Serial Entrepreneur Bre Gilbert Shares the Keys to Growing Your Money and Mindset

We’ve all heard the phrase “consistency is key”, but 28 year old serial entrepreneur Bre Gilbert is the living and breathing embodiment of this sound advice for taking a business, career or mindset to new levels. With two thriving businesses under her belt, Bre is instilling value into those she works with, creating entrepreneurs willing to do what it takes to step into the best version of themselves. This is her story.

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Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, Bre’s first employment was in college, where she worked two jobs simultaneously at different shoe stores. As a self-described ‘sneakerhead’, Bre enjoyed the environment and opportunity to provide for herself and manage her own finances. Bre attended Wayne State University graduating in 2016 with a degree in Global Supply Chain Management, which ultimately put her in an excellent position to build her own businesses with her extensive knowledge of logistics. In November of 2018, Bre was introduced to the opportunity of network marketing and trading by an old college friend, which gave her the opportunity she was looking for to kick start her entrepreneurial journey.

Taking the information presented to her, Bre made the business model her own and has created not one, but two businesses of her own from the ground up, called ‘Millenials with a Bag’ (MWB), and Get a Bag ENT. Bre is a powerhouse when it comes to marketing and has used her own branding strategies and techniques to grow her organization to great levels of success.

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When discussing the objectives behind her businesses, Bre says:

“We help put people in a position to get more of whatever it is they want out of life. We’re helping people achieve multiple streams of income through education on income-generating skills, namely trading binary options, that’s money in minutes, cryptocurrency or traditional foreign exchange trading. I think people are misinformed in regards to the profitability of trading outside of the stock market. I tell people all the time that in the foreign exchange market you’re able to buy and sell, versus the stock market where you’re only making money if stocks go up – so if the stock market were to crash, then what would you do? It’s important to always be informed”.

To date Bre’s entire organization contains well over 850 individuals and is constantly growing on a daily basis. Her team is global with partners spread across the US, Puerto Rico, Nigeria and Europe. Targeting her audience via social media, Bre excels in bringing together like-minded individuals who are looking for new and unconventional ways to think about investing, earning and getting the most out of life. Bre is a strong advocate for the importance of our mindsets when it comes to reaching our full potential and she strives to bring together individuals who will empower each other to make it to the top, enrich the lives of each person who is impacted, and engage people from every corner of the world. Bre’s constant reminder to herself and her team is to keep going and keep growing. This mindset has become ingrained in her over the years through the adversity she’s faced, lessons she’s learned and hard work she’s put in.

When discussing how she’s overcome adversity throughout her own life and entrepreneurial journey, Bre says:

“Being a Black woman, especially a gay Black woman, I’ve had to fight my whole life. Growing up and even to this day, being judged as soon as you walk out the door can be very hard because there are times where you can’t get into those rooms, no matter how qualified or how professional you are. My parents would always involve me in things, helping to well-round me. I’ve been able to overcome adversity by being consistent. Reminding myself that if I’m at rock bottom, there’s nowhere to go but up. I always knew I had to keep pushing and keep fighting, and now here I am today, a complete 180 from where I was, and I’m so thankful and grateful to be in the position I am in”.

Building one successful business is an accomplishment in itself, but Bre has been able to leverage her skill sets in creating two thriving organizations. Bre says that her grandmother’s passing was a pivotal moment in her journey that pushed her to work harder in her business than she had ever done before. Cutting out distractions, excuses, negativity and limiting beliefs is what has helped Bre excel.

“When my grandmother passed away, I said to myself, ‘you know what? I have to give this opportunity my all because at the end of the day, this can change not only my life but the lives of the people around me’. So from that point forward, I really put my foot on the gas and I grew my business by an extremely large amount in just 3 months. There are people who will tell you you can’t do it, but you have to keep going. People told me I wouldn’t be successful in this space and here I am. I went from 100 followers on Instagram to over 7,000 just from being consistent. If you stay consistent, you’ll get there,” says Bre.

With two flourishing businesses and tumultuous growth and success thus far in her journey, Bre is leading by example in proving that consistency and a willingness to do what’s necessary to take not only your business, but yourself as a businessman or woman to the next level, are the keys to unlocking your hidden potential. Bre is instilling these values into people all over the world, and in closing she shares one last piece of fruitful advice:

“Building a business comes down to one thing: being both the boss and the worker. In a traditional workplace, you’re one or the other, but as an entrepreneur, you have to do it all.

You have to learn to take and give criticism in a constructive manner. But above all else, you have to be consistent. You can’t tell me you want it, when you’re not doing anything to get it. Boss up! Put in the consistent work to be who you want to be, and getting where you want to go will follow”.

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