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135. Karur (करूर), is an Assembly/Vidhan Sabha seat in Kaveri Delta region and Karur district of Tamil Nadu. It shares a border with . Karur is part of 23. Karur Lok Sabha/Parliamentary constituency. This seat can be categoried as: a Urban constituency.

Of the 822 constituencies that went to the polls 302 constituencies, including this, have a record of over 80% turnout in the last three consecutive Assembly elections. Of these 302 high-turnout seats 36 are in Assam, 6 in Kerala, 38 in Tamil Nadu, 203 in West Bengal and 19 in Puducherry.


This General Assembly constituency has an estimated Scheduled Caste population of 15.05%. The estimated literacy level of the district in which this constituency falls in is 75.86%.

In the 2021 elections, there were a total of 2,45,285 eligible electors, of which 1,16,300 were male, 1,28,966 female and 19 registered voters were of the third gender.

The electorate gender ratio in Karur in 2021 is 1109.

In the 2016 polls, there were a total of 2,32,072 eligible electors, of which 1,11,080 were male, 1,20,990 female and 2 voters of the third gender.

In the 2011 Tamil Nadu Assembly elections, there were a total of 1,94,257 eligible electors, of which 94,844 were male, 99,413 female and voters of the third gender.

The number of service voters in Karur in 2016 was 11. In 2011, there were 48.


In the 2016 Tamil Nadu Assembly elections, Vijayabhaskar .M.R of AIADMK won in this seat by defeating Subramanian .Bank .K of INC by a margin of 441 votes which was 0.24% of the total votes polled in the constituency. AIADMK had a vote share of 43.86% in 2016 in the seat.

In 2011, Senthil Balaji, V. of AIADMK won in this seat defeating Jothi Mani, S. of INC by a margin of 44,145 votes which was 27.08% of the total votes polled in the constituency. AIADMK had a vote share of 61.18% in 2011 in the seat.

In the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, INC got the most votes in 135. Karur Assembly segment of Karur Lok Sabha constituency. AIADMK won the Karur Parliament seat.

In the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, AIADMK got the most votes this Assembly segment and INC won the Karur Parliament seat.


A total of 77 candidates contested in the 2021 elections. In 2016 there were 23 contestants and there were 20 candidates fighting for this seat in the 2011 Assembly polls.


The candidates contesting in the 2021 Tamil Nadu Assembly elections from Karur are: Aadhikrishnan P (BSP), Senthilbalaji V (DMK), Thangaraj N (DMDK), Vijayabhaskar M R (AIADMK), Karuppaiya R (NTK), Shanmugam N (SMNK), Dhanalakshmi M (GPOI), Mohanraj S (MNM), Joseph M A (DMSK), Abilazan N (IND), Amarnath K (IND), Amarsri M (IND), Anbazhagan (IND), Ravi P (IND), Kannan T (IND), Kathiravan P (IND), Karunamoorthy S (IND), Kalai Raj K (IND), Kamaraj P (IND), Krishnakumar S (IND), Gopalakrishnan A (IND), Sakthikumar (IND), Santhanakumar M (IND), Sathish P (IND), Sampath S (IND), Saravanan R (IND), Samiappan K (IND), Samivel A (IND), Shivakumar K (IND), Sivakumar N (IND), Sivakumar V (IND), Sivasamy P (IND), Sudhakar S (IND), Sudhakar L (IND), Subash Malayalam T (IND), Surya (IND), Senthilkumar A (IND), Senthilkumar A M (IND), Selvakumar M (IND), Daniya (IND), Tamilarasan K (IND), Thamilalagan (IND), Dhanabal (IND), Thirugnanam M (IND), Deepanandh N (IND), Duraisamy J (IND), Noor Mohammed Thouffic A (IND), Palanivel P (IND), Balamanikandan K (IND), Banumathy (IND), Prakash A (IND), Prakash N (IND), Prakash V (IND), Prasanth S (IND), Pushparaj P (IND), Boopathi P (IND), Mahendran (IND), Manikandan K (IND), Manivannan S (IND), Manoj P (IND), Muthu K R (IND), Muthukumar G (IND), Murali M (IND), Muruganantham T (IND), Murugesan A (IND), Mohan M L M (IND), Mounagurubalusamy K (IND), Rajeshkannan S (IND), Vigneshwaran P (IND), Vinothkumar (IND), Vijayabhaskar R V (IND), Vijayan K (IND), Veerakumar T (IND), Venkadesh K (IND), Venkatesh Prabu K (IND), Jayakumar G (IND), Jothi Sutharsan (IND)


In the 2021 Tamil Nadu Assembly elections, the voter turnout was calculated at 83.57%. In 2016, this seat registered a turnout of 80.55%, while it was 84.08% in 2011.


The seat went to the polls in Phase 1 of the Tamil Nadu Assembly elections 2021 on Tuesday, April 6, 2021. Counting of votes are being held on Sunday, May 2, 2021.


In the 2021 elections there were a total of polling stations in 135. Karur constituency. The corresponding figure in the 2016 elections was 256. In 2011 there were 212 polling stations.


135. Karur constituency comprises of the following areas of Karur district of Tamil Nadu: Karur Taluk (Part) Nanjai Kadambankurichi, Punjai Kadambankurichi, Nanniyur, Kuppuchipalayam, Vangal, Nerur North, Nerur South, Achamapuram, Somur, Panchamadevi, Minnampalli, Manmangalam, Athur, Andankoil (West), Kadaparai, Thirumanilaiyur and Andankoil East villages. Inam Karur (TP), Karur (M) and Thanthoni (TP). It shares an inter-state border with Karur.

The total area covered by Karur is 217 square kilometres.


The geographic coordinates of Karur is: 10°59’32.3″N 78°05’18.2″E.

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