Trump and Barr “Dominate” The Streets of Ignorance

by Charlie Barber | .(JavaScript have to be enabled to view this e-mail handle) | Final Phrase | August 2nd, 2020

“…optimism (assumed) we have been dwelling in a ‘new world order’ and a ‘new financial system’ that might ‘develop’…bringing a prosperity of which each and every new increment could be ‘unprecedented’…The ‘developed nations’ had given to the ‘free market’ the standing of a god, and have been sacrificing to it their farmers, farmlands and rural communities, their forests, wetlands, and prairies, their ecosystems and watersheds. That they had accepted common air pollution and international warming as regular prices of doing enterprise.” – Wendell Berry, Within the Presence of Worry, II, IV

“What…Hanna Arendt meant by totalitarianism was not an omnipotent state, however the erasure of the distinction between non-public and public life…Throughout the marketing campaign of 2016, we took a step towards totalitarianism with out even noticing by accepting as regular the violation of digital privateness…Somewhat than reporting the violation of primary rights, our media typically most popular to mindlessly indulge the inherently salacious curiosity we have now in different individuals’s affairs…We will attempt to remedy this downside…collectively, by supporting, for instance, organizations which can be involved with human rights.”– from Timothy Snyder, On Tyranny, #14

“It’s unimaginable to over estimate the results of American ignorance on world affairs.” – Salman Rushdie to Edward Stated, 1986

“The nations that high the rankings of COVID-19 deaths globally usually are not the poorest, the richest and even essentially the most densely populated. However they do have one factor in widespread: They’re led by populist, mould breaking leaders…the disruptive insurance policies of populists (Trump in U.S.; Boris Johnson, U.Okay.; Bolsonaro, Brazil; Modi, India; Obrador, Mexico) fare poorly (within the pandemic) in comparison with liberal democratic fashions in nations like Germany, France and Iceland in Europe, or South Korea and Japan in Asia…Populist politics makes it very troublesome to implement rational insurance policies that actually resolve the problem – or a minimum of handle the disaster extra successfully.” – John Daniszewski, AP/Bismarck Tribune, July 24, 2020

“Realists…(fail) to understand the facility of phantasm in human affairs particularly when it acquires the pressure of fable.” – R.G.L. Waite, The Psychopathic God: Adolf Hitler

“A ‘fail secure’ system (like The Division of Homeland Safety)(can) destroy all others.”– (Amended) Murphy

“In contrast to Fb, (Tik Tok) collects little knowledge about customers, and its fast exit from Hong Kong reveals that it’s not able to be a software of China’s authorities.Tik Tok grew to become a worldwide phenomenon as a result of it’s ‘much less crammed with hate and disinformation, and genuinely funnier than most different platforms.’”– Tae Kim,; The Week

“Mike Pompeo needs to know: Who’s China’s Stephen Miller for the Uighurs?His boss wants suggestions.”– Kim Canine Un

“Who’re the Nazis in your neighborhood?” Soiled Chook – Huge Chook’s undercover, feathered fiend

“Within the nut home that’s the White Home, the liar tweets tonight,” about accidents his fragile ego suffers from “ungrateful residents,” preferring his Democratic challenger, Joe Biden, by double- digit margins in States Republicans thought they owned.His populist, anti-establishment mantras, combined with unprecedented incompetence, have produced chaos in a individuals who voted in 2016 for higher, not worse.Trump’s nod to centuries previous racism produced overwhelming white help for Black Lives Matter.His nod to millennia of misogyny has produced the spectacular takedown of neanderthal Congressman Ted Yoho (R-FL), and his fellow Republican sexists, by Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), on behalf of all girls, and the rising variety of males who dare to consider girls as equal in each means.

Trump can also be stung by the truth of Covid-19 and the hilarity of TikTok, an Al Jazeera for youngsters, punking him over poor crowds in Tulsa, OK.So he “pitches” Dr. Fauci on masks, distancing, and hygiene, whereas the latter is honored by Main League Baseball, much better funded for Covid at their very own expense, than Trump has supported the nation with Federal funds.

In the meantime, Trump’s “Gangsta AG,” Invoice Barr, grim guru Stephen Miller of “Focus Camps For Youngsters of Shade” fame, and short-term, “nationwide cops,” plot frantic methods.Their mission?Flip “partitions of mothers” and massive metropolis Mayors Trump has refused to help within the pandemic, into “terrorist leaders” among the many minds of his dim bulb followers within the “boondocks.” He additionally declares a “surge” in Federal police, threatening to impose Vladimir Putin’s strategies of governance on the USA Structure and the overwhelming majority of American individuals, who nonetheless consider that their native sovereignty issues, like black lives, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

I stay in these “boondocks,” and most of the people right here don’t trouble themselves with Trump’s nonsense, besides in the event that they, alas, tune in to FOX Information, or worse.A couple of fanatics have been seen at a “Trump Desk” in Mandan final week, festooned with “Trump” flags, one in every of a Rambo-like Trump, brandishing a deadly “massive ass” weapon. What was extra disturbing was to listen to from my buddy, Actual Reside Lena, who noticed a automotive marked “Federal Police” parked and pointed at one in every of Bismarck’s busiest roads.I rushed dwelling to ask my KGB canine buddy Lena and her colleagues whether or not Trump was planning to “dominate” the “imply streets of Bismarck and Mandan, ND.”

Excessive Plains Reader:No automotive marked “Federal Police” has ever been noticed out right here earlier than.What’s happening?The Trump/Rambo desk in Mandan is barely a block away from a statue of Teddy Roosevelt.Absolutely they don’t seem to be insane sufficient to suppose we care to tear that factor down.

Lena:They’re insane sufficient to tear gasoline a “wall of mothers,” the Portland, OR, Mayor, and beat up on a peacefully assembling, Navy Veteran.Welcome to Orwell’s Third World borderlands!

Portland’s Dads, as a “legion of leaf blowers,” could also be sufficient for Trump to declare martial legislation.

Rasputin:Nah.It’s simply the “Touring Trump Present,” spreading terror for the hell of it on the street to their subsequent episode of the Donald’s Actuality TV model of “Strongman Democracy.” Putin:Truly, it’s coverage, not madness.It’s not the primary time authorities brokers initiated violence after which blamed their targets. Trump’s feeble reminiscence is being “coached” by Vlad Putin on these secret telephone calls, in any case. Trump’s Badass Barrister is his enforcer.Barr’s tardy, “clever dodging” earlier than the Home on July 28, was not from respect for Congress, however to offer Trump’s DOJ time to impress violence that would assist his “Regulation ‘n Order” Shtick for the Fall election.It’s what dictators and their henchmen do on a regular basis. Donald will get that half.

Schickelgruber:Barr’s postponed Home look additionally gave time for “keen executioners” like (Congressman) Jim Jordan (R-OH) to place collectively inventive, “Agitprop” movie clips for an anti Joe Biden marketing campaign advert, masquerading as proof of how a lot “bother” there was in “River Metropolis” (ie. Portland).The 7 minutes+ length was painfully near the elapsed time of George Floyd’s homicide in Minneapolis by the form of cops not wanted at any degree of legislation enforcement.

Chicago Canine:Because the Jacksonville, FL fiasco reveals, Trump and the RNC can’t set up a chunk of crap, however Invoice Barr is one other matter.He’s nearly nearly as good a liar as (former White Home Press Secretary) Sarah Huckabee Sanders.Trump?Not a lot. His M/O is: Bluff and faux being “in cost.” Good for marketing campaign rallies, however not for working a authorities.Covid-19 reveals that.

Headless Horseman:That’s why conservative, Federalist ideas at State and Native ranges are utilized by liberal Democratic Mayors and Governors, and any Republicans, not terrorized by Trump populist, Know Nothing, Republican Celebration manifestos of arbitrary federal authorities.

Kim Canine Un:And whereas it is smart from a “Chilly Conflict” perspective for Sec. of State Mike Pompeo to shut down the Chinese language Consulate in Houston, earlier than they pirate vaccine data like they’ve carried out with a lot U.S. mental property, it may not profit the U.S. or the world that a lot, if a profitable vaccine is developed right here throughout Trump’s gangster Presidency.

Corporal Kangaroo:Barr’s competence is extra harmful than Trump’s malevolence, particularly if added to Trump’s penchant for bullying and blackmail.It is likely to be a foul scene.

Señor Perro:Trump blackmailed Puerto Rico over hurricane aid, as a result of he doesn’t like Puerto Ricans on the whole.He blackmails Blue State Governors over PPE, particularly, as a result of he doesn’t like Democrats.He blackmails Mayors, particularly these of colour, who get up for his or her cities.He’ll hoard a vaccine from the remainder of you, for “his individuals,” for positive.

Alter Goat:With pandemic, financial disaster, and new Chilly Wars, Individuals face a dictatorial President and enslaved Republican Celebration: unleashing racism and misogyny in harrowing waves.However democracy is pushing again; with girls and other people of colour, throughout your Federal system, backed by crucial plenty of white people, fed up with previous divisive methods.In case you stick, you’ll win!

Mr. Swamp Fox:Issues have to be unhealthy for his boss, if AG/Advance Man Invoice Barr is displaying his playing cards this early within the Presidential cycle, when people are switching their TVs to Main League Baseball, the NBA, and the WNBA, and fretting over college cancellations amid the Covid disaster.

Prudence Possum:The rising coverage swamp engulfing the White Home is yielding some attention-grabbing discuss.I overheard Barr chewing out Trump’s “horrible temps,” for unsubtle software of Trump’s want to “dominate streets of blue America:” Performing DHS Secretary, Chad Wolf, and Deputy DHS Secretary and Performing Director of Citizenship and Immigration Companies (aka. Division of focus camps/borderland storm troopers) Ken Cuccinelli.

B-6th energy:What’s the matter with you?Our job is to offer Trump “illusions of energy” in what we do, however (Home Speaker) Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) owns the Funds. Tear gassing Mayors?

Ken (Entrance Man) Cuccinelliraspberryortland’s Ted Wheeler will not be a Republican Mayor. Bullying of Democrats and liberals is common with Trump’s base, who like bloodshed if it’s not their very own.

B-6th energy: What base?Remaining simpletons in Purple areas of the nation, attempting to kill themselves off?Is Covid-19 not actual sufficient for you?Trump’s rankings on the pandemic are worse than a pedophile Priest’s on child-care.Millennials, and their mothers in cities, suburbs, and even the boondocks, don’t fall for what labored underneath Nixon, Reagan and the Bushes. You don’t have to scrub up your act, however you do need to be “kinder, gentler thugs,” like Kelly Ann Conway.

Chad (Wolf Man) Wolf:Kelly Ann can’t get her husband (Lincoln Mission’s George Conway) locked up anymore than I can hold my neighbors from outing me as one in every of your “human rights deniers” and a blight on their actual property values.And also you couldn’t hold Michael Cohen within the slammer.A lot for intimidation — Who’re you to speak?

B-6th energy:No less than I made the hassle.Sadly, my Ukraine/Benghazi ploy to slander Joe Biden hit a snag.(Majority Chief) Moscow Mitch had many nasty instruments in his “soiled Senate pet tips field,” however he needed to choose a wedge like (Senator) Ron Johnson (R-WI) to run the present.

KFC & Wolf Man:A wedge?

B-6th energy:The only software on the earth.All this mendacity will not be going properly, I need to admit.

KFC & Wolf Man:It was once really easy, to lie and cheat like hell.
When did Individuals get up; demand a “present and inform.”
Who did this to us Invoice?Why can’t we bluff as previous?
We will’t admit we’re incorrect, or we’re left within the chilly.

B-6th energy:Look within the mirror, morons! And see what Trump hath wrought.
He at all times makes use of weak spot; it’s we who’ve been purchased.
If I actually had a solution, I’d give it to you now;
However those that have been plowing, are quickly to really feel the plow.

Prudence Possum:If that bunch weren’t so evil, it is likely to be doable to sympathize with their unenviable place; caught between a madman President, and a mad-as-hell citizens. The one factor I’d wager on could be that Invoice Barr is frantically maneuvering to save lots of himself, and the “satan take the hindmost,” though he might sustain his “Trump defender” persona to the top.

Ms. Recovering Republican Lap Canine:A revolution of “household values” is going down throughout America, because of the challenges of the Covid virus.Whether or not on zoom, or in quiet conclaves with out digital entry, households are spending extra time discovering one another in myriad methods.Homeless people, Black Lives Matter demonstrators, white people who by no means earlier than needed to line up for meals banks, are discovering “a household of mankind” of their distress, but additionally of their daunting, brave, day by day struggles to keep up themselves.American politics is being reshaped consequently, inexorably difficult a few of our age-old undemocratic demons.

Omar Khayyam:There’s loads of frustration among the many hardest hit, and even some violence not initiated by the Trump White Home for the TV cameras.However the “silent majority” this time will not be listening to Trump’s “Richard Nixon/George Wallace redux ‘legislation and order’” demagogy.They’re listening, as an alternative, to the measured knowledge of the late John Lewis and C.T. Vivian, echoed within the themes of Reverends William Barber and Al Sharpton, to make “good bother” and observe, in addition to preach non-violence.Nationwide polls replicate this in each nook of the land.

Señor Perro:Appearances of former Vice President, Joe Biden with former President Barack Obama are heartening: a return to accountable authorities in 2021, however with officers who replicate America in its myriad colours and genders, in a renewed resolve for a “extra good union.”

Chicago Canine:One defeats energy performs as lies: the massive lie (Hitler); a number of untruths (McCarthy) or serial mendacity (Trump) with energy performs of reality (Dr. Fauci; Governors Hogan [R-MD] and Whitmer [D-MI]), and fixed vigilance, previous to, throughout, and after every election.

Prudence Possum:The unhealthy guys know this.Invoice Barr has carried out an amazing job of destroying U.S. Prison Justice on the high, however he hasn’t cracked the Judiciary, or decrease Federal, State and Native authorities, who detest Barr’s imposition of fascist ideas of justice.His acolytes, KFC, Wolf Man and different “Trump terrorists” are themselves terrified.Republicans are doomed until they shut down the election course of in all 50 States, however they haven’t a clue about the right way to pull it off, in need of all out struggle on the American individuals.My alligator pals discovered their lament…

Lullaby of Trumpland…………………………………………………………………………The Terrified Temps
They’re on the street once more to see in the event that they
Can terrorize the individuals to offer in;
And hand our Donald Trump his greatest win
Towards the libs and legal guidelines that block his sway.

We all know his bluff is known as in all of the ports
Our phony circus tries to land a punch
For Putin’s means governance and launch
A world made secure for tyrannies of kinds.

Our boys are up in opposition to democracy
Deployed by younger and previous, and White and Black;
Brown, Yellow, Purple and feminine, we should say;
In numbers and complicated glee
At our discomfort, and our blatant lack
Of braveness, brains, or plans to win the day!

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