The Power To Succeed With Jessica Okobia

While the ups and downs of life are out of our control, how we choose to react is not. Unwavering Success with Jessica Okobia, now on Amazon, offers a way to cope with stress while fostering a belief in ourselves to fulfill our dreams.

Okobia has established herself as a civil engineer, entrepreneur, environmental advisor, speaker, and coach. Her drive to inspire people to consider their relationship with nature to protect the environment has earned her opportunities to work on large projects such as the Environment Agency, Tideway East, and West Sewage Projects. She encourages young girls in STEM, saying: “Having a claim and just going with the flow because my friends are doing so is not the best way to pick a profession. Know who you are and why you are doing it. Visualize yourself five years from now. Where will you be?”

With an unflattering commitment to reach her dreams, Okobia has faced all the challenges life threw at her head-on. Through it all, she emerged as a successful businesswoman in a male-dominated work environment while being a beloved mother and wife. To help our dreams come alive, she believes we have to follow a systematic approach:

  1. Look for the ladder to success.
  2. Be grateful.
  3. Find what motivates us.
  4. Expose ourselves to the right education.
  5. Find the power to scale through.
  6. Empower ourselves.
  7. Hone the power of the mind.

“Set your mind on a high level, be creative, be imaginative, be a thinker, be a doer, and take action on things that motivate you. Try new things, stop dwelling on old things. Stop telling yourself, ‘I can’t do this or that,’” says Okobia.

According to Okobia, a fundamental key to achieving success is to ignore the nay-sayers and surround ourselves with people who positively impact our lives and inspire us to do better.

Unwavering Success is a powerful motivational book that will leave readers thinking, “If she can, so can I!”.

“Jessica Okobia is a go-getter. She is a woman with great passion and determination to succeed and rule her world. As a single lady, she studied Petroleum Marketing and Business Studies in Nigeria. When she joined her husband in England, then the children came. Being married with children did not deter her. She went further to acquire another degree and a master’s in the field of Project and Infrastructural Engineering. She indeed dared the man’s world. Today, she is an engineer—a great pride and inspiration to so many women out there. This book is the inspiration every woman needs.” Testimonial by Peace Ewolo Odiachi, Barrister (Mrs.), Director, Entrepreneur.

“Jessica’s approach to life is full of contentment. I think that is one of the factors that contribute to her level of satisfaction of her achievement as a successful housewife, a dedicated mother, an engineer, a worker, and a helpmate to her husband. This motivation is worth sharing with other women as it is worthy of emulation. I can call her a woman of many parts. Her self-nurturing approach can help us pave the way to our individual definitions of success. Given her motivation, Jessica will not stop here. The sky is the limit for her. I wish her all the success of this world through God’s grace.” — Testimonial by Vivian Isaac, Architect.

The power to succeed in Unwavering Success with Jessica Okobia is available on Amazon.

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