Southern Flare Cigar lounge, co-working space now open in Smyrna

A La Vergne couple is banking on everything going up in smoke with their new business. But it’s a good thing.

Calvin Gatlin and Lovely Lancaster are hosting a grand opening for Southern Flare Cigar & Social Lounge on June 3-5 at 98 N. Lowry St. in Smyrna.

Gatlin and Lancaster first met at a cigar bar in Nashville a couple of years ago. His dream of owning a cigar lounge, coupled with her business consulting and marketing expertise, put them on a path to opening their own establishment.

For more than six months, Lancaster did market research and came up with a plan. They searched for a location in South Nashville, but finally landed on Smyrna, an untapped market much closer to home.

Focusing on a vision

“The vision started to come together,” Gatlin said.

The building had been vacant a while and needed a lot of work. But they both had a vision for what it could be.

Of note is the location of Southern Flare — a gray building located on the far side of the Smyrna Depot District bridge, headed away from downtown. Parking is available on both sides.

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