What Is CPA Affiliate Marketing and How To Get Started

Over 4 billion people in the world use the internet, and surveys show that the past year saw nearly 1 million new users join the internet each day.

One of the best ways to make money on the internet is through affiliate marketing. CPA is a form of affiliate marketing that has been the favorite of several internet marketers for a long time.

If you’re here to learn more about it and to learn getting started in it, you’re at the right place.

CPA: Introduction

Cost Per Action (CPA) pays commission to the affiliate for driving traffic and for completing specific actions. These actions can be a subscription to newsletters, filling out a form, etc.,

The traffic includes, but is not limited to, email traffic, incentive traffic, and doorway traffic.

Working Model

  • The affiliate puts an ad or a link of the merchant on the website.
  • A user clicks on the ad or the link.
  • The tracking link sends the customer to the merchant site.
  • Customer completes an action (buying a product or filling a survey).
  • Affiliate network records the action through a unique affiliation id.
  • Once the merchant confirms it as a valid action, it is credited to the affiliate.
  • The commission is paid to the affiliate.

Why CPA Affiliate Marketing?

To understand this, you’d need to have a brief idea of how affiliate marketing works in general. It will help you decide whether CPA makes a better choice than other forms of affiliate marketing like CPM, CPC, or CPI.

High Commissions

In CPA marketing, advertisers pay an average commission of 10%, which is larger than other forms of affiliate marketing. Though the commission varies from niche to niche, you can earn a decent amount through CPA.

You Don’t Have To Deal With Sales

Traffic matters the most in CPA. This means you don’t have to promote any particular product on your website.

Convincing your audience to sign up for something is easier than asking them to shell out money on an expensive product.


Yes, you’ll have to dedicate some time but it doesn’t take as long as other types of marketing for the results to show. If you’re well versed with the basics, you can make a decent amount by investing only a couple of hours.

Getting Started

Learn About CPA Networks

CPA networks act as bridges between affiliates and advertisers. On a good CPA network, you can find many campaigns to help you kickstart your marketing journey.

Do read the reviews of several networks before choosing one.

Sign Up For A Network

After you’re satisfied with a network’s interface, offers, and payment periods, sign up to a network filling in all the necessary details and wait for the approval.


Getting approved is the tricky part and honesty is the key to crack it. The applications are checked manually to ensure legitimacy. So, submit your complete profile without faking anything.

Even if you are a budding blogger, CPA networks won’t mind giving you a chance as long as your responses don’t turn out to be lies.

Once you’re approved, they’ll send you an affiliate link that could be used to track the ‘actions’ from your site.

Choose An Offer

Congrats on being accepted into the CPA network. It’s time to talk to your affiliate manager and choose an offer that suits your website’s niche.

Prepping Your Website

Create content that goes with the offer you’re promoting and publish it on your website. The subtler the promotion, the better the reception from your followers. Don’t be that annoying blogger who places ads irrelevant to the content.

Keep Track

You’ll have to keep a track of how the current promotions are going and what offers work well on your website. The field is very competitive. So, if you don’t upgrade yourself regularly, you’ll lag.

Setting out in CPA may not give immediate results. But when you get the hang of it, you’ll be thankful that you gave it a try. Keep learning to equip yourself with the latest techniques and don’t let go of your perseverance.

Happy marketing!

Author Bio:

Res Marty, a world traveler, currently lives in Switzerland. The vision of making money online has always been beautiful to him. On his site Affiliate Academy, you can find honest reviews of affiliate marketing courses and several useful tips for those who are looking to make a steady monthly online income.

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