Tap Into Your Determination With Mwansa Palangwa Gold

Whenever life knocks us down, and we feel unworthy of success, Unwavering Success with Mwansa Palangwa Gold, now on Amazon, helps readers tap into their determination so they never give up on their dreams.

Gold has been working with the youth as Founder and President of the Africa Youth Social Entrepreneurs for over 10 years, where she inspires young people and helps them unlock their entrepreneurial potential. Her vast experience as a Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) and Cybersecurity Analyst beautifully finds expression in how she sees the authentic self within people. Her mission is to inspire people to take deliberate, progressive action through self-development, self-education, develop self-confidence, become more resourceful, and open them to wealth-creation opportunities.

Talking about her difficult upbringing and how she managed to emigrate to the US from Zambia, she says: “I share my story to give hope, faith, and fierce determination to never stop dreaming and reaching for the moon.”

Unwavering Success shares a unique story with a universal message of hope and determination. No matter where you start in life, Gold says that we can fulfill our dreams and lead a life we love with persistence. The two key takeaways from this book are:

  1. Have unwavering determination.
  2. Fight for your dreams; break the rules if you have to.

“If the nay-sayers say, ‘You can’t have it’ because of your heritage, the color of your skin, your gender, your education, or lack of it, prove them wrong. Get in the ring of life and fight like your life depends on it because it does,” says Gold.

To reach our dreams, Gold talks about surrounding ourselves with supportive people who motivate us to keep on fighting for our dreams until we succeed.

For readers who feel like they don’t belong anywhere, whether it’s because of the color of their skin, religion, or nationality, Unwavering Success will open their eyes to see that they too have a right to happiness and success.

“Mwansa is the embodiment of the adage, ‘Dynamite comes in small packages.’ She’s inimitable, indestructible, and self-reinventing. I know no person with more grit and determination. Nothing appears impossible or out of reach for Mwansa. If you ask her to find you, within the hour, twenty bold men weighing 207 pounds, 5’11, of Chilean descent with fluency in Polish and Japanese, she will find and deliver them. Gifted with foresight and an ability to see and grab opportunities, Mwansa has, in two decades, transformed herself from a young African immigrant to re-writing and recreating her own version of the American dream. She is fearless, dynamic, relentless, successful, networked, and well-read. Mwansa represents what is possible when determination meets opportunity: unstoppable!” — Testimonial by Sampa Wilkie, Publisher.

“When I first met Mwansa, she was in her early twenties. What struck me most was her unfailing determination, optimism, and confidence, despite the unimaginable hostility and challenges she faced as a new and unemployed immigrant. Mwansa’s long-term plans and faith have always been greater than whatever immediate struggle she faced. She has built a successful professional career and family despite the disadvantages of coming from very modest beginnings. Nothing was ever given to Mwansa. From an early age, she fought for everything she got, claimed her space, and declared boldly that SHE is her Plan A, Plan B, and Plan C. That courage and focus were the building blocks of the woman she is today: a bold, wise, generous, and self-made conqueror of adversity.” — Testimonial by Margo S. Mentor & Friend.

Learn how to develop a strong work ethic with Unwavering Success with Mwansa Palangwa Gold, now for sale on Amazon.

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