result in the Vale of Glamorgan

All eyes will be on the Vale of Glamorgan as votes are counted today. We’ll bring you the result here as soon as we have it.

Jane Hutt has been successful in every election since 1999 and has always represented the Vale of Glamorgan for Labour.

In 2016, she received 14,655 votes – 38.8% of the vote. The Conservative candidate in that election was Ross England and he got 36.7% of the vote.

Mr England is no longer the candidate and instead Matt Smith will take on Ms Hutt.

The Conservatives think they could take the seat this time.

Counting is not happening overnight after the polls closed at 10pm on Thursday, but throughout Friday.

The candidates in Vale of Glamorgan

Janet Brocklehurst – Propel

Alan Coulthard – Independent

Stuart Field – Abolish the Welsh Assembly Party

Richard Grigg – Plaid Cymru

Michael Hancock – Reform UK

Jane Hutt – Labour

Karl-James Langford – Gwlad – The Welsh Independence Party

Neill Shah – Freedom Alliance. No Lockdowns. No Curfews

Anthony Slaughter – Green Party

Matt Smith – Conservatives

Sally Stephenson – Liberal Democrats

Candidates are welcome to submit their biographies to [email protected]

The candidates

Alan Coulthard – Independent

Alan Coulthard

I am a 58 year old gay man with two law degrees, who has worked as a barrister in a London Chambers. I lived in Barry for most of my life, attending St Helen’s, St Cadoc’s and Barry Boys’ schools, and my father, Terry Coulthard, and my late mother, Pat Coulthard, were educators in the area. I am also an educator, having taught numerous law students. I now live in Cardiff Bay, but I return to Barry regularly to see my father.

I was also a successful disc-jockey and still work as a record producer and writer.

I am standing as an Independent, both in the constituency and in the South Wales Central regional election, so please consider voting for me in both ballots.

What is the most important thing you think the Senedd should do in the next five years?

I believe that Covid is leading to the biggest mental health crisis there has ever been. As a bipolar man myself, I can make a major contribution on mental health, and would support the need for 24/7 access to mental health treatment and the creation of more specialised hospitals.

Young people matter greatly to me, in particular, their mental health, which may have been severely affected because of the pandemic. I would also support free school meals and measures to ensure the A-Level fiasco from 2020 is never repeated.

What will you do for your constituency if elected?

I believe that the people are tired of left versus right and it is time for Centre Politics. My focus will always be on my constituents. I plan to use ‘Q and A’ social media sessions widely, and constituents will always be able to contact me.

Equality matters to me, and I have raised money in support of women’s rights, LGBT+ rights and mental health using my contacts in the music industry. I have been an ally for women’s rights and believe that the UK Government’s approaches on Clapham and hate crime have been woeful.

I also support The Arts, Green issues such as Climate Change and the protection of animals, and any measures to tackle poverty in Wales, such as reducing the power of landlords.

Richard Grigg – Plaid Cymru

Born and bred in Cardiff, my family and I moved to the Vale of Glamorgan 14 years ago. I was first elected as councillor for the Murch ward in 2008 and am currently chairman of Dinas Powys Community Council.

I am a solicitor that has worked in the private and pubic sector for the past 16 years. Before that I produced sports programmes for the BBC.

Outside of work I have been a school governor, a non-executive member of a housing association, and I am an avid Cardiff City and Wales football fan.

What is the most important thing you think the Senedd should do in the next five years?

It is important to set out the sort of Wales we want to live in after Covid-19 and Brexit. I believe that these though times has shown the importance of decisions about Wales being made in Wales. I will be supporting an independence referendum within the next five years.

What will you do for your constituency if elected?

I will continue to campaign to tackle traffic issues across the Vale of Glamorgan. I am committed to improving educational standards in our schools and to end child poverty.

Michael Hancock – Reform UK

I come from Welsh and Yorkshire mining origins, and have extremely broad life experience, having served as an engineer in the armed forces both in Europe and the Middle east. Later, civilian life found me applying those skills in a sales environment before a solid stint in the hospitality industry managing large public houses for several years.

I have experience of working within financial services, both as an employee of a major High Street bank, and later as a self-employed financial adviser.

I bring a love of Wales, and a desire for genuine political reform that will benefit all Welsh people.

What is the most important thing you think the Senedd should do in the next five years?

Our children in Wales are bottom of the league within the UK on educational attainment.

The Welsh Labour Government has betrayed them the past year by banning them from the classroom, from sport and seeing friends, even when the data did not support it. We should stop the proposed introduction of a new curriculum in schools that seeks to teach sex education to three-year-olds should and focus on a curriculum that gives children the core life skills for them to prosper.

Politics in Wales is badly in need of Reform. I do not support increasing the number of Senedd politicians, but the Welsh population deserves proper scrutiny.

Rather than take more taxpayers’ money to fund politics in Wales, we should make use of the 40 MPs we elect for Wales to scrutinise the Senedd on matters such as health and education.

What will you do for your constituency if elected?

I will be accessible to all constituents and fight for the best for us all. Every constituent has a right to be heard, no matter what their need or concern. I live in the ‘real world’ and am not a career politician and commit to not behaving as one.

Welsh Labour has promised so much for our area and has frequently failed us, with companies pulling out of St Athan. I will fight to cut regulation to attract business to our area – to provide highly skills jobs for the people of the Vale of Glamorgan.

Remember, unlike the Westminster elections, you get two votes, one for our constituency and one for our region. A vote for Reform UK is a vote to change politics for good.

Jane Hutt – Labour

I’m Jane, I’m 71 and live with my family in Barry. I have been privileged to represent the Vale of Glamorgan in the Senedd for over 20 years.

This has included holding regular surgeries across the constituency, taking up issues and liaising with statutory, private and third sectors to help take care of the Vale. I have also served as a Minister holding several portfolios, most recently focusing on Equality and Justice.

Before the Senedd I worked in the voluntary sector. A priority of mine has always been fighting for tolerance, equality and compassion. Away from work I enjoy spending time with my family and walking in the beautiful Vale countryside. I am a Welsh learner.

What is the most important thing you think the Senedd should do in the next five years?

This past year has been challenging for us all and we must move forward and recover from the pandemic in a fair and sustainable way. A Welsh Labour Government will prioritise this and give us the opportunity to protect the people, places and services we care for and build a greener future focusing on housing, combating climate change, and investing in town centres to maximise the impact of our infrastructure investment.

Our decarbonisation plan delivers quality jobs, training, innovation and supply chains based on green and Foundational Economy principles. Our budget protects health, social care and our economy, builds a greener future and creates change for a more equal Wales.

What will you do for your constituency/region if elected?

One of the most important parts of serving in the Senedd is casework. Anyone can find themselves in difficulty or in need of information or support, whether that is guidance on housing, health and education locally or discussing policy on a larger scale it is so important to me to hear from constituents.

I will continue to support our town centres and Vale villages with improved public transport links – bus and rail; backing our Airport and businesses to create jobs and apprenticeships for our young people; and completing the 21st century school building programme led by Welsh Government.

Anthony Slaughter – Green Party

I was born in Yorkshire, I have lived in Penarth in the Vale of Glamorgan for the last 17 years. I have been actively involved in Green politics, both locally at a community level and nationally across Wales, for many years. I am currently the leader of Wales Green Party, having previously served two terms as deputy.

Outside of party politics I have had a long engagement with many community based environmental campaigns. This involvement has included initiatives such as establishing a community orchard, organising an annual local food festival, and promoting sustainable public transport.

I am a keen gardener and enjoy walking in the beautiful countryside surrounding Penarth.

What is the most important thing you think the Senedd should do in the next five years?

At a time of climate crisis, health crisis and growing inequality the next Senedd must take urgent and decisive action to build a fairer, greener, more resilient Wales. It must ensure that we reach net zero carbon emissions by 2030 to tackle the Climate Emergency, take bold steps to restore nature, and create an equal Wales with secure lives for all.

What will you do for your constituency/region if elected

I will work to enable the Vale and the wider South Wales Central region play it’s part in the much needed Green Recovery across Wales. This will include promoting increased active travel and sustainable public transport options accessible to all, helping to reduce emissions and air pollution. I will also work together with local independent businesses and producers to help our town centres and high streets thrive and become places valued by our communities.

Our transformative Green New Deal will also help revive local economies and create tens of thousands of jobs in housing, renewable energy, transport and many other sectors, reviving once abandoned areas.

Matt Smith – Conservatives

I am 37 and I am a solicitor. I went to a south Wales comprehensive school and further education college before going to Oxford University. After being called to the bar I qualified as a solicitor. As a solicitor I fight hard for the victims of financial misselling by banks. Previously I have worked for public sector clients including NHS trusts.

Having worked on regulatory investigations into large commercial and financial businesses I understand how large organisations work. I want to use that experience to champion the Vale of Glamorgan and Wales. As your Member of the Senedd for the Vale, I would ensure the people’s priorities drive the Welsh Government and not the Cardiff Bay elites.

In my downtime, I love real ales, heritages and history, cinema, Indian and Italian food and the great British outdoors.

What is the most important thing you think the Senedd should do in the next five years

The Senedd must stop treating the Vale as the poor relation of Cardiff.

The next Senedd must ensure the Welsh Government delivers fair funding for Vale schools. Barry, Llantwit Major and the Vale’s other towns and rural communities must get a larger slice of regeneration funds – just like they will through the UK Government’s shared prosperity fund. It must protect the Vale against over-development by Cardiff Bay’s top-down housing targets.

Mark Drakeford’s Labour candidate will slavishly follow the Cardiff-obsessed Labour Welsh Government whip. I want to stop our communities being rode roughshod over by the Welsh Government in Cardiff Bay.

What will you do for your constituency if elected?

I will bring the same tenacity as a litigator to hold accountable the Welsh Government and public bodies until they start working for the communities of the Vale of Glamorgan.

I will use my forensic legal skills to scrutinise failing Labour Welsh Government policies and the vested interests they serve at the expense of the Vale of Glamorgan.

I will draw on my experience of working with public sector clients to secure improvements in delivery from the low-performance Welsh Government.

I will draw on my commercial experience to attract investment and win more regeneration funding for Barry, Llantwit Major, Dinas Powys, Cowbridge, Rhoose and our rural communities.

Sally Stephenson – Liberal Democrats

I am 46 and live in Cowbridge with my husband and our two teenage children, both of whom attend Cowbridge Comprehensive School. I have a degree in modern languages and spent much of my career in marketing.

I set up my own business and now own and run The Pencil Case on Cowbridge high street.

I am relatively new to politics. I first got involved in 2016 when small businesses, particularly those on our independent high streets, were threatened with huge increases in business rates. I led the successful Wales-wide campaign which forced the Welsh Government to cut business rates and introduce a £10m ‘High Streets Rates Relief’ scheme.

In 2018 when it became clear that the Conservatives were intent on delivering a ‘hard Brexit’ which would be incredibly damaging for Wales and the UK, I set up Vale of Glamorgan for Europe and joined the Wales for Europe leadership team. This quickly led me into party politics and in 2019 I stood in both the European and general elections and now the Senedd election.

What is the most important thing you think the Senedd should do in the next five years

We must focus all our energy on getting Wales back on its feet after Covid. We must put recovery first: recovery of our economy and our jobs; recovery of our children’s education; recovery of our health and social care system.

Small businesses are the backbone of the Welsh economy, particularly in the retail, hospitality and tourism industries. They have been devastated by Covid, and after a year of lockdowns many are struggling to stay afloat. We must support our small businesses if they are to survive this crisis.

Whilst we have all been focused on Covid, the climate emergency has not gone away. We are running out of time.

What will you do for your constituency if elected?

As a local resident, a mum, and a small business owner, I bring a wealth of valuable and relevant real-life experience to Welsh politics. I know first-hand how hard it is to run a small business, especially during Covid.

I understand the challenges faced by those juggling work, home-schooling and family commitments. I know what matters to people in the Vale of Glamorgan, because I live here, my children go to school here and I run a local business here.

Politicians are often accused of not “living in the real world”. As someone who is new to politics and very much living in the real world, I will use my experience to help and support constituents across the Vale of Glamorgan and ensure that the Welsh Government really understands and makes better decisions on behalf of the people of Wales.

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